In today's newsletter, we focus on one of our suppliers of essential oils & announce the release of our new Magnesium Salts

We try to source as many of our raw ingredients from Australian suppliers as we can. 

Some of our favourite essential oils that we use in our products come from Down Under Enterprises, including:
  • Lavender Tea Tree
  • Lemon Scented Ironbark (Eucalyptus)
  • Lemon Myrtle
  • White Cypress
  • Eucalyptus (Peppermint)
  • Sandalwood Powder
The majority of their oil materials are supplied from family-owned plantations in Australia. 

It's an aromatic journey to open up their sample folder with all the different oils they can supply. It's amazing that a native tea tree plant can have such strong lavender notes, or that a eucalypt, which normally has such a dominant eucalyptus scent, can have a citrusy lemon scent as it's main notes.

Down Under work with their growers to ensure sustainability in the production of the raw plant materials, so that we'll have access to these plants for many years to come.

How are essential oils extracted? Most commonly, the oil is distilled by suspending the plant material over steam, which pulls the oils out of the plant. A large amount of plant material is needed to produce a small essential oil bottle. 
Image from New Directions - read more about Essential Oil distillation in their article A Comprehensive Guide to Essential Oil Extraction Methods 
In her role as formulator at Washpool, Melissa draws on the disciplines of both aromatherapy and cosmetic chemistry. While ten years working and studying in the field has given her an extensive knowledge base she consults with a qualified cosmetic chemist and regularly refers to specialists in the field of aromatherapy. She is currently studying a diploma in organic skincare formulation and has recently completed a course in essential oil safety with Robert Tisserand.  

There is a great deal of shared misinformation, especially in relation to essential oils so it's important to be aware of not only the potential benefits but also the risks. 

As we've seen in recent discussions about the longevity of soap bars, good formulation takes more than searching for and copying a recipe. The key to good formulation is first knowing why we want to make something (what problem is it solving) and then selecting the best ingredients to meet that need. In other words, good formulators need to really understand their ingredients, which means continual learning as new ingredients become available, especially in the field of natural formulation. 

New Magnesium Salts

Many you have been waiting for this - our new Magnesium Salt range.

Whether you’re a little bit country like us, or a city dweller, chances are your busy lifestyle, less than perfect diet, stress and your favourite alcoholic drink may be leaving you with less than adequate magnesium levels.  While we’ll be the first to suggest you do all the good things to increase your dietary magnesium - like eating leafy greens, grains, dark chocolate and nuts, there’s another wonderful way to increase your magnesium reserves.  

Bathing in magnesium bath salts is a safe and easy way to increase sulfate and magnesium levels in the body. Think of it as an antidote to the stresses of modern living.  A good soak in a warm magnesium bath gives you the opportunity to replenish the body and create much-needed recharge time. Take an electronic break, keep the lights down low (perhaps light a candle) and quiet your mind as you prepare yourself for both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Many areas of Queensland are receiving much-needed rain as we’re writing this newsletter and while we’ve got a way to go before our tanks will be full again, bathing will be a well earned reward and indulgence for many. Those like us who are still ‘water challenged’ can reap the benefits of a magnesium soak by using a foot bath.

Our popular magnesium bath salts have been unavailable for a while but they’re back, better than ever and targeted for specific needs.

Bonus: We have carefully paired our favourite Tea Tonic teas to each of the Magnesium salt varieties, so until the end of March each purchase will include a free cuppa or two to complete the experience. For those of you who would prefer to keep your botanicals under control in the bath, we will also include an organza pouch so you can spoon your salts in before dropping under running water.
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Australia Post Petition

Success! Sally Flannery has had success with her petition to Australia Post Aus Post: Stop charging us more to use eco friendly packaging than your plastic satchels with the CEO of Australia Post advising that the price gap will be fixed by the end of October this year. Read the update here.

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At Washpool

A few days after our last newsletter we received about 30ml of rain. While not drought-breaking, it was enough to dampen the dust for a short while and give us some hope.

As I write this we're having a light shower as the low from ex-tropical cyclone Trevor passes nearby. Unfortunately, it looks like we're right on the edge of the system, but we're hopeful we'll get a few good falls. We're grateful that central Queensland and the Northern Territory have had widespread falls.

Patches of eucalypts on the hills around here have started dying of thirst (see the picture - this is not from bushfire). Eucalypts are pretty tough and used to drought conditions, so it emphasises how dry the past year has been. 


The Washpool Difference

Washpool is a small rural soaperie in Ballandean, Queensland. We believe in being small enough to listen and being big enough to deliver. We believe in hand made and we take pleasure in providing meaningful employment to people living in our rural community. 

We take a minimalist approach to handcrafting our soap bars. Wholesome ingredients, purposefully selected. We believe that health comes first and beauty follows. Our 
clients value authenticity, simplicity and purity.

Wherever possible, we choose to source our ingredients locally, often direct from the growers.  When we purchase ingredients from further afield we place great emphasis on using ethical, organic, fair trade and sustainably produced raw ingredients. Our packaging is biodegradable, recycled and recyclable where possible.

Our products include cold pressed edible oils,
butters and milks, extracts, infusions, activated and whole botanicals along with clays, honey, fruit and vegetables. Basically, ingredients
you can recognise, most of which are edible.
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