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Always have fresh breath with our plant based mouth oil
The basis of a healthy mouth is good oral hygiene. The Amanprana mouth oils Menta and Foeniculum are designed to clean the teeth and mouth and keep them in good condition. Our mouth oils are 100% based on vegetable oil and natural oil extracts. You'll always have fresh breath.
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Oil pulling with Amanprana's Mouth Oil for Good Oral Hygiene
Oil pulling comes from Ayurveda, where it is known as a detox technique where you pull and push oil into the oral cavity and between your teeth.

As early as 2000 years ago, Ayurvedic medical texts 'Charaka Samhita' and 'Sushrutha's Arthashastra' described oil pulling. Ayurvedic practitioners cleansed their mouths by gargling with vegetable oil.
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Why Choose Amanprana Mouth Oil?

  • 100% organic and plant-based
  • 0% chemical additives
  • Suitable for oil pulling
  • Available in two flavours
  • Purifying effect and tastes delicious
  • Animal and environmentally friendly (no animal testing)
  • In glass packaging (better for the environment and preservation of quality).

What is the Difference Between Mouth Oil Foeniculum & Menta?

Mouth oil Menta has the fresh taste of mint, thanks to the essential oil of mint. This mouth oil provides a long lasting fresh taste and breath.

Mouth oil Foeniculum does not taste like mint but is softer in flavour, thanks to the essential oil of fennel. Foeniculum mouth oil is also suitable to use during 
homeopathic treatment due to the absence of essential mint oil. This mouth oil also provides a long lasting fresh feeling in the mouth.
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Mouth oil for a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

The technique of oil pulling originated two thousand years ago. Back then, Ayurvedic texts already described this effective cleansing method. The Ayurvedic practitioners cleansed their mouths by gargling with vegetable oil. This way they healed their bodies.

Oil pulling is often done using cheap sesame or sunflower oil. But these oxidise quickly. That is why Amanprana opts for a unique blend of oils.

  • Extra virgin coconut oil for its small molecular structure, through which it can reach all corners of the mouth.
  • Extra virgin hemp oil for its spiritual and therapeutic value.
  • Extra virgin olive oil with a high chlorophyll content to remove odours. In addition, it has antiseptic properties thanks to the essential oils of oregano, clove and cinnamon.
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Mouth oil for a beautiful smile and fresh breath

Those who regularly use Amanprana mouth oil notice the difference: whiter teeth, pink gums and a healthy, pink tongue. And, of course, out of a healthy mouth comes a fresh breath! In the morning and even during the day.

Mouth oil for your health

Your mouth is a micro-ecosystem. Inside your mouth it is warm and humid: the ideal environment for micro-organisms such as bacteria. These produce enzymes and toxic waste products that irritate your gums and cause caries. Hence, many health problems start in your mouth.

Regular oil pulling with Amanprana mouth oil reduces the health risks associated with poor oral hygiene.

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