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Newsletter February 3rd 2012.
VLN Primary
Happy New Year and welcome back to school for 2012! I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable summer. The year ahead is shaping up to be full of exciting online learning opportunities for our students, teachers and school communities. This initial email is to give you all a heads up on what’s coming up for the VLN Primary and to call for your participation. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards
Rachel :-)
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Programmes of Learning
Online Classes & Enrolments
French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Te Reo and Astronomy will be available again this year. In addition, Mandarin classes supported by the Confucius Institute will be starting up for the first time. For more detailed information on our developing programmes of learning click here.
We would like to hear from you about what further types of classes your students have a need for (not necessarily languages) and what your school can contribute to our students through the VLN Primary. The principle of reciprocity is critical to our ability to operate as a schools’ collaboration. If you don’t have the staff or expertise to share then resourcing can be contributed in some other form and if you are new to the VLN Primary you will have the opportunity to test the waters first before contribution is expected.

Call for Pre-enrolments- Please let us know (through our online form) how many students you wish to enrol in online classes.  This will enable us to work out our classes and source further eteachers if needed. All classes should be up and running by Week 5.

‘Taster Classes’ have been scheduled for new schools wanting to participate in the VLN Primary (with their students) and for all schools with students who have not been involved in online classes before. This is an important induction for them before they begin their online classes. You can check out times on our calendar and use this online form to book in.

Health Studies Project This is a new collaboration for the VLNP and involves connections between Y12 students from Rosmini College tutoring younger students from our schools on various Health related topics. Information about the development of this project is available here. Please send me your requests for participation asap as we plan to kick off on Friday 24th February.

Rainforest Connection Take a virtual field trip to the rainforests of Belize and talk to scientists on a range of topics. There is a short time frame for this global connection (finishes 2nd March). Information on how to participate is here.

Professional Learning
VLN Primary Introductory Workshop - for schools who want to know more about the VLN Primary and explore opportunities for participation. This workshop is primarily aimed at  schools who are new to learning online and haven’t worked within the VLN before. Wednesday 15th February 3.30 pm. More information and register your interest here.

Adobe Connect V8 – Adobe Connect is the web conferencing tool we use to meet with and learn online in 'real time'. A new version is currently being tested and will be available to schools soon. We will let you know when this happens and organise a workshop for eteachers to explore how to use it before it goes live with our students.

Moodle Workshop– Moodle is our online environment that we use to support our students online learning with access to resources and activities. Our VLN Primary site is available for all schools who want to explore blended learning or develop collaborative work. You can self-register to access resources here but need to contact Rachel for administrative rights to create Moodle sites for your students. In the VLNP spirit of reciprocity and collaboration it is an expectation that any resources created for online classes or through our Moodle site will be Open Education Resources (OER) available for all to adapt and use. An introductory workshop will run on Wednesday 22nd February 3.30 pm. Register your interest here.

Network for Learning (N4L) – the MoE is beginning consultation with schools on the proposed N4L. We have invited them to speak to schools through the VLN Primary. This will enable those of you who are unable to attend regional face to face meetings the opportunity to be involved in this consultation process. We are yet to have confirmation of online N4L meetings but would like to hear from you with an expression of interest to participate – click here to register your interest.
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