Welcome to the PEN NZ iVe July/August 2018 newsletter.
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Nau mai ki te kawerongo mo te marama o Hōngongoi/ Hereturikōkā. Welcome to the July/ August 2018 PEN NZ iVe newsletter.
In this newsletter we celebrate the bestowing of the Gluckman Medal for 2018 to Professor Lesley McCowan for her contributions to perinatal medicine, maternal medicine and child health over the past three decades. The Gluckman Medal is the premier acknowledgement of excellence, awarded each year by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Auckland.  
A number of joint initiatives resulted from the six monthly face to face meeting between RANZCOG NZ and NZ College of Midwives in July.  In August we completed the quarterly round of meetings for your committees - NZ Committee, He Hono Wāhine and NZTAC. The Clinical Directors' Network and Council of Medical Colleges meetings were also held.

Please contact the NZ office (Jane, Jude, Makiko and Lynn) if you have any queries, suggestions for Fellowship Update topics or if you would like to contribute to the work of the NZ Committee and He Hono Wāhine. Your committees engage with sector stakeholders to get the best possible outcomes for excellence in women’s health. 

Register now for He Hono Wāhine Hui

2018 Hui: 5-7 October, Onuku marae, Akaroa

He Hono Wāhine support Fellows and trainees culturally through tuakana teina and their annual hui. It also provides outreach to Māori Fellows and trainees, training in cultural competence and supports research on Māori women's health.
Please join komiti He Hono Wāhine at Onuku marae on the weekend of 5–7 October 2018 for this year’s hui.  
The hui will be a relaxed cultural experience – your whānau is welcome.  There is no formal agenda but there will be kōrero around issues relating to Māori women’s health for He Hono Wāhine and the NZ Committee to prioritise in 2019 and cultural activities to participate in. These may include contributing to a waiata for use by RANZCOG committees, developing a Māori name for the NZ Committee of RANZCOG, input into design for a korowai (cloak), and looking at ways to encourage research on hauora wahine Māori.  
Onuku marae is an hour’s drive from Christchurch airport. The only cost is your travel to Christchurch. Shuttles to and from the airport and all meals will be provided. 
We hope you will join He Hono Wāhine for the 2018 hui. Please email Jude Kaveney in the NZ office to register.

Celebrating Māori language - correct pronunciation of vowel groups in te reo

The following video link was given to all participants in the pilot cultural training course Utilising the Hui Process/Meihana Model in Clinical Practice.  It is an excellent brief guide to correctly pronouncing Māori words. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI0ST3CtIkE.


Ministry of Health news

Worker safety checking under the Vulnerable Children Legislation

A reminder that as of 1 July 2018, all core children's workers are to have had a safety check as per the Vulnerable Children Legislation. The Ministry has on file that 51 obstetricians who are claiming for primary maternity services under the Notice have yet to provide the Ministry with evidence that they have passed a safety check. To whom this is applicable please ensure the Ministry has this evidence as soon as practicable.
Please note that no claims for services delivered after 6 August 2018 will be paid unless the Ministry has evidence that the provider has had a safety check as at the date the services were provided.
In addition, authorisation to claim will be terminated at 21 September 2018 for any providers that remain without a safety check. 

Hypertension guideline now on website  

The clinical practice guideline on Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension and Pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy in New Zealand is now available on the MoH website. See https://www.health.govt.nz/publication/diagnosis-and-treatment-hypertension-and-pre-eclampsia-pregnancy-new-zealand-clinical-practice.

National Maternity Monitoring Group Annual Report 2017 released

The National Maternity Monitoring Group (NMMG) has just released their Annual Report 2017 online.  The NMMG provides a national overview of the quality and safety of New Zealand's maternity services. A summary of NMMG's recommendations for 2017 include:
  • DHBs reviewing basic staffing for midwifery and medical workforces;
  • DHBs supporting low-risk women to birth at primary facilities, and women who choose to birth at home;
  • DHBs with high rates of induction of labour and caesarean sections for standard primiparae investigate why the rates of intervention for these women are above average.
  • Connecting sector leadership - all DHBs should be working towards implementing recommendations made by the PMMRC and its sub-committees (Maternal Mortality Working Group, Maternal Morbidity Working Group, Neonatal Encephalopathy Working Group), and the Neonatal Encephalopathy Taskforce;
  • equitable access for all women to the contraception of their choice;
  • DHBs evaluating the use and effectiveness of maternal mental health pathways;
  • Ministry of Health convening a national meeting with representatives from across the sector to discuss what can be done to support maternal mental health.
To read the full NMMG Annual Report 2017 see https://www.health.govt.nz/publication/national-maternity-monitoring-group-annual-report-2017.

