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Over the last couple of weeks, our Sweet Side Gig group of students have been hanging out together and getting to know one another… and it’s so awesome to see people from all parts of the world connect and realise how much we have in common yet how diverse we all are. Of course the one thing EVERYONE in there has in common is that they’re all doing their business part time. 

They are part timers because:
  • They love their “day job” and don’t want to leave it
  • They have family commitments (kids or parents to look after, or both…)
  • It’s just a jobby (job + hobby) and they never wanted it to be full time
  • They have medical limitations which means full time isn’t an option
  • They had another career first and now want to do this so they can ALSO travel, exercise, live their lives but not stop work entirely
  • They want to try it out part time first… then if they like it, maybe they’ll grow it into something bigger
And the money they want to earn from their side gig is going to go towards:
  • Contributing to their family budget
  • Buying the kids clothes
  • Eating out or having fun without feeling so guilty about the cost
  • Saving for retirement
  • Saving for opening their dream bakery
  • Buying some seriously cool cake toys
Any of those sound like you? Then you’re among friends. 

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Did you know I started my business on the side too? For years I just wanted cake to make me some spare money so I could secretly go to more cake classes and go on holiday :P 

Alas, I ended up disliking my job and the obsession got bigger so I ended up turning it into a career. But throughout this whole time I have still kept my business small on purpose. People think I have this big business with a shop and staff but it’s literally me and Nick (the husband) working from our small office and cake studio at home. It is exactly how I wanted my business to fit into my life. So if you are short on time or space, I get it, I’ve been there.
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Until next time, Happy Caking!

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