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Some of you guys might know, I am working towards getting my dog training certification this year and so in order to get as much experience as possible I’ve been volunteering at my local dog training club. 

Last week after class I was approached by a couple about an issue they are having with their dog begging for food at the dinner table and then not waiting to eat her own food. The women told me that her husband just keeps feeding the dog at the table because he claims the dog must be hungry because the dog is not eating her own food.

She asks, “how do I make the dog stop begging and annoying us when we are having our dinner”

To which I told her, “you guys need to stop feeding her at the table. She’s begging and being annoying because it works”

To which the husband protested “but she’s not eating her own food.”

“Of course not, because you are feeding her yours.”

The wife then asks, “So how do we make her stop eating our food”

“Your husband needs to stop feeding her.”

The husband interrupts again, “but she’s hungry and not eating her own food”

“Yes, because you keep feeding her from the table”

And round and round this conversation went until I kindly told them they need to actually have a chat to each other.
Sometimes, teaching dogs is more about teaching their owners!
I bet you are reading this now and wondering why that couple could not see that they were just going around and around in circles with the situation and expecting a different answer from me. It’s so obvious when you are the outsider looking in and while I walked away shaking my head in disbelief I also sympathise with them. 

I do also have occasional moments where without realising it I go round and round in circles and expect a different outcome. Sometimes it’s a conversation with someone, sometimes it’s a business activity and sometimes it’s life related. The thing is, sometimes when you are in that loop, you are not aware of it and you just keep doing the same thing but expecting a different result. Like the time many times I agreed to donate cakes in return for exposure, not get any exposure but then the next time someone else asks I’d think this time it’d be different and I’d do it again.

Or the many times customers used to ask for discounts with the promise that they will order lots in the future. And I used to cave and give in…. But they never came back.

Sometimes it takes an outsider or a little bit of reflection to realise that it’s time to do something else. Do you ever feel like that too?

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Until next time, Happy Caking!

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