New webpage on antimicrobial prescribing guidance

The Ministry of Health has set up a new webpage that has antimicrobial prescribing guidance with links to regional information.

The antimicrobial prescribing guidance webpage was created to help address antimicrobial stewardship activities in the 2017 New Zealand Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan .


Fellows outreach 

NZ Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMG) Assessor Workshop

A workshop for NZ SIMG Assessors is being held on Friday 30 November 2018 from 12:00pm to 5:30 pm in Wellington. The workshop will be followed by dinner.

Dr Ben Bopp and Ms Melissa Brady will be joining us from the SIMG Committee in Melbourne.  The workshop is an opportunity to share knowledge with colleagues and improve assessment procedures. All current assessors, and anyone interested in becoming an assessor in the future are welcome to attend. For further information and to register please contact Makiko Wimbush by Wed 7 November 2018.

The NZ SIMG Assessment panel maintains the standard of care for women in NZ through assessing the overseas trained doctors in partnership with the Medical Council of NZ (MCNZ). 

December Report Writing and Expert Witness Training workshop - register now

Please let Lynn Gestro know if you wish to attend the 7 December 2018 Excellence in Report Writing and Expert Witness Training workshop in Wellington.  An expert’s report is a vital element in litigation. An excellent report is also one of the most effective marketing tools that an expert will have in their career. The RANZCOG Excellence in Report Writing and Expert Witness Training workshops are facilitated by Claro Law and explore what is expected and required from an expert’s report.

Update on infection in pregnancy and post puerperal sepsis 

The next Fellowship Update to be held throughout the regions is about infections in pregnancy and post puerperal sepsis. This update will be held during February 2019. For further information please contact Makiko Wimbush.


2019 Annual Scientific Meeting - Perspectives from the past, foundations for the future 

The NZ 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting: Perspectives from the past, foundations for the future will be held in Hamilton from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 May with pre and post workshops on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Reserve these dates in your calendars now.

The Women's Health Forum that was going to precede the ASM will now be held in the second half of 2019.

Launch of NZ Choosing Wisely campaign

The New Zealand Choosing Wisely campaign was launched by the Council of Medical Colleges during August. The campaign aims to encourage both patients and doctors to think twice about treatments which seem routine, but could be unnecessary.

RANZCOG NZ and NZCOM have contributed lists of tests, treatments and procedures that health professionals should question - see https://choosingwisely.org.nz/professional-resource/ranzcog/ and https://choosingwisely.org.nz/professional-resource/nzcom/.

Auckland Medical Research Foundation video on saving babies and improving their life-long health

The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences has held a series of free public lectures during 2018 celebrating the educational, medical and research successes achieved over the past 50 years.  Last month the lecture was on saving babies and improving their life-long health.  See https://www.medicalresearch.org.nz/free-public-lecture-saving-babies-and-improving-their-life-long-health. Speakers included Professor Lesley McCowan on ‘Maternal sleep position- a modifiable risk factor for stillbirth’ and Associate Professor Katie Groom on ‘Developing therapies for fetal growth restriction’ . 

Pacific health news

Medal in recognition of service to society

Papua New Guinea Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Glen Liddel-Mola is to be awarded the third Geelong Grammar School Medal for Service to Society during September.

Prof Mola is being awarded the medal for his dedication to improving women’s reproductive health and reducing the maternal death toll in Papua New Guinea, which has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world.

The Geelong Grammar School Medal for Service to Society was established to recognise people who, by way of the excellence of their achievements, have made sustained contributions to the betterment of society. It is the highest honour the School can bestow on a member of the community. 


Health Quality & Safety Commission news

PMMRC Practice Points   

All Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC) Practice Points are listed in the link below. Each Practice Point relates to the PMMRC Annual Report in which they were published. Where resources have been updated the link to the new/amended resources has been added.

