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HELLO UK!! I am on my way!

It's almost time! I'll be teaching these two cake designs in
Somerset, UK next month (Nov 9th - 11th). Both are all cake (yum!) and lots of fun guaranteed.

Come and join me and learn more about cake carving and setting up strong and stable cake structures with materials that are easy to find and don't cost the world.
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Hey customer!

Many years ago, Lindt chocolate introduced a 1kg giant Lindt bunny for Easter. complete with a giant red bow and bell. See the picture below for an idea of the size of this amazingness (the little one is a 100g bunny).

Image result for giant lindt bunny

And for years I dreamed of one day getting my hands on that bunny. I always tried to go right after Easter so I could get it on sale. But I always missed out :( Then one year, Nick finally succumbed to all my hinting and got one for me.

I was so beside myself with excitement that I refused to let anyone go near it. Everyone could just look from afar and admire my awesome 1kg chocolate bunny. I didn't want to open it because if I did, I would start eating it, and then if I did that my bunny would be gone :( So I kept it and admired it. One week turned into one month, which then turned into a year, then years.

3 years later, after my family kept making fun of me, I finally decided to open it up and share it with everyone. We broke it apart in anticipation, everyone chose their piece and eagerly ate it.

Then there was silence.

Finally I think it was my brother who said, "this does not taste like Lindt. It's got a strange after taste."

Everyone politely declined to have more.

Turns out, when you wait 3 years to eat chocolate, it does not taste the same anymore. Who knew!

I kept putting it off for fear that if I opened it originally, we would eat it and then it'd all be gone. The one thing I've been dreaming of for so long would suddenly be no more. So I waited, and waited until the experience was a total let down.

So let the stale tasting pieces of my chocolate bunny be a valuable lesson for all of you not to wait for something that can be experienced today :) It will taste much better, feel much better and BE much better now. It does not have to wait.

So open that chocolate, go try out that gym class, buy that dress, open that business - If it can happen today, make it happen!
Until next time, Happy Caking!



The Business of Baking UK Tour

Do you own or wish you owned a sweet food business?
Do you know enough about decorating… but not enough about business?
Ready to stop faking it and start making it?
Tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?


You’re in the right place.

Michelle and I are super excited to get to meet you.
We promise you lots of learning, fun AND laughs.

This is not your everyday business class!

November 12th and 13th - Somerset UK
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