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Wishing all our readers a safe and happy Easter.  We hope you're having a lovely day no matter how you're celebrating the occasion.


End of Daylight Saving - 4 April

Daylight Saving has ended for another Summer, so we'll be seeing a bit more light in the morning and a bit less in the evening from now on; at least we've been able to enjoy an extra hour of sleep last night or a lie-in this morning.  If you haven't already, make sure you turn your clocks back one hour.  While we don't use the "Fall" reference for Autumn here in Australia, the saying "Spring forward - Fall back" works well as a reminder of which way to turn the dial.

Your New Course Guide is Now Available


Bookings open 5:00 pm Monday 12 April

That's right, you can now view the Course Guide for next Term and see which Courses, old and new, will fit into your schedule over the coming Autumn and Winter months, as well as one-off Events like Information Sessions and Saturday Seminar-Webinars.  

BUT, don't rush to the website to book just yet as bookings for any newly listed Courses and Events won't open until 5:00 pm on Monday 12 April to give everyone time to work out their schedule.  

AND, if you are already booked into a Course that started in Term 1, you are enrolled until that Course ends, or until the end of the year - whichever comes first.  SO, you only need to book for any NEW Courses you're interested in.

Below are the new and repeat Courses for Term 2, but keep checking for updates of the online Course Guide as there are often new additions early in the Term, and of course we'll let you know here in the weekly e-Bulletins as well.  For upcoming new Events such as Information Sessions and Saturday Seminar-Webinars, please scroll further down to those headings.

Click on the individual Course or Event names for further information, or to view the Course Guide on our Website, click the 'Courses' button below.

U3APP Website Course Guide  

New Courses, New-This-Year Courses
& Course Updates - for Term 2 of course


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FACE-2-FACE Courses


Repeat Courses for Term 2


 Upcoming Information Sessions - Term 2

Information Sessions are only available to U3APP Financial Members, so please ensure you log in to our Website before reserving your place when bookings open at 5:00 pm on Monday 12 April.  

Click on an individual Session name above, or the 'Information Session' button below for details of all the Sessions and to register to attend.

Current Courses moving to Face-2-Face

The following Courses will be moving to Face-2-Face at Mary Kehoe from the start of Term 2; all participants will be advised by email.  Any spots still available in these Courses are available to book now.

Here's hoping all the eggs (that wanted to be) were found
in this year's Easter Egg Hunt 

Saturday Seminars are free to attend and open to all, Members and non-Members, but places must be reserved, so click on the button links to the Seminar/s of your choice below, or go to our Website for further information and to book.  Upcoming Saturday Seminars are available to book now:-

What is to be Done?

Political engagement and saving the planet

Barry Jones 

24 April 2:30pm

Barry Jones argues that of Australia’s 15 million voters, barely 30,000 are actively involved in political parties.  Australia handled the COVID crisis well, relying on evidence, but climate change very badly, rejecting evidence.  What is to be Done? The answer, Barry insists, is in higher levels of political engagement.  Are you / we up to it?  In his most recent book, What Is To Be Done, Political Engagement and Saving the Planet  (2020), he examines how some elements in the information revolution have had unexpected, negative effects which pose an existential threat to liberal democracy.  Click on the 'Question Mark' button below to reserve your place. 


Australian Indigenous Art:

from Ancient times to a global contemporary art movement

Helen Robinson

15 May 2:30pm


In this talk Helen Robinson will provide a brief introduction to Australian Indigenous Art today using ten objects taken from the collection of the NGV to demonstrate the diversity and range of this global art movement.  The illustrated talk will place the selected objects in their cultural context and explain how ancient designs and meanings used in ritual and ceremony for tens of thousands of years have been transformed into contemporary art works that are highly valued around the world and are immediately recognizable as “Australian”; and how this transformation enriches our own sense of a unique Australian cultural identity.  Click on the 'Iguana' button to reserve your place.


Angela Merkel

The Woman who remade German Politics

Dr Joe Hajdu, academic and author

19 June 2:30pm


This year Angela Merkel will have been the Chancellor (PM) of Germany for sixteen years. The longest period in power of any democratically elected leader in the world. She has managed this feat despite being a woman and having been originally a political novice. Her skilful leadership has changed many aspects of the German political landscape. She is essentially a pragmatist who has steered her political Party in directions some of its members and supporters have had difficulty accepting. At the same time, she has raised the image of Germany to one where it is seen as a model to be emulated by an increasing number of other countries. However, as Merkel’s Chancellorship draws to a close, challenges confront her and her Party that may tarnish her political legacy.  

Dr. Joe Hajdu is a retired academic from Deakin University. He is a cultural geographer who  has long-term connections with Germany.  He was a post-graduate student at Bonn University, and at a later stage of his academic career taught at the University of Cologne.
In the last twenty years Joe has visited Germany nearly every year. He has conducted research in Germany and has been a very interested follower of German politics past and present. 

In the last decade he has published two books about the history and culture of cities in Europe. In 2010 his book ‘Berlin Today’ appeared. This was followed in 2015 by ‘Budapest: A History of Grandeur and Catastrophe’. His third book, ‘Frankfurt: Where Germany meets the World’, will appear later this year.  
Click on this 'Webinar' button to reserve your place.  


Pictures of the Tutors & Volunteers Celebration

If you missed last week's e-Bulletin, we told you about the recent 'Thank You' Celebration for our Tutors and Volunteers at Middle Park Bowling Club.  Lots of photos of the day have now been uploaded to the post on our Website, and we take this opportunity once again to thank Barry (Mac) McIntosh and Aziza Khamlichi for providing these fabulous shots.  Click the 'View' button to see all the photos and read the report of the afternoon written by Pam Caven.

