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The Ups and Downs of COVID-19

Yes, that's right folks, we're Locked Down once again, but as we've said before, we know what to expect and we know we can and will come through it just like we always do.  

The quicker we buckle down, hunker down and get down to the business of beating this virus, the sooner we can get back down to doing all the things we've been able to enjoy in recent times.  

So, make sure you're well masked up, stocked up (but not too much) and not too fed up - we'll see you all again on the other side of this.


COVID-19 Restrictions to U3APP Classes

Due to the current five day Lockdown in Victoria, the following Classes have either been cancelled this week or will operate via Zoom:

Monday 19 July
  • 1A03 Mixed Media Art Group - Cancelled
  • 1A12 Natter Knit and Sew - Cancelled
  • 1E01 Yoga - Body, Breath and Mind - Cancelled
  • 1E06 Feldenkrais  - Cancelled
Tuesday 20 July
  • 2A13 Portrait and Costume Drawing - Cancelled
  • 2E03 Kundalini Yoga (Intermediate) - Cancelled
  • 2E11 Exercise to Feel Well and be Active - will combine with 2E07 on Zoom at 9:30 am - you'll find the Zoom link on the Online Course Links page of our website
  • 2E14 Hoppa Hey Multicultural Dance - Cancelled
  • 2G02 Mahjong - Cancelled
If the Lockdown is extended past Tuesday, Members will be emailed regarding their Classes so please keep an eye out for news updates and your email inbox.


Message from U3APP President 

Graham Gosling

Welcome to Term 3 of the 2021 academic year at U3A Port Phillip.  We have much to celebrate in the successes we have had negotiating the COVID-19 minefield with its constantly evolving environment and resultant government restrictions.

Our groups responsible for shepherding us to this point have accomplished what initially seemed an impossible task: to restore U3APP to a semblance of normalcy, i.e., to stabilise and expand our curriculum and social atmosphere while ensuring a safe environment in which to operate.

Our present stability has resulted from the concerted efforts of our ‘behind-the-scenes’ groups of dedicated volunteers:  the COVID-19 Working Group which devised the strategic plan for recovery and guided implementation of that plan, the IT Team which operated the buttons and levers to enable delivery of the plan, the Enrolment Team which ensured Class rolls and Waitlists were actioned, Office Volunteers who kept the everyday aspects of the organisation running smoothly from remote locations, the Course Coordinators who navigated the monumental task of scheduling all the Courses  and our dedicated and talented cadre of Tutors, who delivered Courses, all of whom showed remarkable resilience and flexibility.  

Some of our Tutors deliver their Courses Face-2-Face in classrooms as was done prior to COVID, although most courses are delivered using Zoom as the delivery platform, and a few still rely on communication by e-mail. Surprisingly as well as pleasingly, U3APP has experienced an increase in Membership during our times of trial, putting even more stress on our Tutorial resources.

So, on behalf of the Committee of Management, I express my gratitude to those dedicated and resourceful individuals who delivered this ‘miracle’.  If you would like to be a part of this group, we are always in need of people to help, especially individuals willing to become Tutors.  Just raise your hand and someone will be there to help you into the Tutorial Team.
Thanks again - Graham Gosling, President - U3A Port Phillip

U3APP Committee Appoints Marketing Manager

The U3APP Committee of Management has appointed Committee Member, Libby Smith to the role of U3APP Marketing Manager, for the promotion of U3APP.

The Committee of Management maintains that for the U3APP to prosper we need to promote our organisation and activities in the community in such a way as to inform our  Members of our activities and events and to attract new Members and Tutors.  It is also important that we promote the health and social benefits we offer to retired and semi-retired people in the Port Phillip area to ensure the ongoing support and goodwill of the Port Phillip Council.

Above all we  want U3APP to be widely recognised as a vibrant organisation of volunteers which offers a diverse range of enjoyable and affordable learning and participation opportunities for older people.

U3APP 2021 Seniors Festival Art Exhibition:

Pandemic Animalia - A Shout Out to Animal Lovers

A Selection of Pet Portraits - Alex Wyper (Dec)

We know that animals have provided great pleasure to people in this time of COVID.  So now, you can share your experiences with us via our City of Port Phillip Seniors Festival Pandemic Animalia Exhibition. 

The Exhibition is a celebration of living creatures (Animalia) that have given us joy or inspiration during the pandemic.  The subject could be as simple as yours or a friend’s pet.  But don't let this limit you - the world is filled with creatures of all types, cute and furry, scaly and sometimes scary and strange.  All and more are eligible subjects for this Exhibition and are only limited by your imagination.

Submit photos of animals that you love, animals that intrigue you.  This week's images are pet portraits by the late Alex Wyper, well loved and respected former U3APP Member.  

To find out more, including the process of submission and a downloadable submission form, click the 'Alex Wyper's Dog Portrait' button below.  Entries will be displayed in The Showcase on the U3APP Website and each week we'll feature one in our e-Bulletin.


The artwork can be a photograph of an animal
or a photo of a painting,
knitwear, whatever you prefer
Over to you. . .

