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After being soothed into a false sense of comfort and warmth last week, Winter has announced, in no uncertain terms, that it's on its way, with grey drizzly skies and chilly temperatures.  Of course, there's always a silver lining behind any wintery cloud because now we don't even have to leave the house to join our classes in the midst of this Covid-19 Lockdown.  So turn up the heater, wrap yourself up in a cozy scarf or jumper, make a warm cuppa and enjoy your classes.

More Courses New to Zoom 

  • 2L06 Chinese Mandarin Post-Beginners -  started in February and will now resume online through Zoom from Tuesday 26 May.  Places are still available for newcomers.
  • 2L04 French For Pleasure - continued via email due to the Covid-19 Lockdown and from Tuesday 26 May it will run as a Zoom class.
  • 3E17 Introduction to Kundalini Yoga - from 27 May for 8 weeks.  This new Course was postponed due to the Covid-19 Lockdown.  Places are still available so log on to our website to reserve yours.
  • 2K01 Modern Science of Evolution - this Course started in February and will now resume online as a Zoom Course from Tuesday 14 July.  
*** All Members previously booked into these Courses will retain their places and will be notified by email about how to access their first class.

Are You New to Zoom?

If you're new to Zoom classes and want some help, check out our website page Online Course Links where you'll find "Zoom Guidelines" to follow, which involves downloading the Zoom App.  If you'd like more help or would like to take part in a practice session, contact the IT team on

The following Zoom Courses will extend into the Term Break:

Stop The Presses - U3APP Scores a Half Century

That's right folks, we came out to bat with determination, and after a few initial hesitant steps, we started hitting the ball over the boundary line for six after six after glorious six.  With over 50 Courses now on Zoom, we think that's really something everyone involved can take a very special bow for.

And while we're talking Zoom - some Tips on

To make your Zoom experience in class a positive one, here are a few things to consider:
  • don't sit too close to the screen - or too far away; check the others in your Zoom class for good examples and adjust your position to suit
  • your camera should be at eye level - not pointed at the ceiling
  • light behind you, like a window or lamp, tends to make your face dark - try to position yourself so your face is not in shade 
  • minimise any background noises like the ringer on your phone or a TV or radio in the background that might interrupt the class
  • avoid any distractions such as young children or pets etc.
  • use the 'chat' or 'raise your hand' features rather than interrupt the class 
  • be on time where possible; if you arrive late try not to disrupt the rest of the class - perhaps mute yourself on joining until you are settled in
  • mute yourself if not speaking as any noise you make impacts on everyone else's ability to hear the Tutor.  Of course, remember to turn your microphone back on before you start speaking or you'll hear this . . .
*** Please Note:  we ask all our Members to upgrade their Zoom App as the new version has better encryption, making it even more secure for users.  

here for detailed instructions about how to upgrade your Zoom App on your various devices.  If you aren't confident doing this,  don't worry because Zoom will automatically upgrade the first time you log in for your Course after 30 May, you just need to allow some extra time as it may cause a delay in connecting you to your class.


Saturday Seminar-Webinar 20 June

The Art of the Russian Revolution

Our next Saturday Seminar-Webinar will be held on 20 June at 2:30pm.  Dr Michael Adcock, a social and cultural historian with over ten years experience in leading residential study tours to Europe, will chart the influence of art during the tumultuous periods of the Russian Revolution and the Civil War. 

This online live Seminar, presented as a Webinar on Zoom, will be open to all U3APP Members and Subscribers, but there are limited numbers so for further information clichere then log on to the U3APP website to reserve your place.

If you are new to Zoom, you will need to download the Zoom app onto your device in advance- click here for instructions.

On the day, to watch the Seminar, logon to the U3APP website, click on the Join Your Online Class button , scroll down to “Saturday” where you’ll find “Saturday Seminar 20 June”.  At 2:20pm click on that link for a prompt 2:30pm start.

Are You a Gmail user?

We've noticed lately that a lot of Gmail, even mail from recognised sources, is ending up in the Junk Folder.  So that you don't miss any important mail, from U3APP or others, we suggest you do a daily check of your Gmail Junk Folder.

Things to do in Lockdown

Tutors Corner

We have now enabled the 'Co-Host Feature' in Zoom, which means a Course Member can 'Share Screen' or 'Annotate' if you, the Tutor, make them a 'Co-Host' using 'Participants'.

A reminder to Tutors (if they haven't already updated their Zoom app) to allow enough time before the start their first class after 30 May for Zoom to automatically update the app.

By now our Zoom Tutors should have received their invitation to attend a Zoom "Tutor Update and Thank You" meeting on 29 May.  Please advise Tutor Support if you have not received your invitation.

This Week's Spotlight is On  No-One!

We know how much you've enjoyed reading stories submitted by some of our Members, as these have been the links "clicked" the most since we started including them in our weekly e-Bulletins.  But, sad to say, we've run out, and there are none on the horizon at this stage.  So, if you've enjoyed reading about your U3APP compatriots, why not tell us your story?  We know you all have some interesting anecdotes and we'd love to hear them.  Email your story to us at 

But, just so you're not too bored this week, and in case you'd been wondering who the Mary Kehoe Centre was named after, you can click
here to read all about Mary and her amazing life's work.  

Covid-19 Update 

The Covid-19 Working Group continues to meet regularly and discuss ways of navigating our current situation.  

You can also access plenty of current information from trusted health, media and government sources about Covid-19 developments, as well as a veritable feast of things you keep you occupied as you 'stay at home', on our dedicated page 
"Helping You Get Through Covid-19"

And we're helping to further connect our Members on the U3APP Facebook Page  with a little light banter and a few good jokes.  Why not join us there for some light-hearted fun?

We would like to remind all our Members that for the safety of all, if you are diagnosed with Coronavirus, it's important you advise the Committee of Management by email at    

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