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A very warm welcome to the APDO Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers winter newsletter! Plus a belated happy New Year to all! There is plenty to report since we were last in touch in November - the run-up to the holiday period and the start of a new year is a very busy time for professional organisers. APDO continues to be the place to go across the UK for accredited experts committed to improving homes, offices and lives. Read on for exciting news both within the organisation and outside, including a review of National Organising Week, upcoming events such as the annual Conference, blogs you will love and just a few examples of the success stories APDO members have to share.

Kate Ibbotson APDO head of PR & marketing

Professional Organiser Training

Developed by APDO head of training Juliet Landau-Pope (JLPCoach), this continues to be hugely successful. So much so that the training team has expanded to include Jasmine Sleigh (Change Your Space) and Sarah Bickers (Free Your Space). Whether you’re keen to kick-start a career as a professional organiser or eager to grow your business in any number of directions, APDO offers a range of training. The popular one-day introductory course "Starting A Professional Organising Business" will next take place on 13 May 2017 in Manchester and 17 June 2017 in London. The revised level two one-day course "Developing Your Professional Organising Business" will take place on 20 May 2017 in London with a date in Manchester to be announced later this year.

If a one-day course isn't right for you at present, APDO has created the following ways to learn from experienced members:

Ingrid Jansen's Clutter Clearing Tips

Ingrid Jansen, APDO president (Organise your House) met with Jasmine Birtles from self-help money website "Money Magpie" to discuss her money-saving storage and organising tips. These tips are particularly apt as the nation gears up for "National Clear Your Clutter Day" on 11 March 2017.

National Organising Week 2016

NOW National Organising Week 2016 was buzzing with positivity and filled with a flurry of activity. Highlights included a Twitter chat hosted by Juliet Landau-Pope, APDO head of training (JLPCoach) and an initiative called "Donate a Day to Charity" where APDO lent their expertise to Dress for Success Greater London - read an uplifting review of the event by Katherine Blackler, APDO head of partnership liaison (SortMySpace). A number of APDO members also demonstrated their organisational skills at Hammonds Furniture showrooms and the video below shows Amanda Manson (Orderly Office and Home) in action!

Houzz Feature

When Isabelle Lamy, APDO international liaison officer (IDea for your space) posted the end result of her work with a client online, it caught the eye of the world's largest home design and renovation platform Houzz. Isabelle said “It was a total surprise to discover one of my pictures was featured on Houzz. I was proud to see that even the most basic and cheapest magazine holders were considered stylish containers. But I always try to find an affordable and effective solution that still matches my client's interior and decor."
Read the full article 9 Ways to Add Style to Your Storage Containers

The Clutter Monster

APDO member Sally Walford (Declutter Me) recently published an eBook The Clutter Monster available on Amazon now! The book is the first in a collection of children's short stories about clutter, tidying and sorting stuff. 
IKEA Collaboration

International APDO member Shelina Jokhiya (DeCluttr Me) talks about her collaboration with IKEA. She says “My parents bought IKEA items from Sweden before I was born – it’s in the blood – and I have been obsessed with IKEA since I was a little kid. I have had a relationship with IKEA UAE for the last few years since I started Decluttr Me. In 2016, they said at their various events that they wanted to collaborate with me, but hadn’t found the right project. That time finally arrived at the end of the year! Part of the project was to be interviewed by them for their blog Decluttering Your Home Reduces Stress And Makes Your Happier and the other part of the project was to write a review of some of their products to be used in the bedroom to make it decluttered and 'zen' for a blog 10 Awesome Organizing Products that would be featured on DeCluttr Me. They kindly let me choose what I wanted to review (and I got to keep the items!). The blogs were a success and the love affair has got stronger!."

2017 Conference
21 - 22 March 2017

The APDO two-day national conference "Life Simplified" will take place on 21 and 22 March 2017 in London.  This will be the sixth annual conference and it promises to be an insightful and rewarding two days. There will be an inspiring line of speakers including James Wallman, who is a futurist and author of the best-selling book Stuffocation.

