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Black Garlic Offers the Power of Fermentation Packed with Flavour

Did you know that the positive effect of black garlic is supported by more than 700 scientific studies? Black garlic, also known as fermented garlic, is odourless and significantly more active and healthier than raw or heated garlic. Widely used to improve health and delicious to incorporate into your dishes. A real superfood!

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What exactly is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is fermented garlic, also known as aged garlic or aged garlic extract. It all starts with plain garlic (Latin name: Allium Sativum). When kept in a closed and controlled space, at an ambient temperature of 65°C and at a humidity of 85°C, the garlic transforms into the black version of itself. It takes the garlic 65 days and a drying time of 48 hours to do this.

During this process, its taste becomes sweet and it loses its distinct odour. Its texture becomes a little sticky. Its potency and benefits intensify during this process of resting (aging) and fermentation. As a result, black garlic has more antioxidants than regular white garlic.

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Why Use Black Garlic from Amanprana?

Amanprana Black Garlic Cloves

Black garlic no longer smells like garlic and doesn’t have the sharp taste of raw garlic either. It lends a sweet and intense flavour to your dishes. A real flavour enhancer. Black garlic is ideal for risotto, soup and pasta. It gives dishes a richer flavour.

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Cooking with black garlic

Dutch Stamppot with Corn Salad and Black Garlic

Dutch Stamppot with Corn Salad and Black Garlic can be prepared in 40 minutes. This recipe from the Belgian & Dutch kitchen is delicious as Main dishes and fits perfectly in a Vegetarian, Vegan & Lactose-free diet.
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