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Amanprana Matcha All Day Long

New year, new healthy resolutions? Matcha is finely ground Japanese green tea with a remarkable effect. Drinking matcha can help you with your concentration without the agitated feeling that coffee sometimes creates. And that effect is becoming increasingly appealing to us Westerners... 

Discover our Kotobuki Matcha
3 Reasons to Drink Match Every Day
Even though this green tea powder is usually saved for special moments, you can make a cup of matcha tea every day. Here are three reasons to drink matcha every day.
Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha with a chasen and a chawan
Matcha contains theine that gives you a long-lasting boost without a jittery feeling
Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha with a chasen and a chawan
Chlorophyll in matcha provides an intense green color and a high concentration of beneficial nutrients
Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha with a chasen and a chawan

The level of antioxidants, expressed as ORAC, is extra-ordinarily high in matcha

Read more about our Kotobuki Matcha tea
6 strong advantages of Amanprana Kotobuki tea for quality, taste & antioxidants
  1. Only a small group of Japanese elite tea farmers are able to produce the high quality Kotobuki and unique blend according to the high standards of the Japanese Amanprana matcha sommelier.
  2. Kotobuki was the favorite meditation drink of the Samurai and is the highest quality chosen for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
  3. Kotobuki is powder finely ground (40g per hour) with handmade granite mills.
  4. Kotobuki Matcha contains the most antioxidants of any matcha (168,500 orac units per 100g) and the highest content of catechins (12,200mg/100g).
  5. Kotobuki Matcha is not the same as regular green tea. Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha contains 137 times more EGCG (an important catechin) than a sip of green tea and at least 10 times more nutrients.
  6. Do the visual test yourself and discover that the bright green color of Kotobuki Matcha from Amanprana says a lot about its quality, taste and "nutrition as medicine".
How to Recognize Quality Matcha
A cheap and bitter by-product if green tea that's sold as matcha but isn't.
Sold as cheap matcha, but isn't really matcha. It's the bitter by-product of green tea.
Kotobuki Matcha by Amanprana has a fresh green color.
Kotobuki Matcha by Amanprana with its fresh grass green color. Ultra-fine powder, balanced, with a chlorophyll-rich aroma and mild umami flavour.
Cheaper, lower quality and bitter matcha powder
The widely sold faint green matcha. Cheaper, lower quality and bitter. Less chlorophyll, antioxidants, catechins and EGCG.
Our Matcha Product Range

How you drink matcha doesn't really matter. As long as you drink it. Because why would you deny yourself something delicious and nutritious? Amanprana has an range of products with matcha.
Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha
Our organic matcha is the highest quality green tea from Japan
Organic Imperial Kotobuki Matcha
Matcha Kotobuki with Coconut Blossom Sugar
Sport drink for energy and maximal concentration with a soft umami flavour
Matcha Kotobuki with coconut blossom sugar
Amanprana Gula Java Matcha
The beneficial Kotobuki matcha and Gula Java coconut blossom sugar
Amanprana Gula Java Matcha
Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha + FREE Bamboo Whisk
Matcha + FREE matcha whisk worth € 12.95 for the perfect cup of matcha
PROMO: Kotobuki Matcha + FREE Bamboo Whisk
Amanprana Sportdrinks Cacao Matcha & Café
Instant energy with Amanprana's Cacao Matcha & Café sportsdrink
Sports Drink Cacao Matcha & Café
Amanprana Gula Java Matcha with Vitamin D
Our Gula Java Matcha is also available with extra vitamine D
Amanprana Gula Java Matcha + Vit D

Recipes with matcha

100% organic and plant-based ingredients.
The Matcha latte, a gentle caffeine booster for when you need it. Morning, afternoon or evening?
Recipe for matcha latte

Matcha & yuzu mocktail,

This non-alcoholic cocktail can be prepared in 5 minutes!

View the recipe for the mocktail
chia pudding,

Healthy and tasty breakfast with cocoa and matcha.

View the recipe for the chia pudding
Where to Buy?

Our products are sold in health food stores (dealers) or can be ordered via our official webshop

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