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Pink Flower
by Marty Yaffee

Bridge of Flowers
by Marty Yaffee

After Work Commute

 by Marty Yaffee

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June 22, 2018

by Marty Yaffee

Magical Shelburne Falls

  by Marty Yaffee

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White Flower
by Marty Yaffee

This month we are proud to present:

Marty Yaffee

Martin Yaffee’s entry into the art of photography is a “sign of the the times,” of a digital age that puts high quality cameras in the hands of millions of smart phone users. The Note 3 phone that Martin purchased two years ago came with a 13 megapixel camera, and that is the vehicle with which the Shelburne Falls resident captures his images of the local landscape. “It’s got a really good camera, and I can use my Mac computer to adjust the image a little bit if I need to take down the too bright highlights or take out some of the shadow or saturate it a tiny bit more,” Martin explained.
The artist has captured fleeting moments of sky and water in and around Shelburne and posted them on a Facebook page that he and his wife started called “Life in Shelburne Falls.” He only just started making prints of his photos, using archival papers and matte inks through the services of Pivot Media in Florence MA. He has experimented with metallic inks through an online service as well. Currently, he is figuring out options with matting and framing services, and is hoping to network with fellow coop members about their experiences in these areas. 
Martin teaches culinary arts at Greenfield High school presently, and says that “I just do this when I have time. I had more time in summer, and I started taking pictures of the Bridge of Flowers. I live only a block away from the town, so the birds wake me up in the morning I would just walk before dawn on the Buckland side, just walk down and see what I can find. I like sunrises and sunsets and misty things, and I get a lot of reflective things.” He looks for special fleeting moments where sky and earth interact in magical ways, and likes to do a lot of panoramic shots—which also pose special framing and matting challenges due to the narrow format.
He sees his photography as just another evolutionary step in the creative continuum of his life. He graduated from Newton High school, where “they had a great music program,” and went on to the University of Pennsylvania for a degree in music composition, which he finished up with a graduate degree from Harvard University.  You can still hear him play his electric oboe on The Best of George Abdo, a collection of the most enjoyed MiddleEastern music pieces from the 6 international albums Martin recorded with George Abdo and his band.  During those years he was also working his way into becoming a pastry chef, serving an apprenticeship and assistant chef position at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Boston. An ambitious young man, he also started managing a bakery in Harvard Square with ten bakers working under him. Through one of those bakers, he formed a connection to a Shelburne Falls woman who was seeking a chef to open a bakery within the small town. This was back in 1982.  The Yaffee's, who were interested in raising their daughter in a rural environment, took a chance on relocating and accepting the partnership to open the Sweet Pea Bakery on Bridge St (where Delicatesse is currently).  The partnership dissolved in a year and Martin found that the local clientele were eager to have what he was making for his own lunch every day, so he chose to renovate the space , where the West End Pub is now, into Marty's Riverside Restaurant and Bakery, at the entrance to the Bridge of Flowers on the Buckland side.
After closing the Riverside ,  he became the Bakery Manager at GreenFields Cooperative, where he trained and managed 9 bakers to produce his luscious desserts and hearty artisans breads.  He also took a position as an adjunct baking instructor at Holyoke Community College.   After twenty years as an adjunct, he leaped at the chance to have a full time position teaching culinary arts at the high school in Greenfield. 
He still does some music and in the past has taught music lessons, done a bit of arranging, and played oboe with a quartet at Holyoke Community College. “But, I was kind of an experimental composer, and if you aren’t in the mainstream it is hard to make a living doing it unless you teach at a university or something like that, "  explained Martin.
As a Shelburne resident for many many years, he has various associations with the coop and its members. “I was in the middle of town cooking for 11 years, so I knew Sarah Holbrook and she was a restaurant regular with her husband. And I just stop in there all the time. I have been friends for years with Ken Rocke and knew Julie’ Hall Rocke’s work.” 
If he had the time, Martin would be a working member, but at present he is very busy teaching the younger generation the art of cooking at Greenfield High School.
Nina Rossi
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