Down & Out Books Newsletter for FEBRUARY 2016

This Month's Featured Title for 99¢

Liam Sweeny's first in a new series featuring homicide detective Jack LeClere, WELCOME BACK, JACK, can be purchased for 99¢ on Kindle, Nook and Kobo through February 29th, 2016.

When Jack was six years old, his parents were brutally slain by a serial killer. The police later found drifter Clyde Colsen driving a stolen car, his clothes soaked in blood. He was tried, convicted and executed. Jack grew up knowing the police got their man. 

Now a decorated homicide detective in New Rhodes, Jack arrives at the third crime scene of the “South End Killer” murders and finds his name. He will soon find out something else: thirty years ago, they got the wrong guy. And now the right guy’s come back to pay Jack and New Rhodes his bloody respects. 

As Jack struggles to stay on the case, his cat-and-mouse game with the killer makes him wonder if he’s the cat or the mouse. His family and everyone in his life is fair game. As the killer escalates and threatens the entire city, Jack has a question he must answer in his desperation: can he stop the monster without becoming one? 

Coming in March 2016

We have three thrilling crime novels coming out next month …

NO HARDER PRISON by Trey R. Barker

Barker’s first stand-alone effort, a deeply ambitious book written on a canvas as large as the city in which it’s set: Denver. It unfolds with the cast of characters his readers expect, but with a depth and breadth that might pleasantly surprise longtime fans of the Barefield or Jace Salome novels.


FALLING by G. J. Brown

“With its intriguing perspective, blistering action and swarms of dodgy guys in suits, this is an explosive, harrowing riot that has movie potential written all over it.” — Daily Record

“Brown keeps a firm, skillful grip on his material in what turns out to be a very promising debut novel.” — The Herald

BEACHHEAD by Jeffery Hess

[This novel] comes to ground as Navy prison parolee Scotland Ross puts his life on hold, and his path to an honest life, to lend help his sister and her struggling family, only to find the hand of help may be more disastrous than no help at all. Hess moors together a compelling story of land grabbing, political aspiration, government graft, and adulterous jealousy that will leave you in reeling its wake. — Ron Earl Phillips

Meet the Author

Hard-boiled crime novelist Eric Beetner is the author of more than a dozen novels including Rumrunners, The Devil Doesn't Want Me, Dig Two Graves, and The Year I Died Seven Times. He is co-author (with JB Kohl) of One Too Many Blows To The Head, Borrowed Trouble and Over Their Heads (published by Down & Out Books in June 2015) and co-wrote The Backlist (September 2015) and The Short List (to be published in August 2016) with author Frank Zafiro. He lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts the Noir At The Bar reading series.

In April, Down & Out Books will be publishing an anthology edited by Eric, UNLOADED: Crime Writers Writing Without Guns.

For more information about the author, visit his website at

Semper Fi Fund, Terrence McCauley and Down & Out Books Join Forces to Raise Money for Wounded Veterans

In 2015, award-winning author Terrence McCauley contacted Down & Out Books to ask if they would publish his WWI novella THE DEVIL DOGS OF BELLEAU WOOD. However there was one catch: he wanted the net proceeds to benefit Semper Fi Fund, which has provided a variety of programs to assist wounded veterans in all branches of the United States Armed Forces. It achieves its mission as a result of the kind and generous donations it receives.

"When Terrence asked, I responded with a resounding and enthusiastic yes," said Eric Campbell, publisher of Down & Out Books. "The Semper Fi Fund is a well-respected organization doing outstanding work for wounded veterans who fought for our freedom. I'm humbled to have the opportunity to assist in my small way."
Down & Out Books has a history of supporting charitable organizations, and Campbell agreed that all net proceeds from the sale of THE DEVIL DOGS OF BELLEAU WOOD will be donated to the Semper Fi Fund.

THE DEVIL DOGS OF BELLEAU WOOD is available in print and ebook formats. Scheduled to be published on February 15th, 2016, you can pre-order a copy on or through your favorite bookseller.

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