Last year we completed the first comprehensive census on Montessori Public Schools in the United States.  

This year, we're expanding the census to include all Montessori schools in the US.  We need your help to make sure that every school is entered on the census. We are counting on a grassroots campaign to get this important research completed. Please send this link ( to your Montessori friends and other Montessori school leaders and encourage them to complete the census.

Here is what we learned about Public Montessori Schools last year:
  • There are 439 Public Montessori School Programs in the US
  • 137 of those programs serve adolescents 
  • 112, 486 students are enrolled in Public Montessori School Programs

States with the fewest Montessori school programs: Alabama (0), Arkansas (0), Hawaii (0), South Dakota (0), North Dakota (0)Iowa (1), Wyoming (1), Delaware (2), New Hampshire (2), and New Jersey (2).

See the list of all Public Montessori Schools here!

Remember, we need your help to collect valuable information like this about all Montessori schools in the United States, we are striving for a 100 percent participation rate.  Visit the Montessori Census at to add your school!
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