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Thanks to U3APP Member Renate Mattiske who sent us videos of this feathery family's journey to water with their new young brood.  The swans were first noticed by locals in the underpass from Albert Park Lake to Canterbury Rd just before sunset on Thursday.  Their journey was filmed all the way down to the water and the locals ensured the traffic stopped to enable them to cross Marine Parade safely.  

Unfortunately we can't show you the videos here, but they're sure to be posted to YouTube, and you may have seen other similar ones recently of ducks with their babies being guided to water across busy roads to the relative safety of the bay.


We're sure many of us can relate to this particular Roadmap!

This makes it a very feathery welcome to your weekly e-Bulletin where we provide all the latest news about U3A Port Phillip happenings.  Term 4 resumed strongly on 4 October with all our usual Zoom Classes starting up again and some brand new Courses starting on each and every day throughout the week - so things are definitely back in full swing for us all.  

Our Volunteer Teams have already commenced work on 2022 Courses and plans for the 4 December Annual General Meeting are starting to take shape. So while we get on with making sure next year is bigger and better than ever, sit back, relax and enjoy your Classes (but don't forget to do your homework!)


No Face-2-Face Classes Until Further Notice

Just a reminder that until Government COVID-19 Restrictions are eased sufficiently and Council approves a plan for retuning to Venues such as Mary Kehoe, there will be no Face-2-Face Classes for U3APP.  

There is increasing speculation in the media regarding Vaccinations and conditions of entry, but at this stage we don't have sufficient information for us to make any decisions for U3APP.  Our Committee of Management, and in particular our Health and Safety Officer, continues to monitor developments.  

Rest assured you will be advised as soon as we have details about when and how we can reopen, so stay patient a little longer until we can all enjoy this reopening in a whole new COVID-Normal.  

Considering Tutoring? We Need You! 


Have you ever considered Tutoring a Course or running an Information Session?  If so, now is the perfect time to get in touch with our Course Coordination Team.  Over the next month they'll be working on the 2022 Course Guide and hope to bring it to Members towards the end of November.  

Volunteers in this Team will help guide you through the entire process to make joining our Team of Wonderful Tutors an easy one.  We also have IT Volunteers available to help on a regular basis for Courses run on Zoom.

You're sure to find Tutoring our Members a rewarding experience, just like the amazing Tutors who have Volunteered, and the many who continue to Volunteer year after year, at U3APP.  You can find out all about the process of How to Become a Tutor on our website - just click this 'Tutor Owl' button


Our Next Information Session

Balancing Your Retirement and Helping Your Adult Kids
Monday 11 October at 1:30 pm

Tomorrow we have a special Information Session on Balancing Your Retirement. The purpose of the session is to arm you with some good questions as a starting point for you and for a conversation with your financial adviser, estate planning lawyer and accountant.  

Kirsten Lynn is a financial adviser who advises on creating, enjoying, protecting and passing on wealth.  As an experienced Adviser she can plot a course with you through important transitions in your family life.

Places are still available, and it's not too late to book, so for more information and to reserve your place, click the 'Information Session' button below.


Our final Saturday Seminar-Webinar for 2021
French Impressionism

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Spirit of Montmarte

Featuring paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

20 November 2:30pm

The Impressionists and their circle have become the international superstars of Western painting.  The works of Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cezanne, Gauguin and Van Gogh appear everywhere and are well loved by the public and academics alike.
But whilst their popularity is greater than ever, it is easy to forget the revolutionary nature of the Impressionists art.  They broke away from tradition, forsaking the studio for the open air; with their technique, of using touches of colour to capture movement and light, and with their subject matter as well, often depicting ordinary people at work and leisure. 
Dr Michael Adcock, a cultural historian, returns to U3APP Seminars to discuss this technical and social revolution against the backdrop of works sourced from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, which were recently on show at the National Gallery of Victoria.  

