Down & Out Books Newsletter for March 2017

Pre-Order Back to Brooklyn by Lawrence Kelter and Receive a FREE eBook!

BACK TO BROOKLYN, the sequel to the hit film My Cousin Vinny by Lawrence Kelter, is coming out in May and we have a special offer for all readers who pre-order the ebook!

Back to Brooklyn by Lawrence KelterVisit this page and click on one of the pre-order links. Complete your purchase and then forward to us a copy of your receipt. Fill in your e-mail address on the form and select one of three crime novels to receive with our thanks:

Catching Water in a Net, the first Jake Diamond mystery by Shamus Award-winning author J.L. Abramo;

The Last Collar by Lawrence Kelter and Frank Zafiro; or

Swann's Last Song, the first Henry Swann mystery by Charles Salzberg.

If you've already pre-ordered Back to Brooklyn, thank you! And we're happy to send you a FREE ebook, too! Simply fill out the form on this page and e-mail us a copy of your receipt. 

My Cousin Vinny turns 25 this year and we're thrilled to participate in celebrating the milestone anniversary of this classic film with the publication of a sequel. Are we sure? Yeah, we're pos-i-tive!

(This offer expires on May 21, 2017.)

New in the Down & Out Bookstore This Month

SISTERS IN CRIME/LOS ANGELES PRESENTS LAST RESORT, an anthology edited by Matt Coyle, Mary Marks and Patricia Smiley.

Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles Presents LAst Resort The misdeeds and downfalls of characters drawn to the cultural panoply that is Los Angeles…

The sun-kissed city of high hopes and second chances, where everyone seems to be from somewhere else. A siren’s call to dreamers, misfits, mystics and freaks, lost souls and purveyors of sin. They roll in on their last tank of gas, their suitcases bulging with secrets of pasts better forgotten. They stay for a few days, a month, a year, a lifetime. The determined and the desperate, careening and colliding toward trouble, and their last resort.

LAst Resort, a Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles anthology, includes stories by Avril Adams, Paula Bernstein, Lynne Bronstein, Stephen Buehler, Sarah M. Chen, Anne David, Gay Degani, L.H. Dillman, Wrona Gall, Cyndra Gernet, Georgia Jeffries, Melinda Loomis, GB Pool, Laurie Stevens, Wendall Thomas, and Mae Woods.

Edited by Matt Coyle, Mary Marks, and Patricia Smiley, with a special thank you to Michael Connelly for the introduction.

CRYSTAL ON ELECTRIC ACETATE, a collection of stories by Richard Godwin.

Crystal on Electric Acetate by Richard GodwinCrystal on Electric Acetate is the first and ultimate original collection of short stories by crime and mystery novelist Richard Godwin.

Comprising a fascinating and versatile range of stories previously published in great and ground-breaking cutting-edge paper and online magazines, this collection sums up his take on noir. From urban decay to Gothic explosion, at once revolutionary, iconoclastic, erotic and dark as that cellar next door.

“If you think this is one genre, think again. If you think you can work out what hybrid genre this is, think again. Mutation exists at all levels. Welcome to the mix of stories.” —Richard Godwin.

“Godwin is truly one of our great authors.” —Luca Veste, author of Dead Gone.

The Wiley Crime Novels by Lono Waiwaiole

We are thrilled to be publishing — for the first time in trade paperback — the three books in Lono Waiwaiole's Wiley crime series: WILEY'S LAMENT, WILEY'S SHUFFLE, and WILEY'S REFRAIN. Bestselling author Lee Child said of the series, “The past and the future of hardboiled crime fiction [is] rolled up together inside prose that’s as cold and as shiny as the city streets — but there’s hope and redemption there too, glinting like the morning sun on wet pavement.”

Dark Paradise by Lono WaiwaioleSimultaneously, we'll be publishing the trade paperback of Lono's acclaimed stand-alone crime novel DARK PARADISE.

Set on the Big Island of Hawaii, two enterprising native businessmen — competitors, actually — are preparing to fight for control of the methamphetamine trade, where the population is small in relation to Oahu with it megapolis of Honolulu, but where the appetite for “ice” — as crystal meth is known in the local parlance — seems to both of them to be almost insatiable. 

“Noir fans need to know about Waiwaiole right now,” said Booklist in a starred review. “He’s the real thing, and he’s too good to miss.”

And finally in some very exciting news, Shotgun Honey, an imprint of Down & Out Books, is re-releasing new editions of several of its crime novels originally published by One Eye Press.

First up is FEDERALES by Christopher Irvin followed later in the month by new editions of KNUCKLEBALL by Tom Pitts and THE FURY OF BLACKY JAGUAR by Angel Luis Colón.

Shotgun Honey Reissues for April 2017

And Coming in May …

May 2017 Titles from Down & Out Books

We have a very exciting line-up of titles coming out in May!

May 1st will see the publication of the third Penns River crime novel RESURRECTION MALL by Dana King and the second Tommy and Shayna crime caper CROSSED BONES by S.W. Lauden.

A week later, on May 8th, LET ME PUT MY STORIES IN YOU, a collection of stories by Ryan Sayles comes out.

Also that week from Shotgun Honey, an imprint of Down & Out Books, the first Love & Bullets Hookup, A BROKEN BUNCH OF HEARTBROKEN SAPS by Nick Kolakowski is released.

And that's not all!

May 15th sees the publication of the highly anticipated A NEGRO AND AN OFAY by Danny Gardner, which Publishers Weekly calls "a solid entry in the ranks of African-American crime fiction."

