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Down & Out Books Celebrates Two Titles Winning Major Literary Awards during Bouchercon 2016

Down & Out Books Bouchercon 2016 WinnersDown & Out Books celebrated two major literary award wins during the annual Bouchercon in New Orleans in mid-September. CIRCLING THE RUNWAY, the fourth Jake Diamond mystery by J.L. Abramo, won a Shamus Award for Best Original Private Eye Paperback, and MURDER UNDER THE OAKS: BOUCHERCON ANTHOLOGY 2015 edited by Art Taylor was honored with an Anthony Award for Best Anthology or Collection.

"It's been several years since I wrote a Jake Diamond mystery," said J.L. Abramo, "and I am so grateful to the Private Eye Writers of America for recognizing his return. This award from the PWA means everything to me."

"I am humbled to receive this award, which was voted on by the Bouchercon conference attendees," said editor Art Taylor. "MURDER UNDER THE OAKS is a terrific representation of the outstanding writers in our field."

"I am so proud to be associated with the efforts of both Joe Abramo and Art Taylor," added Eric Campbell, publisher, Down & Out Books. "These books stand on their own merits and I'm thrilled that they've been recognized by their peers."

Our Featured 99¢ Crime Novels for October

We're featuring an ebook crime novel and anthology this month for 99¢ …

An Ice Cold Paradise by Terry HollandFrom October 1st through October 15th, Terry Holland's first Harry Pines adventure, AN ICE COLD PARADISE, can be purchased for just 99¢ on KindleNookiTunes and Kobo. Also available from the Down & Out Bookstore in both .mobi and .epub formats.

When Valerie Sabatino arrives at his home on Oahu, the last thing Harry Pines wants is missing-persons action. There are two reasons why Harry’s not the kind of guy who knocks on doors looking for business with his hat in his hand, and the other one is he doesn’t wear a hat.

But when he learns the missing person is the son of Harry’s long-ago cellmate, he has no choice but to strap it on. Helping friends is how Harry pays back. It also doesn’t hurt that Valerie is the kind of woman who could bring drool to a statue’s chin. Harry’s only human.

LAdies' Night by Sisters in Crime LAAnd from October 16th through October 31st, LADIES' NIGHT, featuring stories by the members of the Los Angeles chapter of Sisters in Crime, will be available for 99¢ on KindleNookiTunes and Kobo. Also available from the Down & Out Bookstore in both .mobi and .epub formats.

From Valley Girls to Valley of the Dolls, the L.A. Woman has captured our imagination and redefined the fairer sex. CJ Parker is our lifeguard, Lucy Arnaz our studio executive, Angelyne our reality star, and the Black Dahlia our murder victim. L.A. neighborhoods have spawned the Beverly Hills housewife, the Hollywood starlet, the Van Nuys dominatrix, the Santa Monica Surf Betty and the Manson girls, to name a few.

The anthology is edited by Naomi Hirahara, Kate Thornton and Jeri Westerson. Award-winning L.A. crime novelist Denise Hamilton wrote the introduction.

New in the Down & Out Bookstore This Month

BUFFALO AND SOUR MASH by Richard Godwin. October 14th.

Buffalos and Sour Mash by Richard GodwinWhen the rodeo comes to Surrey, it brings with it a world of violence. Murphy Stubbs came out of Oklahoma with a smoking gun and rage in his heart. He also arrives in the UK with a dream. It is a dark dream of a female rodeo star. He intends to stamp it on the UK.
When he meets Rhonda she is the perfect fit for his plan, an actress in his drama. However, she is involved with the boxer Gary who does not trust Murphy. Then the hustler Mandy and fighter Hank arrive in town. And Hank is looking for someone, and he wants revenge.
Two worlds collide in an explosive piece of the Wild West, a novel with the image of the frontier running through it, a novel about the rodeo and what it means to Murphy, who is beyond obsessed. He will ensure the rodeo goes ahead and he starts to remove all obstacles in his path.
Only Rhonda can stop him, but while she holds the key to the past she needs to get closer to Murphy to find it and stop the violence.

WORST ENEMIES, a Penns River Crime Novel (1st in series) by Dana King. October 26th.

Worst Enemies by Dana KingPenns River rarely sees two homicides in a year. Two in little over a week is almost too much for the police force to handle. The assigned detectives — Ben Dougherty, a former MP and Penns River native, and retired Pittsburgh cop Willie Grabek — find links to bind the two cases, but their investigation is complicated by the involvement of private investigator Daniel Rollison, a retired spy on a suspect’s payroll who is really working for himself. 

Pittsburgh mob boss Mike Mannarino also lives in Penns River and has more than a passing interest in the case. The two cops’ savvy competes with the limitations of their small town’s resources and the interference of Rollison and Mannarino in a story that shows identifying a killer and proving it are separate things.

GRIND JOINT,  a Penns River Crime Novel (2nd in series) by Dana King. October 26th.