Saturday Seminars are available for all to enjoy, Members and non-Members, so click on the 'Being Jane Avril' button to reserve your place.  And to view Margaret Byron's wonderful new flyer for the Event, click the 'Eiffel Tower' button 


Report: U3APP Seniors Festival Marquee Seminar

Martin Foley with Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians


How technology and science are informing Victoria’s COVID response, with Martin Foley, Victorian Minister for Health

As part of the City of Port Phillip's 2021 Seniors Festival, U3A Port Phillip was delighted to present this Seminar-Webinar featuring these two significant Victorians, and we thank them for their time and effort involved.

To read Pam Caven's full report on Saturday's special Webinar, which also includes a link to Gerard Mansour's very informative slideshow, click the 'Read More' button below, or to view the slideshow independently click the 'Attributes of Ageing Well' button.  A link to the report Gerard referred to can be found in the slideshow.

Missed this and other Seminars?

If you missed this Webinar, you can view it, along with all our earlier Webinars on the Public Events page of the U3APP Website.  Click this 'U3A Port Phillip' button to access all the recordings; you're sure to find topics of interest.


Pandemic Animalia

U3APP Seniors Festival Art & Photographic Exhibition

For a Cat-Lover - Cotton Quilt made by Diane Boyle

While submissions for this Exhibition have now closed, we'll continue to show one each week in our e-Bulletins through until the end of October.

The Exhibition celebrates all living creatures that bring us joy or inspiration or love or beauty or fascination during the pandemic.  This week's photo is a Quilt Creation by Diane Boyle and reflects how our love for animals influences our clothing, ornaments and in this case our household linen.

To check out our current Showcase where you'll see more great images, click on 'Alex Wyper's dog Portrait' button.


Sisters in Crime are back with "Cop This"

Former Victorian Assistant Police Commissioner, Sandra Nicholson, interrogates a panel of writers of police procedurals in this Sisters in Crime Online Event.

The booming fascination with true crime investigations through books, documentaries, and podcasts, which often focus on the nitty-gritty of crime solving, has shone a renewed spotlight on police procedural stories and Sandra will interrogate our panel about this popular crime sub-genre.

Authors Caroline de Costa, Suzanne Frankham, and Margaret Hickey will talk to Sandra about why they opted to tell their stories through the police procedural style and what it has brought to plotting and characterisation.  Does the need to be accurate about the profession of law enforcement, forensic science, autopsies, gathering evidence, search warrants, interrogation, and adherence to legal restrictions and procedure help or hinder the narrative?  For further information and to book your tickets click on the button below.


Victorian Government

Check Local Exposure Sites

As COVID-19 cases and new exposure sites continue to climb, we recommend you check the list of Public Exposure Sites regularly and get tested and isolate where indicated.  Click on this 'COVID-19' button for full details.

Check In at Every Venue You Visit

The Victorian Government requires all members of the community to check in at the Venues you visit using the Services Victoria QR Reader app and we highly recommend that all our Members are diligent in doing this during shopping trips.  Contact Tracers rely heavily on timely information in order to track down close contacts and identify exposure sites.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

The Victorian Government continues to update COVID-19 information along with the latest restrictions; you can keep up to date with them by clicking on this 'COVID-19' button.   


Federal Government  

The Australian Government Department of Health provides regular updates on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  AstraZeneca is approved for those aged over 18, with ATAGI recommending it primarily for those over 60 .  Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are approved for those over 12 years of age.

Click on this 'Vaccine' button for more information on the Department of Health Website.  We suggest discussing any unanswered queries on this Website with your doctor.


Friday 1 - Sunday 17 October - Port Phillip Seniors Festival (online only)
Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Day - usually no Classes held - check with your Tutor if unsure
Thursday 11 November - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no F2F Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Saturday 20 November - 
Saturday Seminar French Impressionism: From the Museum of Fine arts, Boston
Saturday 4 December - Annual General Meeting
Thursday 9 December - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no F2F Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Friday 10 December - End Term 4

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