The View from Ward 2: Issue #31

Bernice Pyke Park Dedication

Councilmember Jason Shachner with John Pyke.

On August 18th, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote, St. Charles Green was officially designated Bernice Pyke Park!

Lakewood resident Bernice Pyke worked tirelessly for the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment and was one of the first women in the United States elected to public office, winning her seat on the Lakewood Board of Education in 1920. Ms. Pyke was also the first woman to run for Lakewood Mayor. A special thank you to John Pyke for attending the ceremony and sharing stories about his grandmother.
This was a resident driven effort that was further advanced by my predecessor, Sam O’Leary, and Councilmember Tristan Rader. I am proud to have been a part of getting this over the finish line, and to have this Ward 2 gem named after such an important figure in Lakewood history!

Lake Avenue Speed Limit

Councilmembers At-Large Tom Bullock and Tristan Rader, introduced an ordinance that would reduce the speed limit on Lake Avenue to 25 MPH. They shared that the vehicle traffic volume has decreased, and pedestrian and bicycle traffic has increased. Mr. Bullock and Mr. Rader also pointed to the residential nature of the street as a reason to lower the speed limit. This issue will be further discussed at a future Public Works & Sustainability Committee meeting.

Temporary Parklet Support Resolution

At last week’s City Council meeting, Councilmember At-Large Tom Bullock introduced a resolution that would authorize and direct the City to expend $0 to $10,000 to assist in the implementation of temporary parklets. As you may remember, parklets are conversions of on-street curbside parking into areas of outdoor dining.
Councilmember Bullock introduced the resolution in response to concerns from business owners that the cost of the required jersey barriers is an impediment to the successful implementation of the temporary parklet program. Mr. Bullock pointed out that Cleveland provided jersey barriers to businesses to allow expanded outdoor dining. He explained that the text of the resolution does not require the City to expend any funds, but allows for the provision of jersey barriers by means that would be of no cost to the city, like borrowing the jersey barriers from another city or using jersey barriers that the city has on hand.
Although I was in favor of the resolution because I believe that the small investment would provide a meaningful public benefit, ultimately Council voted 4-3 against the proposed language. As always, I appreciate the thoughtful and comprehensive discussion with my colleagues. Subsequently, the resolution unanimously passed with the following amended language “That Council recommends the administration take action to achieve a temporary parklet in 2020.”

2020 Presidential Election

If you vote by mail, request your ballet now:
If you vote in person, vote early(early voting begins October 6) and don't forget your mask.
Make a plan.

Census 2020

The Census Bureau announced that it will complete data collection by September 30, 2020. If you have been procrastinating completing the Census, now is the time! As of yesterday, only 69.7% of Lakewood households have responded.
The census counts every person living in the U.S., regardless of citizenship or immigration status, and provides a basis for the distribution of federal funds (like Education and School Lunch Program, Food and Healthcare programs, SNAP, Children’s Health Insurance, Head Start and housing vouchers, Low-income home Energy Assistance, Low-income housing Tax Credit Community Development Block Grants, Medicaid, Transit, and Schools and roads) and reapportioning congressional seats. Your response will affect the next 10 years in Lakewood!
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