Grind Joint by Dana KingA new casino is opening in the rural town of Penns River, Pennsylvania but just where the money is coming from no one really knows. Is it Daniel Hecker, bringing hope to a mill town after years of plant closings? Or is the town’s salvation really an opening for Mike "The Hook" Mannarino’s Pittsburgh mob to move part of their action down state? Or could it be someone even worse?
When the body of a drug dealer is dumped on the casino steps shortly before its grand opening, Detectives Ben Doc Dougherty and Willie Grabek have to survive their department’s own inner turmoil and figure out not only who's behind the murder, but what it means to whoever is behind the operation itself. The cops, the mob, and the ex-spook in charge of casino security (Daniel Rollison, a man with more secrets than anyone will ever know) — a mesmerizing mix of betrayal, police action, small town politics, sudden violence and the lives of the people of a town just trying to look after itself.

STRAY DOGS: Interviews with Working-Class Writers, edited by Daniel M. Mendoza. October 26th.

Straw Dogs edited by Daniel M. MendozaIn this portrait of contemporary working class authors in America, editor Daniel M. Mendoza engages with “some of the best in contemporary literary fiction.” These one-on-one interviews seek to uncover how each writer has developed their working-class aesthetic. A young writer himself, Mendoza encourages the authors to discuss their craft, their upbringing, their socio-political beliefs, as well as the state of contemporary literature. An insightful study of an often overlooked literary genre.

And Coming in November …

Devil on the Hole by Charles SalzbergDEVIL IN THE HOLE by Charles Salzberg.

In the ballroom of a sparsely furnished Connecticut mansion, police find a shocking sight: four bodies lined up next to each other, three teenagers and a middle-aged woman, each lying on a blanket, each shot once in the head. In an upstairs bedroom: an elderly woman and the family dog, both of them shot as well. The only person missing is the husband, father, son, and prime suspect, John Hartman, who's got a three-week jump on the police.

Zoe by George WilliamsZOË by George Williams.

At turns absurd, poignant, and comic, Zoë is a quicksilver phantasmagoria and enchanted road trip unlike any other, where travel is spectral and the traveling companions, if not real, are temporary visitors from imaginary worlds sent to show a girl lost in the moronic inferno of 21st century America the best way to her brightest possible future

Our Featured Author: Gary Phillips Writing on Crime in Stories and Pictures

In a continuing series of features from our authors, Gary Phillips writes about Crime in Stories and Pictures.

Gary PhillipsThere’s an infamous misogynistic cover drawn by Johnny Craig for the April/May 1954 cover of Crime SuspenseStories No. 22 for the equally infamous EC Comics. It’s a close on shot of a man holding a bloody axe, his other hand holding the severed head of a woman, her eyes rolled back in her head, drool and blood cascading from her gaping mouth. Off to one side past him we can see her corpse, though not so far up as to expose the bloody stump of her neck. This image became a key indictment against comics in the hearings conducted by Estes Kefauver’s Senate Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency. Subsequently, the comic book industry, seeking to prevent censorship from without, established the Comics Code Authority to police themselves from within.

Among its tenets were, “Good shall triumph over evil,” and “Crimes shall never be presented in such a way as to create sympathy for the criminal, to promote distrust of the forces of law and justice, or to inspire others with a desire to imitate criminals.”

Continue reading …

Down & Out Authors on the Net

• G.J. Brown

Was a guest on Patricia Stoltey's blog, talking about "3 minutes", the time given to spotlight authors at Bloody Scotland, of which Gordon is a founder, to introduce themselves and talk about their book.

• Mark Coggins

The crime novelist and photographer was a featured guest on All About Photo, where he talks about his art.

• Matt Hilton

The UK-based crime novelist talks about "Writing Beyond Expectations" over on Patricia Stoltey's blog.

Discussed the challenges of writing a series on Criminal Minds.

• Ross Klavan, Tim O'Mara, and Charles Salzberg

The three contributing authors of TRIPLE SHOT were profiles in the September 2016 edition of The Big Thrill.

Dana King has Twenty (One) Questions for the authors of the crime novella collection TRIPLE SHOT.

The authors of TRIPLE SHOT are featured in a showcase on Dru's Book Musings.

• Kate Pilarcik

Was a guest of Pam Stack on Authors on the Air discussing the first in her series of noirvellas, THE DAMP FEDORA.

• Charles Salzberg

Participated in an ITW Big Thrill roundtable, where this question was posed: Have you created characters with moral ambiguity? 

Signed by the authors: TRIPLE SHOT by Ross Klavan, Tim O’Mara, and Charles Salzberg

Triple Shot by Ross Klavan, Tim O'Mara, and Charles SalzbergHere’s your chance to pick up a copy of the crime novella trilogy TRIPLE SHOT, signed by each of the contributing authors — Ross Klavan, Tim O’Mara, and Charles Salzberg — exclusively through the Down & Out Bookstore.

Shadow towns, smugglers and secret notes — this trio of New York authors are a TRIPLE SHOT of twists and turns in three novellas: "Thump Gun Hitched" by Ross Klavan; "Smoked" by Tim O'Mara; and "Twist of Fate" by Charles Salzberg.

Get your signed copy today!

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