Finally, on May 22nd, COLD WAR CANOE CLUB: STORIES by Jeffery Hess and BACK TO BROOKLYN by Lawrence Kelter are published.

Our Featured 99¢ Crime Novels for April

We're featuring two ebooks this month for 99¢ &hellip

Bearing Secrets by Richard BarreFrom April 1st through April 15th, BEARING SECRETS, the second Wil Hardesty mystery by Bill Moody, can be purchased for just 99¢ on Kindle, NookKobo, and iBooks. Also available from the Down & Out Bookstore in both .mobi and .epub formats.

Everyone bears secrets. Some of them become the lies we live. Others become the lies that kill. Wil Hardesty knows about secrets and how they build, one on another, until the truth is buried. Faced with the ever-widening estrangement from his wife, Hardesty answers a young woman’s cry for help. The FBI and police are satisfied that her father, ’60s activist Max Pfeiffer, killed himself; Holly, steeped in the traditions of Max’s radical friends, is certain the government killed him — and that Hardesty’s initial discoveries make him part of the problem, not the solution.

Then a fiery attack brings them together in a desperate run for their lives. The chase takes them not only from Tahoe to Berkeley to Southern California but from today into a dimly remembered — or barely suppressed — yesterday: days of violence and manipulation, kidnapping and bank robbery, tear gas and terror, of bloodshed in Southeast Asia and the streets of America.

Exit Blood by Trey R. BarkerAnd from April 16th through April 30th, the second Barefield novel by Trey R. Barker, EXIT BLOOD, is just 99¢ on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks. Also available from the Down & Out Bookstore in both .mobi and .epub formats.

He has a bloody, dismembered foot in a cooler, along with a pile of cucumbers, but that might not even be Darcy’s biggest problem.

Darcy’s biggest problem may well be the trail of bodies behind him.

Or the lady hit man in front of him.

Or the old man, on the run from a murder he committed 50 years ago, at his side.

Or it could well be what it’s been Darcy’s entire life … his father, and the man who took his father’s place.

After fleeing the blood-bath at a church for the self-penitent, Darcy heads deep into his past to discover what his father was searching for just before Darcy killed him. The journey takes him to banks all over West Texas, looking for a safety deposit box which may hold the secrets.

But regardless of what those secrets might be and how they may soothe his soul, Darcy is still being hunted. By who? The hit man, the cops, the Feds, his step-father …

It doesn’t matter where he runs, the bodies pile up, the cash is missing, and he can’t remember what the hell happened that bloody night at the tattoo parlor.

Our Featured Author: Albert Tucher

In a continuing series of features from our authors, Albert Tucher shares what he has learned about a local Hawaiian language called Pidgin in an article he titles, “Da Moke Wen’ Karang My ’Alas.”

Albert TucherIn late March 2017 the Shotgun Honey imprint of Down & Out Books published my novella The Place of Refuge, which is the result of a dozen visits I have made to the rain forest side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The region known as Puna struck me from the beginning as a natural setting for noir crime fiction. It is home to marijuana farmers, meth cookers, fugitives, survivalists and Sixties holdovers. The Hawaii County Police are stretched thin over this enormous island, and much of the time Puna feels barely under control.

The place can also sound strange to mainland ears because of the local language called Pidgin. While many people in Hawaii call it endangered, and it is increasingly rare to find people who speak only Pidgin, I have met several speakers in their twenties. Some of them have been eager to share the finer points with me.

Despite its name, Pidgin is more of a creole. As I understand it, a pidgin is an improvised language with limited vocabulary and simplified grammar that serves a specific purpose, often trading goods or giving instructions to laborers. A creole is a full-fledged language that grows out of a pidgin over time. Haitian Creole is a well-known example.

Continue reading ...

Down & Out Authors on the Net

J.L. Abramo

The Shamus Award-winning author of CONEY ISLAND AVENUE has an R&R with In Reference to Murder to talk about the book and researching settings and historical periods.

• Hector Acosta

The author of HARDWAY is interrogated by crime novelist (and author of the Tommy and Shayna crime capers) S.W. Lauden.

• Eric Beetner

Congratulations to the editor of UNLOADED: CRIME WRITERS WRITING WITHOUT GUNS for an ITW Thriller Award nomination for his story "The Business of Death".

• S.W. Lauden

The co-host (with Eric Beetner) of Writer Types talks about how a crime podcast is born on The Sirens of Suspense.

• Paul D. Marks

Congratulations to the editor of the COAST TO COAST anthologies for having one of his short stories voted #1 in the 2016 Ellery Queen Readers Poll!

• Thomas Pluck

The author of BAD BOY BOOGIE visits with Elizabeth A. White to talk about why there's no one better than an outsider to see the ugly truth of a place.

• Charles Salzberg

The author of the Henry Swann mysteries talks about the way of the detective world on Jungle Red.

• Lono Waiwaiole

The Oregonian profiles the author, who looks back at 1980s Portland for his prequel novel LEON'S LEGACY.

The author is also profiled on The Portland Observer talking about hoop dreams and gang culture.

New This Month on NetGalley …

Back to Brooklyn by Lawrence Kelter and Gitmo by Shawn Corridan and Gary WaidDown & Out Books has introduced two new titles this month.

BACK TO BROOKLYN, the sequel to My Cousin Vinny by Lawrence Kelter (May 22, 2017), and GITMO, a crime adventure by Shawn Corridan and Gary Waid (June 5, 2017), have been added to our library on NetGalley this month.

If you are interested in obtaining an eARC of any of our available titles for review, visit the Down & Out Books page on NetGalley and submit your request.

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