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December 2015

Dear Karin,
Where did this year go?!? How did 12 months pass by and now it’s time for a WING Ministries year in review?

We’re going to give you a recap by providing some highlights through our two blogsWING Wisdom and Bird’s-eye View by Karin (click on the links below).

Read one OR read them all! Whatever you choose, please know we’re here to help you and/or your organization through inspirational and devotional-type teaching and encouragement, (events and complimentary materials coming soon).

In 2016, WING Ministries plans to continue as a resource for generations of women to: 
  • mature in their Christlike character and deepen their relationships with Jesus Christ (spiritual growth)
  • develop a greater capacity for leadership and become pillars in their spheres of influence (leadership development)
  • cultivate friendships, thus uniting the church (church unity)
  • produce a godly witness that illuminates the gospel (godly witness)
As always, stay tuned, and in the meantime, if you would like to partner with us by helping financially, you can click here: give to WING. Your support of our non-profit work will further sustain and grow this mentoring ministry as we impact the lives of women both biblically and practically in the years to come.
“Because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your WINGs I will rejoice.”
(Psalm 63:7, our theme Scripture)

Here’s to reJOYcing now and into the New Year—onward and upward!

Karin Graves, Founder
WING Ministries
WING—Women Imparting to the Next Generation

WING Wisdom:   

Bird's-eye View By Karin:

"A WING mentor provides many things for a younger woman on her life's journey: biblical knowledge and wisdom, prayer, encouragement, accountability, sweet friendship, and not the least of these, hope.

When life inevitably presents times of distress, relationship challenges, loneliness, or the unknown, a WING mentor can minister through her remembering. She can share memories of times when God was faithful to deliver, heal, comfort, supply etc., and provide her with hope to carry on."

Karin Graves
Founder, WING Ministries


Somewhat vulnerable, occasionally serious, randomly amusing.

WING Wisdom 
Biblical and practical,  fun and informative


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