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Locked Down but not Knocked Out

While we remain Locked Down until at least midnight on Tuesday 27 July, we are seeing very hopeful signs that Victoria is once again on top of this latest COVID-19 Delta Outbreak.  

So, while many of our movements are still curtailed, we can look northwards of our border and see a very worrying situation, one we don't ever want to repeat here - and this makes it easier, and more necessary, for us to all continue to do the right thing; the right thing for ourselves, our loved ones and the entire community in following the most up to date health and government advice.  

Stay strong everyone - we'll see you all again soon.


Upcoming Changes to Face-2-Face Classes

Due to the continuing COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, the following Face-2-Face Classes for Monday 26 July and Tuesday 27 July will now be held on Zoom.  All other Face-2-Face Classes for Monday and Tuesday have been cancelled.  
  • 1H01 Journal Writing for Mindful Living 10:30 am on Zoom
  • 2E11 Exercise to Feel Well and be Active 9:30 am on Zoom - will once again combine with the online Class 2E07 at the earlier time
Should restrictions be extended beyond midnight Tuesday 27 July, Members of future Face-2-Face Classes will be advised of any changes by email.

Take Care - Scamming is on the Increase

It appears that Scamming is ever on the increase, and those in the high risk category tend to be older Australians, many of whom have lost significant sums of money and on occasion, even their identity.  Some of the recent kinds of Scams include:

  • Phone calls from people purporting to be from financial organisations, internet providers and government departments like the Taxation Department, wanting you to reveal information such as bank account details, PINs and passwords, even wanting you to let them take control of your computer - or worse, threatening you will fines and/or imprisonment if you don't respond.
  • Phone calls that ring once then stop, hoping you will call the number back.  These are scammers who will then run up significant debt on your phone account by making international calls via your phone line.
  • Emails or text messages from what appears to be trusted organisations like the Post Office, major retailers and the like asking you to click on a link that is supposedly an invoice or delivery information.
We advise all our Members to be extremely careful when responding to phone calls or emails where you aren't 100% certain of the authenticity of the caller or sender.  No reputable company will call or email you and ask for private information that could allow them to access your money or your identity, so if it sounds dodgy, it probably is.

So, what do you do if you are concerned about the authenticity of a caller or an email?
  • Ask questions: get a name of the company and the person as well as their phone number.  Don't let them put you off or make excuses - just tell them you will call them back once you have verified them, which you can do by a quick Google search.  If they are legitimate you'll soon know; if they're not, they'll most likely hang up.
  • Don't be intimidated by threats such as fines or being arrested if you don't immediately comply.  You know you haven't done anything wrong so don't let them fool you.
  • Don't click on any links in emails or text message unless you are 100% sure of the sender and are expecting the email - such as a parcel delivery.  Instead click on the sender's address at the top of the email which may be a company name; if it's a scam you'll see the actual email address is quite different and this should be a warning.
  • If you receive a phone call, especially if you hear your phone ring just for a couple of seconds, don't call the number back if you don't recognise it.  If the person calling you really needs to speak to you, they will leave a message.
The Australian Government, teamed with the ACCC, have an excellent website called Scam Watch, which shows many different types of scams to watch out for and how to report them.  The 'Scam Watch' button below will take you to this website - and because we are your trusted U3APP e-Bulletin, you know you can click it with complete confidence.


Future Seminar-Webinars/Information Sessions

Each month we present a Saturday afternoon Seminar Online via Zoom - available to all, Members and non-Members.  Topics are varied and are always engaging and relevant to those fascinated by the world around us.  

We also run regular Information Sessions on weekdays which are available just to our Members.  Here is the current schedule:

Places must be reserved for Saturday Seminars and Information Sessions, so click on the Event of your choice in the list above, or choose the 'Register Here' button below to view all our Public Events, make your bookings and catch up on recordings of earlier Seminars you may have missed. 


Seniors Festival Art & Photographic Exhibition:
Pandemic Animalia - A Shout Out to Animal Lovers


Julie Butcher - Otto on a Couch

We know that animals have provided great pleasure to people in this time of COVID.  So now, you can share your experiences with us via our City of Port Phillip Seniors Festival Pandemic Animalia Exhibition. 