Are You Stroke-Safe?

In March, Kevin English ran two talks on the topic Stroke-Safe; the second initiated when further interest was expressed by Members who had heard of Kevin's talk from other attendees.  Kevin has now kindly provided us with a video of his talk and you can view it by clicking the 'Stroke Foundation' button below; for future reference it can also be found on our Website on the Online Course Links page Everyone should be Stroke-Safe and we commend this video to all - you never know, it could save you or someone you know from the debilitating effects and after-effects of a stroke.


Beyond Words Biography Program

Volunteer Biographer Recruitment

Dan Kavanagh, the Co-ordinator of the Beyond Words Biography Program has contacted us seeking Volunteers interested in participating in the Beyond Words Biography Program.

If you're a good listener and are comfortable with the written word, can commit to one hour sessions each week with clients as well as a minimum of four hours per week transcribing at home over an eight to ten week period, then please click on the buttons below for more information.  You can contact Dan on 0403 771-571 with any questions you may have. 

 Biographer Recruitment Notice                 Biographer Program Brochure

Update on the Shrine to Sea Project

Late last year we published an article asking for community members to share their vision for Shrine to Sea via Engage Victoria.  They received a terrific response; 470 people responded to the survey and 373 people highlighted areas of value on the interactive social map.  This information provides invaluable insights into how people use the project area, what aspects they value and how they would like to see it improved. 

You can read a summary of what was heard by clicking on the "Community Engagement Summary Report" button below.  

In other Shrine to Sea news, a Community Panel of 27 representatives will gather for two meetings and four workshops in 2021.  The panel met on Wednesday 17 March 2021 and participated in the first workshop on Saturday 27 March 2021.  The group represents a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences and will feed into the development of the masterplan. These are just two of the ways we will engage with the community throughout the project.

You can keep an eye on regular updates as well as ways you can be involved on the "Shrine to Sea Webpage" button below.   


Community Engagement Summary Report               Shrine to Sea Webpage

 How to be COVIDSafe with U3APP 

With the advent of Face-2-Face Classes at Mary Kehoe Centre and Middle Park Community Centre, it's important our Members visit or revisit the COVIDSafe Conditions of entry, not only at Mary Kehoe, but also for Classes that are held Outdoors, in Private Homes and other non-U3APP Venues.  Please click on this 'COVIDSafe check in' button to familiarise yourself with the requirements.

In particular it is important that all those visiting Mary Kehoe Centre download the Service Victoria App on their mobile device (if they have one).  Being ready with your phone to check in through the Service Victoria QR reader will enable a speedier access to your Class.  On your phone, click on the appropriate button below to install the App.  

GooglePlay App Store                                   Apple App Store


COVID-19 Update

Please Note:  We ask any Member who has attended a U3APP Event to advise us if they test positive for COVID-19 by emailing the U3APP Committee at

Federal Government Vaccine Rollout

The Australian Government Department of Health is providing news and information for Australians about the development, approval process and plans for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.  You can find out about how the vaccines are tested, who will be first in line to receive it and how it will be distributed.  Click on this "Coronavirus" button to go to the Department of Health Website.

Local and Victorian Government Information

You can view information from trusted health, media and government sources about COVID-19 developments on our dedicated COVID-19 page.  Click on the 'Coronavirus' button below to access all this and more information. 


The Coronavirus restrictions have recently been relaxed significantly.  We suggest you stay on top of the latest developments by watching or listening to the daily updates provided by the The Victorian Government, as well as those from other States.

The Victorian Government continues to update COVID-19 restrictions, and you can keep up to date with them by clicking on the 'COVIDSafe Settings'  button below.


COVIDSafe Settings - VicGov

Dates for your Diary

Easter and Term Break: Friday 2 April - Sunday 18 April 

Monday 19 April - Start Term 2
Monday 19 April 12:45pm - Meaningful Retirement - Andrew Castle
Saturday 24 April 2:30pm - 
Seminar - Webinar: What is to be done: Political Engagement and Saving the Planet - Barry Jones
Wednesday 28 April 11:00am - Challenging Sir Stamford Raffles - Nadia Wright
Friday 30 April 11am - The U3APP Coffee Club - Sandbar Beach Café, 175B Beaconsfield Pde
Saturday 15 May 2:30 pm - 
Seminar - Webinar: Australian Indigenous Art - from Ancient Times to a Global Contemporary Art Movement
Wednesday 19 May 11:00am - The Armenians of Singapore - Nadia Wright
Wednesday 26 May 11:00am - A Pictorial History Of Port Melbourne - Margaret Bride
Friday 28 May 11am - The U3APP Coffee Club - Sandbar Beach Café, 175B Beaconsfield Pde
Monday 14 June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday - usually no Classes held - check with your Tutor if unsure
Saturday 19 June 2:30pm - 
Seminar-Webinar: Angela Merkel, The Woman Who Remade German Politics
Friday 25 June 11am - The U3APP Coffee Club - Sandbar Beach Café, 175B Beaconsfield Pde
Friday 25 June - End Term 2

Semester 2: Monday 12 July - Friday 10 December

Monday 12 July - Start Term 3
Friday 17 September - End Term 3

Term Break: Saturday 18 September - Sunday 3 October

Monday 4 October - Start Term 4
Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Day - usually no Classes held - check with your Tutor if unsure
Friday 10 December - End Term 4


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