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First Virtual 57th IWC 2021

The Language Of The Heart Will Be Spoken Here

To A Worldwide Fellowship Of Women

Afghanistan! Africa! Albania! Alaska! America! Anguilla! Antigua! Australia! Austria! Barbuda! Bermuda! Brazil! Burundi! Cameroon! Canada! Democratic Republic of the Congo! Gambia! Germany! Ghana! India! Ireland! The Maldives Islands! Jamaica! Japan! Kenya! Liberia! Malaysia! Mongolia! Nepal! Netherlands! Nigeria! Pakistan! Puerto Rico! Russia! Rwanda! Sierra Leone! Singapore! South Africa! Sri Lanka! Sweden! TOGO! Uganda! The United Kingdom! Zimbabwe!

From The Executive Committee

♥️ "With a full and grateful heart, I want to welcome each of you to the 57th International Women's Conference. Unlike any IWC before, this First Virtual Conference is truly a bridge across six continents for more than 8,000 women in recovery who speak the language of the heart."
Liz H - Administrative Support

♥️ "It is such an honor to welcome all of you to our "Virtual" City. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Charlotte in person, please stop by Metrolina Intergroup. I would love to meet you."
Sharon Young - Public Info/Metrolina Intergroup

♥️ "Welcome to Charlotte and the first Virtual IWC! We have planned, organized, prayed, made mistakes, laughed and worked hard on your behalf and I hope you have an amazing weekend. God surely has something special going on here!"
In service, Beth Rudin - Registration Chair

♥️ "I have never known the power of fellowship until A.A.
If you are new, hold on for the ride! You are among more than nine-thousand women from around the world. Wherever you are, A.A. is there! Welcome to Charlotte, N.C."
Love and Service, Celia HT - Email Logistics Chair

♥️ "Welcome to our beautiful city of Charlotte, N.C.! The First Host-City of the First Virtual wonderful fellowship of A.A. (IWC). With this Pandemic going on, we are able to bring together women from around the world. What an awesome God we have. It is my 2nd time doing service on the IWC board. It's a pleasure to welcome you to your 57th IWC, where you will enjoy Southern hospitality, the natives, the land, and the food of North Carolina."
Shirley P - Hospitality Co-Chair

♥️ "I have been more than honored to be working on a project for sober women, by sober women, during such a time as this. What we hoped would serve 2000 sober women has been Higher Powered into a world-wide event. I know the gratitude of the women who are serving is unfathomable!  Truly one of the greatest and unexpected miracles of my sobriety!!!"
Nancy B - Voice of the Conference, Matthews, NC

♥️ "The last sentence of the forward to the fourth edition of the AA Big Book states, "Modem-to modem or face- to face, AAs speak the language of the heart in all its power and simplicity. "I am honored to serve with a committee to bring the message of hope and language of the heart to thousands of international women in sobriety. I am grateful and excited to be of service in the
First Virtual 57th IWC."
Pat Bishop - Program Committee

♥️ "Because of Covid-19, we were afforded the opportunity to sponsor the “First Virtual” International Women’s Conference, which means that many more sisters from all over the world will be able to experience this extraordinary event. Our goal is to spiritually connect as we speak the language of the heart. We welcome you and thank you for your service and support."
Pat S -Treasurer

♥️ "Months ago we began using the quote from Bill W. “No personal calamity is so crushing that something true and great can’t be made of it.”  We never dared to dream that it would mean that thousands of women from all over the world would come together in the way that they have. We welcome you to what will be a wonderful weekend of fellowship as we share the language of the heart."
Love and service, Lisanne S - Treasurer  Co-Chair/Graphics Chair

♥️ "What a blessing it is to serve with all these beautiful women. We are women who would not usually meet. An opportunity to share the love found in our fellowship, Alcoholics Anonymous. The principles we all practice will be carried with me for the rest of my life. Thank you ladies who are in my life today. 9,000 and growing. We are trudging the road of happy destiny, I am blessed!
Again, thank you for your service and love."
In Service, Melanie Frick - Registration Co-Chair

♥️ "In reflecting on this IWC journey, I am brought to mind a quote from an old AA supporter: “Each moment of life is a gift from God, which when we are through with it, is deposited exactly as we left it, forever in eternity.” ~ Sister Mary Ignatia. I thank my Higher Power for each of you teaching me how to stay sober."
In love and sisterhood, Ali S - Logistics Chair

♥️ "Good things do come out of what seemed to be a bad situation!
We cannot give you hugs or coffee—but we can say Welcome, see your faces, and send you virtual
waves! I pray you all join me in taking this phenomenal experience while receiving the message of
Language of the Heart with love that we can provide to each other."
Blessings, Claudia H - Hospitality Chair

♥️ "There truly is no greater gift in the whole wide world than to be among my Fellow Sisters of Alcoholics Anonymous. And now, with this extraordinary opportunity before us where we can gather together worldwide and share in that sacred and joyous Language of the Heart, the miracle continues! I am beyond blessed in great gratitude and love.
Valerie Young - Chair, Literature, Concepts & Traditions


Please Note
Registration at the IWC website will end at midnight
on February 16, 2021, and will reopen at the Conference via Zoom on February 18, 2021, at 11:45 am EST using the Zoom ID below; the password will be advised the week of the conference. Anyone who has not registered by midnight on February 16, midnight EST, will be able to register Thursday, February 18 at 11:45 am EST.
MEETING ID: 851 1484 6908
Program schedules will be sent to all registrants along with the Zoom ID information on

Monday, February 15th


The    First   Virtual   IWC  Historical  Memorabilia
" Remember Your participation in the first IWC ever held virtually! Because You were able to register online, we went from 2,000 to 9,000 women and counting! You are now among 9,000 women attending this conference! You are a part of history in the making! I can't help with all the exclamation points! I'm still amazed!!! Do not leave this conference without taking a piece of her-story with you. Be sure to get something to remember this spiritual phenomenon that is bringing thousands through a pandemic!" Anonymous

Purchase Your Memorabilia before it's sold out.
Remember there are 9,000 women at this conference.

Single recorded meetings are $5.00 each. You can "build a set" in any amount you wish. MP3, Flashdrive, or downloads from the B&C Sober Voices website are the same price. Postage in the U.S. is $2.00 per CD/Flashdrive. International orders will ship at prevailing postal rate.


The Old-Timers Room
Listen To Amazing Speakers
Zoom Rooms With Many Topics
Why Am I Taking Your Inventory
Dance To  DJ Ramona
Have Fun With Dysfunctional Family Feud
Relax In Our Zoom Zen Rooms
Historical Conference Speaker Meetings Recorded and Available For Purchase
Raffle Winners Who Won All These Prizes!
Lindsey J. of New York, NY!                                                                       Thomasine M. of Suitland, MD!
Paz in Tucson!                                                                                    Zeborah in Los Angeles!
Robbyn!  Charlotte!  Maria!  Darcy!  Heather!
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