View PMMRC Practice Points.

Fellow appointed to PMMRC Committee   

RANZCOG Fellow Sarah Tout was successfully appointed to the obstetrician vacancy on the Perinatal & Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC). The Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee is an independent committee that reviews the deaths of babies and mothers in New Zealand.

Call for nominations for the Maternal Mortality Review Working Group   

The Health Quality & Safety Commission board is seeking nominations and applications for a Māori member to join the Maternal Mortality Review Working Group (MMRWG).

The applicant will have expertise in the areas of maternal and perinatal care, and primary care, and with knowledge and experience in health service provision to Māori.

Applications close at 5pm on Friday 14 September 2018.  For further information see www.hqsc.govt.nz

Internship request  

Amethyst Smith, an OBGYN resident in her third year of training at the University of Utah has made a request for a one month internship as part of her elective rotation.  She would be interested in doing some level of patient care, either in general OB/GYN, Urogynecology, or rural medicine.  Dr Smith is interested in international medicine as well as experiencing other health care systems. She has NZ family in Northland. If you can be of assistance to Dr Smith please email her at Amethyst.Smith@hsc.utah.edu.

Research Reviews

Research Review publications are intended for NZ health professionals.  To subscribe for free to receive a research review on a regular basis go to www.researchreview.co.nz.

Women's Health Research Review  

In issue 26-2018 of the Women's Health Research Review there are articles on: Vaginal oestradiol vs vaginal moisturiser vs placebo; Hormone therapy not recommended for prevention of chronic conditions; Hormonal contraception and the risk of breast cancer; Amenorrhoea rates during LNG-IUS use; Safety of vaginal oestrogen use; Progestogen-only pill for migraine treatment in women; Morbidity after hysterectomy with ovarian conservation; Conservative surgery vs colorectal resection for deep endometriosis; Outcomes after hysteroscopic vs laparoscopic sterilisation.

New and Updated Cochrane summaries for O&G

Please see the latest summaries for obstetrics and gynaecology from the Cochrane Library at www.cochranelibrary.com on: Intramuscular and intravenous opioid pain relieving drugs in labour; Managing the end of childbirth (placenta delivery) with ergot alkaloid medications (e.g. ergometrine); Direct injection of corticosteroids into the fetus compared with injection into the mother for improving fetal outcomes when the mother is at risk of preterm birth; Medications for reducing contractions during labour for excessively strong/frequent contractions or where the unborn baby is thought to be distressed;Vaginal cleansing with antiseptic solution before cesarean delivery to reduce post-cesarean infections; Metformin for women with obesity or who are overweight during pregnancy for improving health for women and their babies; Corticosteroids for preventing respiratory complications in the newborn after caesarean section at term.

Upcoming Events

Please see the Events section of the RANZCOG website for information on all local and international events. Highlighted events are listed below.

2018 VCA Speaker Series

September/October, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin.
Topic:  Tragedy, Trauma and Grief: How Can I Help? 
Speakers: Vicki Culling, Jane Weekes
For further information about the workshop see http://vca.co.nz/workshops/speaker-series-workshops-2018/.  For information on Vicki Culling Associates (VCA) – see http://vca.co.nz/about/.

RANZCOG 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Health Meeting Turning Tides 

15-16 September 2018, Adelaide
The RANZCOG 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Health Meeting Turning Tides includes workshops and presentations designed to provoke discussion and upskill in evidence-based obstetric and gynaecological issues specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. 

The meeting brings together Aboriginal health workers, midwives, general practitioners and obstetricians & gynaecologists working within the Indigenous community, with the aim to improve the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.
For further information about the meeting and to register see https://www.ranzcogasm.com.au/atsiwhm2018/


7th International Conference on Fetal Growth 

3-5 October, Milan, Italy
For further details, please visit www.fetalgrowth.org.

Patient Deterioration NZ Conference 

29-30 November, Auckland 
Jointly hosted by the Health Quality & Safety Commission and the Australia New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS), this two-day conference will explore patient deterioration in the New Zealand context, including the New Zealand early warning score, communication skills for difficult conversations, and patient, family and whānau escalation. 

