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December 2016

Christmas Spirit Jingles In Jamboree

Christmas gifts, music and the jolly spirit of the season were all around for the 2016 version of the Jingle Bell Jamboree. This annual event gives local vendors the chance to display their unique offerings in front of shoppers who are looking for a special gift not necessarily something you could find at a big box store. Handcrafted jewelry, ornaments, home decorating items were on hand just to name a few.
Dialing up the holiday spirit were a number of Judson ISD elementary school choirs that sang Christmas favorites periodically through the day to keep everyone in a yuletide state of mind. The best part of the whole day is that vendors were able to talk with a new set of customers, shoppers got to see the kind of gifts they don’t always see and the event brought in close to $3,000 for the Judson Education Foundation for scholarships and grants.
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December 15, 7pm
Board Meeting
ERC Board Room

January 4
Staff Returns
Professional Development

January 19, 7pm
Board Meeting
ERC Board Room

January 27, 6 pm - 9 pm
JEF Gala
Hilton Garden Inn

JSTEM Teacher Wins International Award

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are such important areas of study these days because of the world we live in. That means you need high quality teachers in those subject areas to not only teach well, but to inspire students to expand their expectations and explore concepts involving STEM. The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association has selected its 2017 Teacher Excellence Award recipients and JSTEM teacher Sarah Bancroft was chosen as one of the few.
JISD K-12 STEM Specialist Deborah Rice knows what Ms. Bancroft is like in action and nominated her for the award. She has seen the level of excellence in how Ms. Bancroft presents her material in the Gateways To Technology classes, but also was impressed in “the marketable skills (soft skills)” that are  continually being taught to students. That’s going the extra mile with students that will help them enormously in whatever they choose to do. Congratulations!

Know How City Hall Works? These Students Do

You may have heard the saying “You can’t fight city hall.”  We’ll you don’t have to if you know how it works and how you can be a part of it.  Student council members from Kirby Middle School were given the chance to see how the real wheels of city government work with the City of Kirby. The honorable Kirby Mayor Tim Wilson was gracious to sit in with these students in a mock city council meeting.
From the pledge of allegiance to reciting the mission of the City of Kirby and getting down to business, they got a real feel for what goes on in a city government meeting. They saw what a meeting agenda looks like and how far ahead it must be posted publicly to be legal and how the parliamentary process works with discussion and eventually taking action through voting. A big thank you to Mayor Wilson and the City of Kirby for investing time in these kids…they are the decision makers of the future.

Secondary Science Fair Explorers

The importance of science in our everyday world is truly profound. There are so many examples of cause and effect in the daily world that we may not think much about… but really understanding what happens and how it all fits together can open the door to new knowledge and innovation.  The Judson ISD Secondary Science Fair was an opportunity for students to explore some of those processes. The projects ranged from the ballistic characteristics of Kevlar, the effects of fertilizer on plants to how well regular soap really cleans your hands.
Congratulations to the event winners.  Reginald Parks (Kitty Hawk MS) was Grand Champion with his exhibit “Ballistic v. Puncture Resistant” and Emilie Elisa Orosco (Woodlake Hills MS) was Reserved Grand Champion with her project “Going Green As You Clean.” Congratulations to these students and everyone who took the time to experiment with their world and present their findings.

Overwhelmed by the holidays?

You’re not alone. Many people feel stressed out during this hectic time of year. Try these tips to help manage holiday stress.
  • Physical activity helps relieve stress.
  • It’s easy to overeat during the holidays, especially if you’re stressed. Watch your portions sizes and nibble on only a select few holiday treats.
  • Give yourself some time to breathe and relax. Take a walk, enjoy a bubble bath or listen to soothing music of the season.
Set realistic expectations – realize you can’t do everything during the holidays. Say no if you need to.

2016 Bond Update: Dust Flying Soon

Work on most of the 2016 Bond Projects is right around the corner. In fact, some will kick off during the Christmas Holidays. See what's first and what is coming down the road.
To increase accountability within the district, Judson ISD has a Fraud and Abuse Hotline. This is a way of anonymously reporting incidents of wrongly using district resources. A person can report problems two ways. Through a toll free hotline 855-640-6200 (in English) and 800-216-1288 (in Spanish) or you can just REPORT HERE. A third party company called Lighthouse is handling all the reports for credibility purposes and will look at each report on an individual basis. The online form also allows a person to upload supporting documents if they apply. This “report it”  link can also take you to a page where crimes and bullying can be reported.
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