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WINE TASTING:  Join us Friday March 8th from 5-7pm for our free monthly wine tasting.
  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING:  The next regular meeting of the Shrewsbury Coop at Pierce's Store Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday March 12th at 7:00pm.  Any member in good standing is welcome to attend.  Meetings are held at the store.
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING AND POTLUCK:  Our annual membership meeting and potluck is scheduled for Sunday March 24th at 5:00pm in at the Shrewsbury Community Meeting House, 88 Lottery Rd. We will have an annual report from the board of directors, election of board members and a potluck dinner to follow. 
New Items

If you haven’t been in the store yet this winter, come take a look at the new (refurbished) woodstove.  It’s a real beauty of an antique that our friend Terry Martin polished up for us.  It will hearken you back to the day’s of the Pierce’s themselves.  While you’re here, you can enjoy some Cabot, Crowley, or Cabot Clothbound cheese cut to order, because we also have a new (antique) cheese case featuring a wheel of the above-mentioned cheeses. In addition, we've added a few new items including Vermont made Yolo Popcorn, Cheddar, Maple and other flavors.  Marachuan Ramen Noodles, Bar Habor Chowders; Corn, Salmon and Lobster.  We also have Vermont's Kimball Brook Farms Organic Milk - which we'll carry until Farm & Wilderness Organic Milk is available next month.

Spring Parties

Do you have a house full of guests for Easter?  Expecting a few dozen people for a Spring Wedding party?  If you have visitors - Pierce's would like to help!  Here are some great ideas for breakfast;  A dozen scones or muffins, a case of champagne and a case of Orange Juice to go with it.  Lunch?  How about a 6 pack of Burritos or a whole Fritatta.  Maybe soup or chili for 12?  Need 10lbs of chicken or a whole pork loin for a dinner?  We can meet most of your needs with a bit of advance notice.  Special ordering is easy, just come into the store and talk to us about what you need.  We usually need a week's notice, but in some instances we can get what you need in just a few days.  And don't forget our Consignment Area.  You can pick up a lovely gift from one of our local and talented artisans.  We even have a gift registry if you're the one the party is for!

Pierce's Store March Newsletter

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Open daily Monday-Saturday 7:00-7:00, Sunday 8-5
Telephone: 492-3326

Pierce's Store Friday Night Menu

  • March 8th: Guest Chef Ludy Biddle will prepare rolled Flank Steak made from locally produced Beaver Meadows grass fed beef rolled with spinach & bleu cheese served with roasted potatoes & a small tossed salad.
  • March 15th: Guest Chef Sally Deinzer will prepare Cassoulet a classic dish from Southern France – a hearty blend of Chicken, Sausage, Beans, onions, herbs & spices served with a small tossed salad & a chunk of Rob’s French bread.
  • March 22nd: Guest Chef Becca Rice will prepare Chicken Enchiladas with a green tomatillo sauce served with rice, beans, guacamole & a small tossed salad.
  • March 29th: to be announced the week of March 25th.
Meals will be available warm on Fridays 5:00 to 7:00pm...and on Saturday until they run out. It’s best to call ahead and reserve your order!  492-3326

Another Take-Out Meal!

Chili & Cornbread Monday's have been a real hit, making it another popular take out meal.  Not to miss a beat, we're going to try another night.  Starting at the end of the month we'll be offering Pulled Pork Thursdays!  Rob will prepare a slow roasted pulled pork and fresh buns to serve it on.  It will be available and in the crock-pot for lunch and dinner all day Thursdays.  A Pulled Pork sandwich with a bag of chips will be perfect for lunch or dinner!  This will be the 4th Take-Out meal available, so we hope you will enjoy it as much as the others.  Monday - Chili & Cornbread, Wednesday Night Pizza Take-Out, Thursday Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Friday Night Take-Out Meals.  Hmmmm, I'll bet we can come up with a Taco Tuesday before too long......stay tuned!


Have you taken advantage of our fresh Fish and Seafood?  Each week, we offer fresh fish and seafood available as a pre-buy order.   The seafood is coming from our distributor, Black River Produce, one of the regional suppliers to all the best restaurants in the area.  Place your order by Monday for delivery on Wednesday.  Each week we’ve had filets of Cod, Haddock and Pollack available as well as scallops, shrimp, and mussels.  Additionally, we offer sustainably farmed Tilapia and Shrimp from Tropical Aquaculture and seasonal specials, like Wild Sockeye Salmon, Striped Bass and Ocean Perch as availability permits.  Pre-orders must be completed by Monday at 7:00pm, call the store for details and availability.  Or join our email list to receive the weekly availability sheet.

Bulk Ordering

Many members take advantage of bulk ordering through the store.  To give you ideas and inspirations I've tracked the Top Bulk Orders last month.  And here are the results.....
  1. Five pound bags of Vermont Coffee Company Coffee.  These continue to be the most requested item......11 orders during the last 3 months.
  2. Cases of Beverages;  Rice Milk, Polar Seltzer Waters, Cases of Beer & Cases of Wine.
  3. Misty Knoll Chicken. 10lb bags of Legs & Thighs, Boneless Skinless Breasts, and Turkeys.
  4. Fruit Cases; Apples, Grapefruit, Oranges, Bananas.
  5. Staples; 10, 25, & 50 lb bags of Flour, Sugar, Oats, Wheat and Rye Berries.
  6. Cases of grocery items; peanut butter, Chips, Salsa.
  7. Household items; Toilet Paper, Sponges, etc.
  8. Candy; Full boxes of candy for the holidays.
  9. Ice Cream! 
Bulk purchases don't have to be items that we carry in the store.  If you have a specific request, please ask to look at any of our catalogues or talk to K.P. to see if we can get the product you want.  Many times, he's willing to split a case of something too, so we can try out new products without having to purchase an entire case for the store.  Bulk purchases are a great deal - as we give you the wholesale price with a 15% markup.  (That's about half our regular markup for most products!)

Wine of the Month

The Wine of the Month for March is two very different styles of Chardonnay.  One is Dynamite Vineyards, of Coastal California.  The other is Ass Kisser, of Australia.  Dynamite is regularly priced at $15.99, but on sale for $12.99.  Ass Kisser regularly is $9.99 on sale for $8.99 for the rest of March.  Join us on March 8th as we taste through both wines.  You should get a sense of what oak does to a Chardonnay and the very big difference between California and Australian Chardonnays.


FRESH PRODUCE:  We have some great produce in the store.  Lettuce prices have increased for heads of Green Leaf and Romaine due to the frost in the west this winter.  Organic produce has been cheaper than conventional produce on many counts, so we're now carrying mostly organic produce at the same or less costs than what we had previously.  On hand right now is kale, romaine, green leaf, mesclun, baby spinach, winter squash, celery, carrots, green and red peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onions, shallots, potatoes, avocados, mushrooms, and yams. Additionally we’re carrying regional apples and a host of other fresh fruit like lemons, limes, pineapple, and pears.  It's citrus season, so we also have clementines, and grapefruit.  
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