Down & Out Books Newsletter for January 2016

This Month's Featured Title for 99¢ …

John Shepphird's first in a trilogy of crime novels, THE SHILL, can be purchased on Kindle for just 99¢ through January 31st, 2016.

Struggling actress Jane Innes is seduced by a handsome new arrival in her acting class. He makes a proposition. He admits he’s a con man and needs Jane to pose as a rich, carefree heiress to fulfill her part in his intricate scam.

All goes as planned until Jane’s true identity threatens to surface and their scheme begins to crack at the seams. It all leads to a tangled maze of deception, depravity and murder.

Buy your copy for Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices.

Coming in February 2016 …

We have four exciting books coming out next month!

A Crime Novel by J.L. Abramo

“If grit, hard guys, and the rhythm of the mean streets is your thing, BROOKLYN JUSTICE has got them in spades and J.L. Abramo is your man.” — Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of WHERE IT HURTS


A Crime Novel by G. J. Brown

“Brown keeps a firm, skillful grip on his material in what turns out to be a very promising debut novel.” — The Herald


Terrence McCauley

A world at war. A lone marine fighting to survive.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Semper Fi Fund.


Three Novellas by Gary Phillips

10 Seconds to Death: “… it’s filled with more sex and violence than novels tenfold the length. Author Gary Phillips knows how to pile on the action. This is definitely a homage to the spin rack novels of the 1970’s.” — Timothy Mayer, Z7’s Headquarters

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Deadline extended! Post a review to Amazon or Goodreads of ANY of the J.L. Abramo titles published by Down & Out Books, send the link to, and you’re entered to win a SIGNED COPY of one of the author's mysteries! Reviews must be published before Monday, February 29th, 2016 to qualify. You can receive multiple chances to win simply by reading and reviewing multiple titles!

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Free Short Story from G. J. Brown!

We mentioned above that G. J. Brown's debut crime novel FALLING will be coming out next month, and to introduce you to the story and one of its characters, author G. J. Brown has written a short story to set the stage. You can read the full story on our website.
Long Before I Fell

The room is designed to put the occupant in a state of mild panic. There are two comfortable but incongruous armchairs, sitting opposite each other. Both have signs of wear and tear—blue leather, fading to holes on the armrests.

The floor is wooden, real wood not fake laminate, with decades of use and abuse. It was once shining dark oak reclaimed from an old house but years of neglect have transmuted it into stained, warped planks separated by gaps packed with dust, dirt and crap. There are no windows and the only door is locked. The walls are magnolia, fresh, as if someone had started to think about selling the place. The ceiling is bare concrete with a small light fitting above the door. The bulb is fifty percent less powerful than it needs to be.

Below the light and above the door sits a small, scabby grey grill. The slats are furred from years of non-cleaning. A small hiss hints at some form of air movement from inside. It’s not air conditioning; the temperature in here is high enough to keep food warm before serving.

I’m sitting in a Marks and Spencer’s charcoal grey suit. It’s a few seasons past its best but in my trade the cash margins do not warrant new suits very often. My shoes are twice re-heeled rejects bought from TK Maxx. I’ve never heard of the brand printed on the insole but that means it’ll be well known to those with thicker wallets. My shirt is staining under my armpits as the lurid green that so appealed when I saw it for a fiver in the charity shop a few months ago is excelling as a sweat highlighting colour. I’m nervous enough without advertising the fact so graphically—so my jacket is staying on.

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