See www.hqsc.govt.nz for further information and to register.

PSRH Biennial Conference  

6-11 July 2019, Papua New Guinea
Theme: “Pacific Experience for Pacific Solutions in Reproductive Health”


In addition to the following advertised vacancies please see the RANZCOG website for trainee and Fellow employment opportunities.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consultant

Hawke's Bay Hospital – full-time 12 month fixed-term to cover leave.

We are seeking a Obstetric and Gynaecological Specialist for Hawke's Bay who shares our values of He kauanuanu - Respect, Ākina - Improvement, Rāranga te tira - Teamwork and Tauwhiro - Care.

Successful applicants will work with an enthusiastic team of Consultants, Registrars, Midwives and House Officers. The Specialist team provides secondary, antenatal and labour support to a maternity population of approximately 2,400 births per annum. On Call duties include responsibility for the delivery suite, acute antenatal and gynaecological assessments and admission, as well as supervising and teaching registrars and house officers within the maternity and operating theatre units.

Consultants take ongoing in patient responsibility for acute admissions as well as elective gynaecology patients. Successful applicants will also be expected to provide consultant led antenatal, gynaecology and colposcopy clinic services as well as working in the surgical wards, operating theatre, acute admissions unit, early pregnancy clinic and the emergency department. There may also be a requirement to provide outlying clinics from time to time.
The position requires a generalist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. Applicants should have at least three years post MRANZCOG experience or equivalent, and will have prior experience in a Consultant, Fellow or Senior Registrar position.

Hawke's Bay hospital is a cohesive, dynamic campus located in Hastings. The women's health unit has a well-developed cooperative and effective management structure. The unit enjoys excellent anaesthetic, intensive care and neo natal support with a modern and well equipped operating theatre facility.

Hawke's Bay is a beautiful provincial centre on the East Coast of the North Island, NZ with approximately 162,000 population. It enjoys stunning scenery and a temperate climate with sunny dry summers. The district with approximately 162,000 population enjoys exceptional schools, restaurants and wineries and hosts frequent cultural events. There unlimited opportunities for outdoor and sporting pursuits. Take a stroll through the Hawke's Bay Tourism website and get yourself to Hawke's Bay!

This appointment offers unrivalled opportunity for a very interesting Obstetric and Gynaecological practice within a supportive and functional group of Specialists; all of this within an environment that demands a balanced lifestyle.

We are looking to appoint a specialist as soon as possible.

Overseas applicants should establish their eligibility for registration with Medical Council of New Zealand (http://www.mcnz.org.nz/)

To view the Position Profile visit: vacancies@hbdhb.govt.nz 

Advanced training opportunity, Exeter, UK

Please see below about an exciting Advanced training opportunity in the UK.  Contact Sarah Tout (touts@middlemore.co.nz) for an application form.

Come and spend a year with us and further your experiences of Obs and Gynae and the world!
We are a teaching hospital unit delivering 4200 babies a year and providing a wide range of specialist Obstetric and Gynaecological services. These provide a wide variety of training opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal discussion to explore these further.
  • Cancer centre with three Gynae Oncologists performing all gynae oncology surgery with a large proportion being performed with a  minimal access approach.
  • A large proportion of our benign surgery is performed either vaginally or laparoscopically.
  • Endometriosis centre treating complex rectovaginal disease.
  • Urogynae service.
  • NHS run IVF unit.
  • Dedicated Emergency Gynae and Early Pregnancy Unit.
  • 60 hours of dedicated consultant cover with a passionate labour ward lead.
  • Maternal medicine service caring for women with diabetes and complex medical needs.
  • Fetal medicine service with telemedicine link to tertiary centre.
  • 2y level neonatal unit (27/40 and above)
Our department consists of 12 full time consultants, two associate specialists, eight middle grades and eight SHO’s. We are a great team and have had consistently good feedback from our trainees. This will be the second time we have hosted a trainee from New Zealand and are looking forward to repeating what was a great experience for both us and the trainee.

