JUNE 2012
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Welcome to our Newsletter for Landlords
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Three Section 8 Changes Benefit Landlords and Tenants 
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Why Do our Participants Move?
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Next Landlord Training 
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Welcome to our Newsletter for Landlords

We've designed our new electronic newsletter just for you.  It contains news, advice, and other information we hope will be of interest.

More than 8,000 families participate in our Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program in Multnomah County, and several thousand receive other forms of rent assistance.  Thanks to your support, our neighbors in need have a stable home and are able to move forward with their lives.  We very much appreciate everything you do to make this possible.  In turn, we are committed to making our programs work for you.  We hope you will get to know our landlord services team -- introduced in the Profile section -- and tell us how we're doing.

Three Section 8 Changes Benefit Landlords and Tenants

In an effort to attract more landlords and increase choices for our participants, we have made three significant changes to our program.

Six-month Initial Leases:  We now give landlords who prefer shorter initial leases the option to enter into a six-month lease.  Although a 12-month lease can provide more stability for both landlords and tenants, many of you have told us that you would prefer a shorter term.

Higher Payment Standards:  We have raised payment standards -- the maximum subsidy a voucher will provide -- in certain areas we serve.  The changes will give our participants more choices in sub-markets where rents have increased sharply.  The higher payment standards will not apply in census tracts with more than 20% poverty to encourage our participants to rent in low poverty areas.

Get the new payment standards

Incentives for Rentals in Low-Poverty Areas:  We are offering landlords with units in low-poverty census tracts an incentive to support the Housing Choice Voucher program.  In its initial year of testing, the incentive will be an automatic one-time $100 payment each time you rent a unit in an eligible census tract to a new tenant who has a voucher.

Learn more about the incentive

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Why Do Our Participants Move?

To answer that question as we considered raising payment standards, we asked Portland State University to survey our participants who had moved.  We learned that they moved to find a better home or neighborhood more often than they did because their rent was too high, although the "right" rent figured into their choice of a new home.  How nice the unit was and the number of bedrooms it had also mattered.  The majority were able to move into the neighborhood they wanted to live in, and chose those neighborhoods based on familiarity, access to public transportation, friends and family nearby, and the ability to rent a larger apartment.

Read the survey results

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Visit our New Website

Last year we completely redesigned our outdated website. One of our goals was to make it more useful for landlords.

We hope you'll be pleased with the results: we now have a section you can access from the home page that is devoted to doing business with you.

Visit the landlord section



Next Landlord Training

Join us this summer to learn more about our new program features. We'll  share information on other landlord benefits and answer any questions you might have.

For more information on the event, please email Tamla Gaston at

Speak with Home Forward’s
Landlord Services Team at
(503) 802-8333, option 6, or e-mail
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Landlord Services Team

Meet Naimah Johnson, left, and Cynthia Halverson, right.  As members of our landlord services team, they want to make it easier for you to work with the Section 8 program.

Naimah and Cynthia can tell you more about direct deposit, our landlord guarantee fund, extended vacancy payments, free vacancy advertising and other benefits we have for landlords.

They are also available to answer any questions you have about the program or to work through issues or concerns that may come up.

Phone:  503-802-8333, Option 6
Email Us
Mon - Thurs  8 am - 5 pm
Fri  8 am - 4:30 pm


Q & A
Q: What is the Landlord Guarantee Fund?
The Landlord Guarantee Fund began as a small pilot program in 2009.  Designed to encourage landlords to rent to first-time Section 8 voucher holders, it is a guarantee that we will pay you up to two months in rent should your tenant leave with more than $1,000 of damages beyond normal wear and tear in their first two years of tenancy.

Q: Who is eligible for the program?
In 2011, we extended the program to all households using a Section 8 voucher for the first time in Multnomah County.

Q: How does it work for landlords?
At the front end, our Section 8 participants who qualify for the program have a Landlord Guarantee Fund certificate attached to their vouchers.  You will be enrolled in the program automatically when you and your tenant submit the move-in condition report as part of the lease up process.

Should you need to access the fund, we have a very streamlined claims process and make prompt payments.

Happily, we've had only five claims in the three years the program has been in effect.

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