The Exhibition is a celebration of living creatures (Animalia) that have given us joy or inspiration during the pandemic.  The subject could be as simple as yours or a friend’s pet.  But don't let this limit you - the world is filled with creatures of all types, cute and furry, scaly and sometimes scary and strange.  All and more are eligible subjects for this Exhibition and are only limited by your imagination.

Submit photos of animals that you love, animals that intrigue you.  This week's images include Otto, Bertie and Sherlock, clearly enjoying all the extra fuss they are receiving during COVID.  

We've received some wonderful entries - they are now displayed in The Showcase on the U3APP Website and each week we'll feature one in our e-Bulletin. To view the entries and find out more, including the process of submission and a downloadable submission form, click the 'Alex Wyper's Dog Portrait' button below.  
Julie Butcher - Otto on the Stairs
Marcel Colman: "More Please" - Otto, Bertie & Sherlock enjoying dried sardines

The artwork can be a photograph of an animal
or a photo of a painting,
knitwear, whatever you prefer
Over to you. . .


Good News from Your Committee

U3A Port Phillip members will be delighted and relieved to learn that the City of Port Phillip Council has agreed to waive the fees it was proposing to levy on our daily use of Council premises, an hourly charge for using each room at Council run buildings – including of course the Mary Kehoe Centre.
This is as a result of lots of hard work and lobbying behind the scenes over the past few months by your U3APP Committee.  We were formally notified of the full fee waiver last week.

When Will We Meet Again?

The U3APP Coffee Club was scheduled to meet at the Sandbar on the last Friday of this month, 30 July.

The lack of certainty about when Victoria will be out of Lockdown means that the Working Group has decided to postpone the Coffee Club until the last Friday in August, 27 August.

In the meantime, stay well and happy.  Best wishes - Pam, Working Group

Nature, Nurture and Neuroscience:
Brain Plasticity in Health and Disease

Thursday 29 July 11:00 am - 12:00 noon on Zoom

Explore with Professor Tony Hannan how genetic and environmental factors combine to affect brain maturation and function, including in schizophrenia and autism on this Zoom Webinar.  Click the 'Florey Institute' button below to reserve your place.


 Art of Friendship Exhibition

Carlisle Art Space, St Kilda Town Hall

This exhibition reflects on the strong ties between locals and Suai/Covalima in Timor-Leste.  You can view artefacts and photographs of the cultural life in Timor as well as images from programs supported by the friendship over two decades.  There is also a Documentary to be screened on Thursday 12 August 2021 at 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (COVID-19 restrictions allowing)

*** The opening date will be amended based on COVID-19 restrictions.  Click the 'City of Port Phillip' button for further information, including how to book for this free event.


Space2b Presents Let's Meet Up!

Fun, Food and Friendship

Space2B runs a Meet Up group every Tuesday at Space2B Laneway Cafe, 144 Chapel St, St Kilda, 10:30am–12:00pm (COVID-19 restrictions permitting).  The purpose of the group is to bridge the social gap between our Culturally & Linguistically Different Community and Local Community through sharing stories, food and skills.  For more information, please click the 'Space2b' button below or email


1 October - Save The Date
International Day of Older Persons

Plus a Short Survey to fill out

On 1 October, International Day of Older Persons, the Every Age Counts organisation will  be holding an awareness raising day about ageism and its impacts, so pop the date in your diary, and keep an eye out for further announcements on how to be involved.

This year they are planning a series of activities to grow the movement to end ageism by increasing awareness across our communities.  We all know that limited awareness is one of the barriers to addressing ageism, so this is an important opportunity to break down those barriers. 

Every Age Counts has developed a short survey to help them in planning for the day.  It only takes a few minutes to complete, so click on the 'Every Age Counts' button below.  The survey will remain open for the next few days.


Antique Treasure or Op Shop?

Bring Out Your Treasures!