"Exeter provided an awesome opportunity to experience a similar health system, with its associated challenges, as part of a supportive & collaborative team. There were loads of opportunities for learning new skills, having new experiences & meeting new people both in & out of work." 
NZ Trainee

Exeter is a small city in the wonderful county of Devon. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and within easy reach of some great beaches. Granted the water might be a bit chillier than you are used to but lovely all the same. Exeter has plenty to do no matter what your hobbies and interests. There are also easy transport links to further afield, London is a 2 hour train journey away and you can fly to many European destinations from Exeter’s airport.

If you have any further questions or would like to have an informal chat please do not hesitate to be in touch. Ben Peyton-Jones (Ben.peyton-jones@nhs.net)

SMO Locum positions / Fixed term contracts

Counties Manukau Health

Dear Colleagues,
CM Health is one of the largest Birthing units in Australasia (7000+ per annum). We are currently offering a variety of locum positions/ fixed term contracts (with a view to possible extension with the right fit candidate to the department) over the next 6 months, offering a wide range of experience at senior medical officer (SMO) level with guaranteed SMO back-up. The positions will include predominately acute work, plus antenatal clinic experience, including diabetes in pregnancy, plus some elective gynaecology. Please express any interest to Dr Sarah Tout (touts@middlemore.co.nz) Tel 0211150505.
We are very interested in hearing from you.
Kind regards

Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Waikato DHB, Fixed term until December 2019, Full time 
Closing date:  Open until filled
Job Number: WAI06226
Position description

At Waikato District Health Board (DHB) we are on an incredible journey to become the best Women’s Health Service in New Zealand. We want you to join us at this pivotal time of growth and change.  Every day you will have the chance to improve the health outcomes of our patients, while developing your skills and expertise along the way.  We are offering you the opportunity to balance a rewarding career with the great lifestyle you have always dreamed about.  
We are seeking enthusiastic specialty doctors and consultants to join our dedicated team in Women’s Health at Waikato Hospital based in Hamilton, New Zealand.  We are recruiting to permanent positions and encourage applications from generalists and those with a special interest.  A commitment to patient centred care and multi-disciplinary teamwork is essential.  Applicants must be both flexible in their approach and be willing to contribute positively to a service undergoing transformation. The applicant will hold FRANZCOG or equivalent and be eligible for specialist registration in New Zealand.
We have 5th and 6th year medical students from the University of Auckland and midwifery students from Wintec. We are looking to improve training for both undergraduates and RANZCOG trainees. Participation in training and teaching would be a key component of the job plan. Candidates with research interests could enjoy on campus support from the University of Auckland’s Waikato Clinical Campus and Waikato DHB’s Clinical Audit Support.
We provide a collaborative and supportive learning environment which encourages excellence and innovation.
Why us?
Waikato DHB is one of New Zealand’s largest tertiary and secondary healthcare providers. We provide tertiary services to a region of 900,000 and secondary services to a local district of 375,000.  We have approximately 5,500 deliveries per year in the district and 3,500 of these are at Waikato Hospital.  Facilities include a seven bed delivery suite, two high dependency beds, a women’s acute assessment unit, antenatal, postnatal and gynaecological inpatient wards, a dedicated outpatients service and modern theatres.  The O&G team consists of 15 consultants, 15 registrars and 8 senior house officers.
Hamilton is New Zealand’s fourth largest city and is also one of the fastest growing.  It is situated on the banks of the Waikato River.  It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is close enough to beaches, mountains and forests for a range of outdoor activities.  Living in Hamilton and the Waikato region gives you reasonably priced housing, excellent public and private schools and an easy commute to work.  It has all the benefits of a big city without the stress.
If you are looking for a fabulous environment to raise your family or an opportunity for exciting outdoor leisure pursuits, then we would welcome your application.

Theme “People at Heart” – Te iwi Ngakaunui
  • Give and earn respect - Whakamana
  • Listen to me; talk to me – Whakarongo
  • Fair play – Mauri Pai
  • Growing the good – Whakapakari
  • Stronger together – Kotahitanga
Staff Contacts
phone +64 04 472 4608  

Jane Cumming

Jude Kaveney
Training Coordinator

Makiko Wimbush
Events & SIMG Coordinator

Lynn Gestro
Communications Coordinator

For advice on local matters, please contact RANZCOG New Zealand branch in the first instance.  If you need to reach the Australian branch an 0800 number is now available: 0800 170 133

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