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Enjoy breakfast with a tasty & healthy Amanprana chocolate spread

Healthy chocolate spread? Yes, it's possible! Most choco spreads contain palm oil, chemical sweeteners and refined sugars. Amanprana's choco spread is completely different. The Amanprana chocolate spread contains 45% hazelnuts, 0% palm oil and 0% refined sugar.

Discover our chocolate & hazelnut spread
Why choose the Amanprana hazelnut spread with cocoa?

You and your family deserve a healthy start with a delicious Belgian chocolate spread.

Whether you're learning, playing, exercising or working, your breakfast is an important meal. Everyone deserves a healthy start in the morning. Amanprana chocolate hazelnut spread is the perfect way to start your day!

Amanprana choco spread contains 45% hazelnuts, 30% less sugar and no palm oil.
Amanprana's chocolate hazelnut spread is different from other brands. We find it extremely important that our luxe choco spread does not contain palm oil. It also does not contain any chemical sweeteners, refined or brown sugars, or sunflower oil. We pay attention so that you can enjoy a healthy and care-free breakfast.

A generous portion of antioxidants thanks to the coconut blossom sugar.
The 28.5% coconut blossom sugar that Amanprana choco contains, gives you all the benefits of coconut blossom sugar. There are more antioxidants in coconut blossom sugar than in kiwis, mangos, carrots or tomatoes. A world of difference, because refined or brown sugars provide 0% antioxidants.

A jar packed with hazelnuts, potassium, iron and vitamin E.
The natural and organic ingredients in this chocolate hazelnut spread are packed with healthy nutrients. The Amanprana 'I love Belgium Choco De Luxe' is rich in potassium, iron and vitamin E. It is also a good source of magnesium, zinc and calcium.
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Bake better with 100% organic, unpeeled, whole almonds from Spain.
Ready to meet the ultimate baking partner? Amanprana almond flour contains 5x less almond fat than average almond flour. This leads to better baking results. Do you want to bake gluten-free? Then this is the flour for you!

Discover our Almond Flour Gold
What are the benefits of the Amanprana Almond Flour Gold?

Almond flour has many benefits. It contains valuable nutrients, healthy fats, few carbohydrates, it is rich in fiber and easy to digest. It can also be used in countless ways in the kitchen.

Amanprana almond flour is perfect for gluten-free and protein-rich baking.
Use it to make gluten-free and protein-rich pancakes or to bake low-carb goodies. It is also a good alternative to regular flour and you can use it to add extra fiber to your diet. Want inspiration? Discover our recipes with almond flour here.

An extra portion of natural proteins with Amanprana almond flour.
1 tablespoon of Amanprana almond flour contains no less than 6 grams of protein. It is therefore ideal for athletes or people looking for an extra portion of natural proteins. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond flour to a smoothie, shake or other drinks and turn it into a protein-rich power drink!
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Recipe for Almond biscuits with chocolate

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