Thursday 14 October 2021 - Port Melbourne Town Hall

As part of the City of Port Phillip's Seniors Festival, CoPP Seniors are invited to unearth their treasures and submit them for inclusion in Antique, Treasure or Op Shop? - an afternoon of Connoisseurship and Comedy. Treasures submitted will be eligible to receive an expert valuation by a senior appraiser from Leonard Joel Auction House.

The valuation will be assisted by a well-known local clairvoyant, and promises an afternoon of fascinating objects and stories, valuation surprises, guest objects, musical interludes, lots of laughter and afternoon tea, and will be held on Thursday 14 October, 2021.  

For detailed information including how to submit your Treasures, click on the 'Crystal Ball' button below.  Applications close on Friday 10 September, so start dusting off your Treasures now.



When we are able to return to Learning

Please Remember

Masks are mandatory for all indoor Face-2-Face Classes, including Exercise and Music, and must be worn in all indoor U3APP Venues. 


Conditions of Entry

No doubt we will be able to return to Face-2-Face Learning once we are on top of this latest Outbreak and we ask all those involved to ensure they are familiar with our COVID-Safe Conditions of Entry on every visit to Mary Kehoe Centre, South Melbourne Community Centre, Middle Park Community Centre and Sol Green Centre.  Click the button below to read the specific Conditions of Entry for your Venue.


Checking in with the QR Code

The Government requires us to have a Check-in Marshall at the Venue door who is responsible for ensuring everyone checks in with the Service Victoria QR code, either on their own phone or assisted by another person. 

If you haven't already downloaded the Victorian QR code App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to your mobile device, please click on the links below to do so prior to your first Class.  For those without a mobile device, alternative arrangements have been made to enable you to check in.


Google Play Store                              Apple App Store

COVID-19 Update

Federal Government Vaccine Rollout 

The Australian Government Department of Health provides regular updates regarding the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  AstraZeneca vaccination is now available and recommended for those aged 60 and over; the Pfizer vaccine remains the advised vaccine for those under 60, however it's recommended any age group considering the AstraZeneca option discuss this with their GP.

Click on this 'Vaccine' button to go the Department of Health Website.  We suggest discussing any queries unanswered on this Website with your doctor.

Federal Government Department of Health


Victorian Government Information

The Victorian Government requires all members of the community to check in at the Venues you visit using the Services Victoria QR Reader app and we highly recommend that all our Members are diligent in doing this during shopping trips.  Contact Tracers rely heavily on timely information in order to track down close contacts and identify exposure sites.

While we still have some case numbers throughout Melbourne suburbs, we recommend you continue to check the current list of Public Exposure Sites.  Click on this 'COVID-19' button for details.

The Victorian Government continues to update COVID-19 information along with the latest restrictions; you can keep up to date with them by clicking on this 'COVIDSafe Settings' button.   


COVIDSafe Settings - VicGov

Tuesday 3 August - 2Z10 The ‘one size fits all’ piano keyboard causes much pain and injury
Thursday 12 August - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor to see if your Class will run via Zoom
Saturday 21 August - Seminar - Webinar: Art Deco Furniture and Jewellery
Friday 27 August - U3APP Coffee Club, The Sandbar, 175B Beaconsfield Pde, Middle Park
Tuesday 7 September - Vaccination Day South Melbourne Community Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor to see if your Class will run via Zoom
Thursday 9 September - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor to see if your Class will run via Zoom
Friday 17 September - End Term 3
Saturday 18 September - Seminar - Webinar: A Remarkable Woman, Zoe Caldwell, Internationally acclaimed Australian Actress

Saturday 18 September - Sunday 3 October - Term Break

Friday 1 October - International Day of Older Persons
Monday 4 October - Start Term 4
Thursday 14 October - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Tuesday 2 November - Melbourne Cup Day - usually no Classes held - check with your Tutor if unsure
Thursday 11 November - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Saturday 4 December - Annual General Meeting
Thursday 9 December - Vaccination Day Mary Kehoe Centre - no Face-2-Face Classes.  Check with your Tutor as your Class may run via Zoom
Friday 10 December - End Term 4

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