In addition there will be other international speakers including: Tickets for this event, open to APDO members and non-members, have now sold out but please get in touch if you would like to be added to the waiting list. Whether you are a professional organiser yourself, thinking about entering the industry or simply an interested member of the public, we would be delighted to see you there.
APDO and Money Magpie join forces for Clear Your Clutter Day on 11 March 2017 to encourage people to sell, swap, upcycle or recycle their unwanted personal belongings for a profit and a sense of positive change.
Ingrid Jansen, APDO president (Organise Your House) and Isabelle Lamy, APDO international liaison officer (IDea for your space) are set to attend the NAPO National Association of Professional Organizers conference in Pittsburgh, PA 26-29 April 2017. As well as being an inspiring and incredibly informative event, the NAPO conference is an opportunity for APDO to nurture existing relationships with professional organisers from all over the world and forge new ones. Ingrid says "I'm thrilled to be attending the NAPO conference again this year. After attending in Atlanta in 2016, I can't wait to meet international organising colleagues once more and continue to expand APDO's overseas connections."

Isabelle Lamy is busy making new international connections including with French professional organisers, one of whom is working on setting up a French-speaking association encompassing Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and France.
How exactly do APDO members help their clients? Over to them so they can tell you themselves! These success stories highlight just how life-changing and valuable their services can be.

Tracy's Success Story

Tracy received this glowing testimonial from a client: 

"After finally feeling ready to truly grasp the task of making my house into the home I'd like it to be, I booked Tracy for four days. I realised that my situation was not about incompetence or laziness, but about the unresolved reaction to my divorce and emotional difficulty related to the letting go of belongings representing happier times.  Tracy's approach was friendly and supportive and as we worked side by side, she kept me on task when I was tempted to get distracted. She never took anything away unless I was fully happy but managed to ‘magic’ agreed items out of sight.  Tracy helped me to move larger items to new positions that made more sense, discussing the merits of my choices every step of the way.  Whilst retirement has given me the gift of time, Tracy has given me the gift of a ‘blueprint’ which I can apply to future situations, knowing that if the task should grow too big again, I can call on her enthusiasm and ‘know-how’ to put me back en route."  

Tracy Muir (Support to Sort) covers Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Concetta's Success Story

A mum called me in desperation requesting help for her teenage daughter, who seemed to live in a constantly messy room. The teenager agreed to go along with her mother and when I arrived I found bookshelves and drawers overloaded with perfume bottles, cream bottles, make-up, knick-knacks and pretty boxes. She confessed she didn’t know where to put her things and was piling them up everywhere. By spending only three hours we went through 1/5 of her room but left her with some 'homework' This detailed how to sort out the rest of her belongings and to apply the guidelines we had applied in the decluttering session. Eh voila, the mother texted me the same evening saying she was still working in her room emptying all boxes and carried on when she got up in the morning. Customer satisfaction on both fronts - mother and daughter are both happy!

Concetta Laquintana-Fordham (Conchi The Home Coach) covers the Cambridgeshire area.

Elaine's Success Story

I offer many different services but one of my most successful sessions was with a client suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D) When this client contacted me she was anxious and nervous about someone coming into the house but recognised she needed help for her sake and that of her family.

After months of small, bite-size sessions she finally managed to let go of many items in the house and became, as she put it, "a whole person" again. 

Her obsessive use and storage of cleaning liquids was not only a health hazard but a fire hazard. By using a sensitive approach I gained her confidence and coached her through her anxieties about storage and organisation, giving the family their lively mother back and returning their house to a home again. 

A few years down the line she is a healthy and happy lady making the most of her lovely home and family.

Elaine Mckinlay (Clear Mountain) covers West and Central Scotland.

Let's get social


2017 Conference
21 - 22 March

Don't miss these blog posts written by APDO members. They give a fascinating insight into the world of a professional organiser, highlight the diversity of approach and offer some 'killer' tips too!
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I Can Do It Myself! - Mona Kay (The Organising Ninja) discusses the most common blocks her clients experience and how to overcome them.
7 Crucial Things To Do This Evening To Make Your Morning Easier - Who doesn't want to be more relaxed and organised in the mornings? Lesley Spellman (The Clutter Fairy) shares exactly how to achieve this..

Let's get social

How exactly do APDO members help their clients? Over to them so they can tell you themselves! These success stories highlight just how life-changing and valuable this service can be. Read more...

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