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In this issue, I present to you a document that's been sitting on my desktop for 1 year, 4 months and 20 days.
It is a list of all the future technologies I was able to pick out of the 1989 classic, Back to the Future: II.
I had originally intended to use it as a guide for a blog post about how far we are from living in a Robert Zemeckis 2015.
As I was writing it, it became apparent that a movie vision of the future has is equal parts style/fashion trend and technology.

To me, the most interesting tech in the entire film has always been the tech in the McFly house. In a lot of ways we've already surpassed the tech. But I don't think we'll ever have in-kitchen hydroponic gardens and food re-hydrators.


Here it is.

Organized by scene location, in chronological order.

Oh, BTW. I've got a similar list for Demolition Man.

S == style/trend. also covers things that presently exist, but have not evolved as predicted by BTTF
T == tech
O == outdated/anachronism: things that already are, or are on track to be outdated in the next 5-10yrs
U == unclear function, i guessed

- flying/hover cars [T]
- floating highway signage, etc [T]
- doc's weird glasses (later he mentions they are his rear display) [T,S,U]
- doc driving w/headset [S]
- sleep inducing generator [T]

- second specific, localized weather forecasts [T]
- "too bad the post office isn't as efficient as the weather service" [O]
- small scale power generation (probably fusion, "fusion industries" branded machine) [T,U]
- rejuvenation clinics "added a good 30, 40 years to my life" - doc [T,S,U]
- solid shoe/clothing cylinders [S,U]
- small digital(?) binoculars/range finding,etc [T]
- "power-laces" [T,S]
- size adjusting jacket [S]
- "all kids in the future wear their pants [pockets] inside out" [S]
- holographic/neon baseball cap [S]
- 80s nostalgia ("cafe 80s") [S]
- cash [O]
- print newspaper (USA TODAY) [O]
- lawyer-free justice system
- clear plastic tie [S] (doc-only, may be from another time period)
- "...bionic implants" [T,U]

Town Square:
- hoverboards for various sizes [T,S]
- "futuristic" car designs [T,S,O]
- (physical) mail boxes [O]
- Texaco [O] (brand no longer exists)
- automatic gas/fuel station [T]
- "Jaws 19," glasses free, 3D advertising [T,S]

Cafe 80s:
- CRT Displays [O]
- Video waiter/menu [T,S]
- automated pepsi bottle to table [T,S]
- gangsters dressed like they're from roadwarrior [S]
- "how do you play this mean you have you use your hands, that's like a baby's toy" controller-less and/or mind-controlled gaming [T,S,U]
- exercise machines in cafe 80 [S,U] (they might just be there because they're an 80s thing)
- clothing with sound effects buttons (griff's goons) [T,S]
- retractable baseball bat [T,S]

Town Square:
- Japanese/Asian Influence [S]
- self drying jacket [T,S]
- double ties [S]
- Miami

Antique Shop:
- dust replant paper [T,O]

Town Square:
- doc's binocular is also a digital camera [T]
- roving automated trash cans [T,S]

- personal info database (police) [T,S]
- thumbprint ID [T,S]
- LED highway info signage [T,O]

Hilldale Exterior:
- (apparent) LED external lighting [T,S]

McFly House:
- thumbprint access system (powered by AT&T) [T,S]
- home automation [T,S]
- LEDs on police hat [T,S,O,U]
- "scene screen" [T,S]
- door handles obsolete [T,S]
- hovering upside-down [T,S,U]

Hilldale Exterior:
- pay by thumbprint [T,S]

McFly House:
- fresh fruit growing in drop down ceiling [S,U]
- giant LCD TV [T]
- watching multiple channels at once [S,T]
- personalized home automation [T,S]

Hilldale Exterior:
- Automated hovering dog walker [T]

McFly House:
- dehydrated food [T]
- video calls on glasses display [T,S]
- "master cook" (appears to be recipe center or cooking machine) [T,S,U]
- video conferencing on TV [T]
- more japanese influence (marty's tie) [S]
- remote card financial(?) transactions, scanning card [T,U]
- ubiquitous fax machines [O]
- getting fired remotely [S]
- "mr fusion" [T]

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