Thank you for your support of Meanwhile Space in Willesden Green. To find out more about the project please visit the project website here.


We are delighted to invite you to celebrate our favourite season of the year with us! 

It will be a summer evening plenty of activities for all ages with lots happening outside and inside our shops.

Highlights on the day

New shop opening // Monochrome Art Exhibition Closing Party // Vintage bargains // Summer Outfits on sale // Phonemic Scrabble Game // How to Write a Book and...

Dr. Bike - Get your bike fixed or learnt how to fix and maintain your bike by Cycletastic Mechanics
Free labour bike repair just from 5 to 9pm - this is kindly supported by
(Parts will be charged to bike owners getting their bikes fixed)

It's free to attend, so spread the word to your friends and come over to share some time in the sun with great company! We will be also running bars and playing some nice music.

There is more to come, watch this!

Pop Up Wonderland last summer at Queens Parade

After 3 amazing years Genie from Pop Up Wonderland is leaving us to take her business on to an exciting new direction, we will have a special feature for this. But on this particular occasion we just want to make sure you would be coming to her shop to say hello, find some vintage clothes and more before it's gone!

This will bring the opportunity to a new entrepreneur, start up or business owner looking for an indie space in a creative community and a vibrant location.

Find out more about the space here.

Latest from Willesden Green

Our neighbourhood and community are more active than ever! Check out what's taking place this summer around WIllesden.

Street Food Market every Sunday - from 12.30 to 5pm on the courtyard of St. Andrew's Church.

You will find delicious dishes from around the world combined with live music from every corner of the globe. Read more about it, in Kilburn news.

Cat Walk Mosaic Number 2

After the success this had last year, the second Mosaic it's officially in the making - would you like to join the workshop? Click here.

Queens Parade team.