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There's an Amanprana Olive Oil for Every Occasion!
Have You Discovered all of Amanprana's Extra Virgin Olive Oils?

BBQ? Party? You are the chef. Your dishes deserve Amanprana’s award-winning extra virgin olive oils each and every day. Amanprana has 4 delicious, organic extra virgin olive oils, one for every occasion.

A really good olive oil is by definition organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed and comes in a dark bottle. In addition to these qualities, Amanprana olive oils have a very low degree of acidity, making them of exceptional quality.

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Mild Arbequina Olive Oil with the Boletus Mushroom
Amanprana Arbequin Boletus Olive Oil

The mild olive oil from Amanprana thanks its mildness to the Arbequina olive from Catalonia, Spain. It is 100% extra virgin and raw, with the flavour of the Boletus Edulis mushroom. The ‘Boletus Edulis’ mushroom is also known as the Porcini mushroom or ceps in Catalonian.

The flavour of this Arbequina olive oil with the Boletus mushroom can be most appreciated in cold dishes. You can use this olive oil for preparing raw vegetables, salads and vinaigrettes.

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Amanprana Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A Superb Olive Oil for a Reasonable Price
Even Amanprana's budget-friendliest olive oil is among the better extra virgin olive oils. This is due to its low acidity. The limit for extra virgin olive oil is an acidity of 0.8%. Amanprana Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an acidity of max. 0.4%. And the lower the acidity, the better the quality!
Why Choose Amanprana Premium Olive Oil?
  • 100% organic
  • maximum 0.4% acidity
  • olive blend
  • a special extraction method without using heat or water
  • fruity, mild chlorophyll flavour
  • Amanprana’s least expensive extra virgin olive oil
Amanprana Premium Olive Oil
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Amanprana Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hermanos Catalan 

The quality of this olive oil starts with the olive trees which are given 2 times more space, 36m² each. With great care, the Catalan brothers grow, press and bottle our Hermanos Catalan olive oil. Within six hours the hand picked harvest is pressed. They do this mechanically, with little pressure and at a maximum temperature of 25°C.

Amanprana Hermanos Catalan Olive Oil

Why Choose Hermanos Catalan Organic Olive Oil?
  • “Best olive oil in the world” (Biol 2017)
  • Distinguished by 11 awards
  • Organic
  • High quality
  • First cold pressing obtained from olives by mechanical means
  • 100% Arbequina
  • Works best in cold preparations
  • Mild and harmonious taste
Discover our Hermanos Catalan Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Verde Salud is Suitable for Hot and Cold Dishes

Amanprana's organic olive oil Verde Salud is an extra virgin olive oil, 100% made from Picual olives of high quality. Due to its special, filtered quality, it can withstand baking and roasting temperatures of more than 180°C. Verde Salud, the fruity extra virgin olive oil with a sharp, healthy aftertaste.
Why Choose Amanprana’s Verde Salud Extra Virgin Olive Oil?
  • Organic
  • For hot and cold dishes
  • Extra virgin
  • Organically grown Picual olives
  • Cold pressed (max. 27°C)
  • Fruity with a bitter aftertaste
  • Dark glass bottle (for optimum quality preservation)
  • Origin: Sierra Mágina Nature Park, Andalusia, Spain
Amanprana Verde Salud Olive Oils
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Get inspired

Make your own pizza dough!
Make your own pizza dough!

You can prepare your own pizza dough in just 60 minutes! Make this dish with Fleur de sel & Premium Olive Oil from Amanprana. This recipe from the Italian kitchen is delicious as tapas or a snack and fits perfectly in a vegetarian & vegan diet.

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Mushroom Toast with Cashew Cream and Black Garlic

Mushroom Toast with Cashew Cream and Black Garlic

This recipe can be prepared in just 10 minutes. You make this dish with Hermanos Catalan Olive Oil, ORAC botanico-mix & black garlic powder from Amanprana. Delicious as lunch or an appetizer. It also fits perfectly in a vegetarian, gluten free, vegan & lactose-free diet.

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