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"Slinky Steps Out" is Here!

Book 4 in the Cats in the Mirror series is out, and the story continues. 

Agent Onyx, also known as Slinky by her human family, was more than happy to spend her Earth-life hiding under beds and cuddling with her girl, Mindy. But when it’s time for Mindy to go away to college, Slinky finds herself being moved to a strange new apartment, away from her sister and the comfort of her home. Just as Kimba is taking big steps toward being an agent in training and Slinky is adjusting to her new life, the timid black cat finds herself accidentally separated from Mindy. Can Kimba, Thoth, Special Agent Artemis, and the rest of the cats at headquarters find Slinky before she is lost on Earth forever? 
Get your copy today at or purchase autographed paperback copies from Meg at her website.
You can add "Slinky Steps Out" to your to be read shelf at Goodreads.
You may notice that there has been a slight price increase for paperback books to $10 each. This is due to a price increase on print costs from CreateSpace and an increase in the required amazon sales price.
You can also get your "Slinky" toy to go with the new book. Look at those eyes. You can just hear her saying "Eeep" and hiding under the bed. 

Winter is usually pretty quiet around here. I didn't even bother with a newsletter. The weather is too unpredictable to plan on attending events, but I did take a trip to Houston in February to visit my mom and participate in the Houston Author Bash for 2016. They lost their venue at the last minute, so it was a bit more chaotic than usual. But devoted fans and readers still came out and supported the event and bought lots of books. A Pen-L author I had worked with but never met, Kathryn Lane, even came by to say hello. It was a smaller event than the group had planned, but I will definitely consider going back in 2017.

We are very excited that Max hit #1 in Children's Dog Books during a BookBub promotion and earned best-seller status. Go, Max!

Meg had a delightful interview posted in December by one of her new favorite authors, H. L. Burke. You can read the crazy questions and answers here. Meg is just finishing up reading Book 2 in her dragon series, "Dragon's Debt," and absolutely loved "Cora and the Nurse Dragon." Highly recommend her books!

If you want to keep up with the fun around here, like cat light saber fights, and want updates more than just four times a year, you can join me at my blog for updates every few weeks. Events, fun photos, book recommendations -- it's all there.
At the blog page, scroll down a tiny bit, and you can subscribe by email on the right sidebar. 

The biggest news around here is that there are big changes on the horizon. With author events requiring more and more of Meg's time and Scott's new job, we have decided to put our beautiful piece of Ozark Mountain property up for sale in June. "Leia" graduates from high school in mid-May, so we will allow her to end her senior year in peace before the craziness of showing the property and packing begins. It was a hard decision, but we know that there is a perfect family to take over the mountain and love it like we have. Our sites are now set on Bella Vista, Arkansas. There will be more updates on this along the way. We will, however, remain Serenity Mountain Publishing and keep the memory alive, regardless of where we settle down next.

We have loved our time here on Serenity Mountain and are sad to see it coming to an end, but big adventures are ahead!

Meg is working on several writing projects these days. She is continuing her proofreading and editing work for Pen-L Publishing and is currently working on the 24th book with them. She loves being a part of making their books polished and wonderful, as well as helping to brainstorm book cover ideas. Publishing is such a team effort!  

There is journaling going on about our years running the guest house. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction sometimes. Meg is making notes about events and people that will make a good story in the future so that none of it is forgotten. She's not sure exactly what form it will take in the end, but "Not Quite Serenity" is the working title.

"The Brave, Frail, and Delicate Princess" is in the query and submission stage to a few agents and publishers. Meg may end up self-publishing it in 2017, but it's nice to try and go big first. Scott already has plans for a cover design, and maybe "Leia" will have time to do some illustrations between classes at the University of Arkansas in the fall. 

The YA biography of Betty White is still in the works with Pen-L Publishing, but the legal rights and costs involved with the photo images has bogged down the process. We are hoping to see that all smoothed out and back on track in the next few months. Betty is too wonderful to be forgotten about!

It is also time to get started on "Dottie's Daring Day" -- another companion book to the cat series. This book is totally in the early planning stages, but with a character as adorable as Dottie, the story is bound to unfold when time allows for some quiet writing. 


"Mindy's" dog Dottie is definitely ready to take a staring role in her own book.
I mean, look at that face!


Upcoming Events & Speaking Engagements

April 5  Speaking at Writers’ Night Out for The Village Writing School, Rogers, AR  6:30 pm


April 16, Springfest, Fayetteville  10:00 am – 5:00 pm


April 21  Speaking at Writers’ Night Out for The Village Writing School, Eureka Springs, AR  5:00 pm


May 6-8  Spring Craft Fair in Sharp’s Field at the War Eagle Mill


May 14  Speaking about Self-Editing (TBA), Ozark Writer’s League Meeting, Branson, MO

May 19   Speaking at University of Arkansas OLLI Luncheon, “Running With Inspiration,” Fayetteville

May 28  Speaking at the Springfield Writer’s Guild, “Running With Inspiration” Heritage Cafeteria, 1364 East Battlefield Road, Springfield, Missouri

(Meg will not be participating in any summer events this year.)


September 10   Speaking at the Village on the Lakes Writers and Poets Group Meeting, Bella Vista, AR (subject TBA)


October 13-16  War Eagle Fall Craft Fair


December 17  Speaking at the Oklahoma City Writers Group, “Writing for Children,” St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 10:00 a.m. 

We wish you all a bountiful and beautiful spring! 

"Kimba's Christmas" is in the works as well. She's gotten a bit annoyed that her name has not been in the title of the last few books. I must remedy this.
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