Saturday Seminar Report

Beyond the Hero-Leader: Effective Leadership in Troubled Times

 As we continue to experience the impact of the pandemic, the topic of U3APP’s Saturday seminar could not have been more topical, Beyond the hero-leader: effective leadership in troubled times.

In periods of crisis people call for a hero-leader. However, what are the risks? Worldwide crises have promoted a focus on leaders. Donald Trump emerged as one kind of leader arguably, a strong leader but often providing inflexible, overly simplistic responses to complex problems. 

We were fortunate that Professor James Walter Emeritus Professor (Politics) Monash University and U3APP Member who has spent decades studying political leadership styles showed us why we must dispel the myth of the strong leader in order to identify the characteristics of effective leadership in the contemporary context. 

To read Pam Caven's full report on this Saturday Seminar, click the 'Webinar' button.  If you missed this Webinar, or would like to revisit it, you can now view it (and all our other Webinars) on the U3APP Website, click the 'Recording' button.

Future Saturday Seminar-Webinars

Each month we present a Saturday afternoon Seminar Online via Zoom - available to all, Members and non-Members.  Topics are varied and are always engaging and relevant to those fascinated by the world around us.

Saturday Seminars are free to attend and open to all, Members and non-Members, but places must be reserved, so click on the Seminar/s of your choice in the list above, or choose the 'Register for Webinar' button below to view all our Public Events, make your bookings and catch up on recordings of earlier Seminars you may have missed. 


Events in Term 3

We continue to source new Information Sessions for our Members, so keep an eye out in your weekly e-Bulletin for more, including a First Aid Course we hope to share with you soon.  The following Information Sessions have now been scheduled during Term 3:

Click on an individual Session above, or the 'Information Session' button below to see all our Events.


When we are able to once again return to Learning

Please Remember

Masks are mandatory for all indoor Face-2-Face Classes, including Exercise and Music, and must be worn in all indoor U3APP Venues. 


Conditions of Entry

No doubt we will be able to return to Face-2-Face Learning once we are on top of this latest Outbreak and we ask all those involved to ensure they are familiar with our COVID-Safe Conditions of Entry on every visit to Mary Kehoe Centre, South Melbourne Community Centre, Middle Park Community Centre and Sol Green Centre.  Click the button below to read the specific Conditions of Entry for your Venue.


Checking in with the QR Code

The Government requires us to have a Check-in Marshall at the Venue door who is responsible for ensuring everyone checks in with the Service Victoria QR code, either on their own phone or assisted by another person.

If you haven't already downloaded the Victorian QR code App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to your mobile device, please click on the links below to do so prior to your first Class.  For those without a mobile device, alternative arrangements have been made to enable you to check in.

Google Play Store                              Apple App Store

COVID-19 Update

Federal Government Vaccine Rollout 

The Australian Government Department of Health provides regular updates regarding the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  AstraZeneca vaccination is now available and recommended for those aged 60 and over; the Pfizer vaccine remains the advised vaccine for those under 60, however it's recommended any age group considering the AstraZeneca option discuss this with their GP.

For those under 60 who've already had their first dose of AstraZeneca, the Health Department strongly recommends they go ahead with their second dose when it's due.

Click on this 'Vaccine' button to go the Department of Health Website.  We suggest discussing any queries unanswered on this Website with your doctor.

Federal Government Department of Health


Victorian Government Information

The Victorian Government requires all members of the community to check in at the Venues you visit using the Services Victoria QR Reader app and we highly recommend that all our Members are diligent in doing this during shopping trips.  Contact Tracers rely heavily on timely information in order to track down close contacts and identify exposure sites.

With case numbers in Melbourne, as well as some regional areas increasing once again, we recommend you continue to check the currently expanding list of Public Exposure Sites.  Click on this 'COVID-19' button for details.

While restrictions have ramped up again in Victoria, it is wise to stay up to date with what is required of everyone. The Victorian Government continues to update COVID-19 information along with the latest restrictions; you can keep up to date with them by clicking on this 'COVIDSafe Settings' button.   


COVIDSafe Settings - VicGov

Dates For Your Diary

Wednesday 21 July - 3Z09 Hearing Australia Presentation & Hearing Tests   (COVID-19 restrictions allowing)
Friday 30 July - Coffee Club (COVID-19 restrictions allowing) 
Tuesday 3 August - 
2Z10 The ‘one size fits all’ piano keyboard causes much pain and injury
Thursday 12 August - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor to see if your Class will run via Zoom
Saturday 21 August - 
Seminar - Webinar: Art Deco Furniture and Jewellery
Tuesday 7 September - Vaccination Day South Melbourne Community Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor to see if your Class will run via Zoom
Thursday 9 September - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor to see if your Class will run via Zoom
Friday 17 September - End Term 3
Saturday 18 September - 
Seminar - Webinar: A Remarkable Woman, Zoe Caldwell, Internationally acclaimed Australian Actress

Term Break: Saturday 18 September - Sunday 3 October

Monday 4 October - Start Term 4
Thursday 14 October - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Day - usually no Classes held - check with your Tutor if unsure
Thursday 11 November - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom

Saturday 4 December - Annual General Meeting
Thursday 9 December - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Friday 10 December - End Term 4


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