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We're counting down the days until our Strength Training for Runners program begins April 17th! We have 2 weeks left and wanted to make sure you knew all about this special program. We've been getting a lot of questions and thought we'd take a moment to answer some of the more common ones:

1. Is this program good for someone who's never run before?

YES! If you're looking to add running into your exercise routine, this program is a great way to do it! We will combine strength training and running every week. If you're new to running, we'll show you how to increase your runs each week so that you minimize your chances of getting hurt and maximize your chances of running for life!

2. I'm training for a 5K/half marathon/marathon. Is this program right for me?

YES! Every runner, no matter what distance they're training for, can benefit from strength training. In fact, take a look at our recent blog post that explains some of those benefits (think injury prevention, improving running form and much more!). You'll see that strength training can improve every runner's performance in some way, regardless of how long or far you've been running. 

3. What if I don't want to run?

That's ok!! Our program specializes in functional training and the use of your own body weight for resistance. The idea is to create strength in a functional way that allows you to live your life the way you want to: keeping you strong enough for not only tackling your fitness goals, but tackling your day-to-day obligations as well. When the group leaves to run, you can gor for a walk (cardiovascular training comes in many types and walking can help you get fit too!) or stay and marvel at the view of Moonlight Beach :) 

4. Can my kids join too?

YES! What a GREAT way to show your kids that being physically active can be fun and part of your regular activities. We have had kids join their parents in both our running and strength training programs. We just ask that parents stay with their children at all times and do not have their child workout and/or run without them. We also ask that parents/guardians fill out a special registration form when the program begins. 

5. How long will each session be? What will we do? 

Expect each session to last about 1-1.5 hour every Sunday. We will meet at 8:00am, do a short strength circuit to warm up the muscles, head out for a short run (this can be as short as you want, but no longer than 30 minutes, depending on your current fitness level) and return for more strength training. This program is designed to compliment your current routine or give you the kick you need to get started with a more consistent running program. 

6. What if I have to miss a session?

That's ok! Even though our program is only 6 weeks long, we understand that we all have lives and obligations. There are races, softball tournaments, soccer games and more. We get it. While you'll get the most out of coming to each session, it's ok if you miss one too. We'll send out a newsletter after every session that will go over any info topic we discussed and you'll also have unlimited contact with Coach Jenn. 

To get ALL the info about our program and to register, be sure to check out our Strength Training Program for Runners website

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch through email or call me at 240-603-5657. 

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