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Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List to Open
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Strong Landlord Interest at Spectrum 
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Saturday Inspections Available
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Tenant Protections at Foreclosure
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Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List to Open

Home Forward is pleased to announce that it will accept online applications for its Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) waiting list from November 1 through November 10, 2012.  This is the first time in six years the list has been open.

"The opening is great news for our community," said Jill Riddle, director of rent assistance for Home Forward.  "We hope that landlords who know someone who could benefit from this assistance will encourage them to apply.  We're accepting applications online this year, and the process is quick and simple."

A list of locations where applicants can use a computer that is connected to the internet is available on our website.

Learn more about the waiting list opening.

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Strong Landlord Interest at Spectrum

Hundreds of landlords stopped by our booth at the September 13 trade show sponsored by the Metro Multifamily Housing Association.  They were greeted by Home Forward's landlord services team members Naimah Johnson, left, and Cynthia Halverson, right.  Home Forward participates in Spectrum as part of its efforts to encourage more landlords to rent to persons who receive Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) rent assistance.

Melissa Callaway, a new landlord we welcomed this September, and Maggie Hopkins, a loyal landlord since 1999, were the lucky winners of gift baskets in a drawing we held for landlords who gave us their contact information.

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Saturday Inspections Available

To accommodate landlord schedules, we are offering unit inspections on Saturdays if needed.

As with all inspections, please make sure the unit is available at the time of the appointment.   We want to avoid return trips to ensure that we're using our administrative funding for the Section 8 program as efficiently as possible. 



Tenant Protections at Foreclosure

There have been changes in the law related to protections for Section 8 tenants at foreclosure.  We have posted a letter outlining the changes, along with sources for more information, on our website.

Learn more about the changes.

Speak with Home Forward’s
Landlord Services Team at
(503) 802-8333, option 6, or e-mail
OHI Graduate, Heather Rivas

Heather Rivas
Heather Rivas overcame a childhood marked by poverty when she and her family moved into a home they purchased in August 2012.

She credits Home Forward's family self-sufficiency program for Housing Choice Voucher holders and public housing residents with teaching her how to set and achieve life goals she hadn't even been able to imagine.  She worked hard to improve her credit, buy a car, and excel at a steady job before she let herself aspire to homeownership. 

Through it all, her goal was to be a great role model for her children and end the cycle of poverty.

Read Heather's story.


Q & A
Q: Do I have to install carbon monoxide detectors?
A new Oregon state law requires CO2 detectors in every rental unit with carbon monoxide-producing appliances or an attached garage.  Appliances include gas-fired furnaces, stoves, water heaters, and driers.

Q: Where do the detectors go?
At a minimum, detectors must be on the same floor as bedrooms, within 15 feet of the bedrooms.  Going beyond the minimum, they also may be installed in every bedroom.

Rental units required to have detectors must meet the minimum requirement to pass our inspection.

Q: Where can I buy CO2 detectors?
You can find them in the smoke detector section of your hardware store.


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