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Broken Glass Waltzes by Warren Moore


Author: Warren Moore

Format: Trade Paperback ($15.95) and eBook ($7.99)

Print ISBN-13: 978-1-946502-06-3

Publication date: October 23, 2017

Cincinnati, just before rock changed from spandex to flannel…

Synopsis: Kenny Rockford has the best gig in town, drumming for local heroes The Selekt. The pay’s OK, but the benefits are amazing. One benefit is Jean Cassidy, the girl at the club with a taste for the loud and fast. And they’re making beautiful music together—until Kenny learns about Jean’s husband.

From there on, it’s lust, murder and madness, at a tempo even Kenny may not be able to match.


“I tried to read this slowly to prolong the pleasure, but found it impossible. The blend of obsession, darkness, and intriguing character and plot, as well as seamless literary style, wouldn't let me go.” —Edgar Award-nominated crime novelist Vicki Hendricks

Broken Glass Waltzes is as relentless as Tony Iommi’s guitar and pounds at the reader’s brain like Dave Lombardo’s machine gun drums. A heavy metal noir ride replete with sex, drugs, rock n’ roll—and a murder conceived in insanity—this wicked gem moves at a breakneck pace from the moment Cincinnati’s number one metal drummer meets the girl of his nightmares to the shocking climax. Two sets of devil horns, high up.” —Ed Kurtz, author of Bleed, Control, and A Wind of Knives

Meet the Author: Warren Moore was born in Nashville, TN, and grew up in the suburbs of Nashville and of Cincinnati. He finished tied for 105th in the 1979 National Spelling Bee. Along the way, he has worked as a journalist, music critic, copywriter, tire and battery salesman, stand-up comic, and voiceover talent, as well as drumming in a number of unsuccessful bands. Moore is now Professor of English at Newberry College, in Newberry, SC, where he lives with his wife and daughter. His fiction has appeared in a number of small and online magazines, as well as a couple of anthologies edited by Lawrence Block. His story “Bowery Station, 3:15 A.M.” was named a distinguished story in The Best American Mystery Stories 2016.

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