Fortnightly News Digest 232


1 April 2022

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Nitrogen fertiliser is currently three times higher than it was last year. In this week's newsletter, we consider the dependence of intensive agriculture on synthetic nitrogen and whether the prospect of green hydrogen to make fertiliser with a lower environmental cost really offers a long term solution.

Also this week we take a look at recent US funding to support small abattoirs and independent meat processors, a welcome attempt to decentralise the meat processing industry. But will it work?

We also hear good news from the inland regions of Spain, where farmers are using regenerative practices to return the land to health. 

Been enjoying our microcast series? This week is the penultimate episode, where Patrick and Richard explore how a spiritual approach to ecology might see us in a better place to help the planet. 

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News and updates

Is ammonia from green hydrogen a false prophet?

Nitrogen fertiliser is currently three times higher than it was last year. Can green hydrogen make fertiliser with a lower environmental cost? And does this really offer a long-term solution? 
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Spanish farmers in south Spain

Oases in the desert

Megafarms, monocultures and climate change have led to soil erosion, the loss of soil fertility, and a reduction in biodiversity in inland Spain. Journalist and chef Hester Van Hensbergen joined an ecosystem restoration camp and explored how farmers in the area are working to reverse the damage. 

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Recent film and TV releases

With the weather due to take a wetter turn this weekend, why not check out some of our selection of recent food and farming flavoured films?

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COVID lessons: US funds small abattoirs and independent meat processors

Covid shone a bright light on many levels of inequality across society, with the US meat processing industry being just one of them. Marianne Landzettel explores how government interventions are attempting to glean a better deal for farmers and American families. 

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Sustainable Food Shorts: Spiritual ecology

In the penultimate of our microcast series, this week's conversation explores how looking to spirituality and mindfulness might help ongoing efforts to protect the planet. 


Other news and events

Countryfile on regenerative agriculture

David Wilson, manager of Fir Farm, which is owned by one of our board members, featured on Sunday night's Countryfile, explaining the benefits of regenerative agriculture to his neighbour, Adam Henson. 
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Discount on 'Going to Seed' by Simon Fairlie 

Chelsea Green Books have kindly shared a code for 30% off Simon Fairlie's new memoir-cum-social comment, simply use the code SFT30 on their website. 
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Catch up with our podcast

Our latest podcast series launched with a discussion with spiritual leader Satish Kumar, followed by an exploration of agricultural activism with Simon Fairlie. Listen again at the link below, and if you're enjoying the episodes, please help us reach more people by rating or sharing.  
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At the Sustainable Food Trust we rely on grant making foundations and the generosity of individual donors to support our work. If you would like to find out more about how you can contribute, please do get in touch or check out our website

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