Down & Out Books Newsletter for December 2016

Special Deal for December ...

Christmas Stories by Richard BarreA collection of seven stories in the tradition of Rod Serling — CHRISTMAS STORIES by Richard Barre — is now just $2.99 for Kindle, Nook, KoboiBooks, and the Down & Out Bookstore through December 25, 2016.

Each story is accompanied by a foreword from one of today’s best authors: J.L. Abramo, Harlan Coben, Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, Michael Koryta, Brad Parks, and Gary Phillips.

You won't want to miss this opportunity to pick up this most unique collection of Christmas stories by a Shamus Award-winning author.

Our Featured 99¢ Crime Novels for December

We're featuring two ebooks this month for 99¢ …

The Subtle Art of Brutality by Ryan SaylesFrom December 1st through December 15th, Ryan Sayles's first Richard Dean Buckner mystery THE SUBTLE ART OF BRUTALITY can be purchased for just 99¢ on Kindle, NookKobo and iBooks. Also available from the Down & Out Bookstore in both .mobi and .epub formats.

Richard Dean Buckner was doing fine as a bare-knuckles detective for the Saint Ansgar Police Department until he was rendered “unserviceable” by a hit attempt. Early retirement doesn’t sit well with that type of man, half predator and half savior. Accepting a missing person case, he is going to need all his guts, instinct and a .44 Magnum to finish the job. Because in Saint Ansgar, what doesn’t kill you only makes you wish it did.

Look for a new collection of stories by Ryan Sayles coming out in May 2017.

Upon My Soul by Robert J. RandisiAnd from December 16th through December 31st, the first Hitman with a Soul crime novel, UPON MY SOUL by Robert J. Randisi, is just 99¢ on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks. Also available from the Down & Out Bookstore in both .mobi and .epub formats.

Three years ago, Sangster, a hitman, woke up and discovered he had a soul and decided to retire to New Orleans. Now, his former life has finally caught up with him. And they want him back or the alternative is his death.

To truly escape his past, Sangster must decide between saving his soul or eliminating the threat the only way he knows how.

Look for the third book in the Hitman with a Soul series coming out in February 2017.

New in the Down & Out Bookstore This Month

NO HAPPY ENDINGS by Angel Luis Colón.

No Happy Endings by Angel Luis ColonFantine Park is not the woman her mother was — she's certainly not the safecracker her mother was either. Hell, she's not much of anything useful these days. Fresh off parole after a stint in the joint for a poorly thought out casino robbery, Fantine finds herself confronted by an old partner of her mother's and right back in the thick of it.
Unfortunately, the man dragging her back to the life she left behind, one Aleksei Uryvich, is a complete bully and an idiot — content to believe he can get anything he wants with his brutish nature and the threat of a bullet for Fan's elderly father, Jae.
The score: semen. Yes, semen. Gallons of it. Particularly, the genetic man-batter from supposed Ivy Leaguers and other elite. The material nets top dollar from Asia and Aleksei is foaming at the mouth at the profit potential.
The plan: there is no real plan. Fantine has to get it out of Evensight Storage; a sperm bank situated right by the Battery Park Tunnel in Manhattan. A place barely anyone but a sad sack with an empty sack sees the inside of on a day to day basis.
There's no guarantee anyone involved in this mess is getting out alive, especially when Fantine finds herself face to face with the psychopath known as O Leiteiro — The Milkman.

Swann's Last Song by Charles SalzbergSWANN'S LAST SONG, a Henry Swann Mystery by Charles Salzberg

Skip tracer Henry Swann cares little about anything but money, so when a beautiful Upper East Side woman shows up in his office and hires him to find her missing husband, he smiles and takes the cash. But when this seemingly simple missing-person case turns into homicide, Swann finds himself trapped in a complex web of connections and multiple identities that takes him out of New York City and across two continents.

And Coming in January 2017 ...

January 2017 Titles from Down & Out Books

NO SAFE PLACE, a Joe Hunter Thriller by Matt Hilton.

THE LAST COLLAR, a Crime Novel by Lawrence Kelter and Frank Zafiro.

COAST TO COAST: PRIVATE EYES FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA, a Short Story Collection edited by Andrew McAleer and Paul D. Marks

SWANN DIVES IN, a Henry Swann Mystery by Charles Salzberg.

Our Featured Author: Frank Zafiro Writes about the Process of Self-Editing

In a continuing series of features from our authors, Frank Zafiro writes about the process of self-editing.

Frank ZafiroWhether you are a best-selling author with a big five publisher, exclusively self-published, or anywhere in between, there is one thing every writer faces: self-editing. After that initial burst of creative energy that is every first draft comes the often arduous task of revision. We all know that it is infinitely easier to edit someone else’s work rather than our own. Why? Easy answer — because every word we write is brilliant and necessary.


Yeah, not so much. I think every writer goes through the first revision and realizes something that seemed top shelf in the first draft needs editing. Realistically, none of us expect to be perfect on the first pass. It’s a given that there will pruning and polishing throughout. That’s part of the process, and it gets us to the place we really want to be with a finished work. One of my favorite endings of my own books is Waist Deep, and those two brief, final chapters underwent a number of revisions before I was happy with the structure and the content. A lot of that work I did on my own, but I certainly had some great input from others, too. At the end of it all, I found myself at a place writers rarely do — not just content, but actually pleased with the outcome. Waist Deep was about redemption, and the final line signals the beginning of the main character actually finding that redemption. It just took some revision for him to find it.

Revision is an arduous process, true. But sometimes it is downright painful.

Continue reading ...

Down & Out Authors on the Net

• Ed Aymar

The author, who will be edited a collection of stories published by Down & Out Books, joined DJ Alkimist Venetz as guests of Pam Stack on Authors on the Air to talk about their collaborative effort to put crime fiction to music.

• Jeffery Hess

The Florida-based author participated in the annual Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading.

New This Month on NetGalley ...

The Origins of Benjamin Hackett by Gerald M. O'ConnorDown & Out Books is featuring THE ORIGINS OF BENJAMIN HACKETT, a young adult adventure novel by Gerald M. O'Connor on NetGalley this month. The book is scheduled to be published in February 2017.

If you are interested in obtaining an eARC of any of our titles for review, visit the Down & Out Books page on NetGalley and submit your request.

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