Spring Flings!

Susan Friedman

Patio Garden

Welcoming Spring!

In the Bay Area, spring has shaken off its wet head to finally emerge in full glory.  Current warm temperatures are hastening up the growing season, which means beautiful blossoms, new leaves and weeds! 

Here is a list of five things to help spruce up your spring garden.

  1. Weeding: Hand pull weeds now while the ground is still damp to make removal easier and eliminate the need to use chemicals in the garden.
  2. Raking: Clean out garden beds that are layered with leaves to allow the soil temperatures to warm and encourage new growth.
  3. Prune: Now that your plants have made safely it through the winter, prune off dead and misshapen growth in shrubs and perennials.
  4. Lawn: Overseed bare lawn spots and fertilize with an organic fertilizer that supports soil health.
  5. Planting: Now for the fun part! Add new trees, shrubs, and perennials to fill in bare garden spaces with beautiful color and texture.

After your garden is spruced up, enjoy some relaxing time outdoors, admiring your beautiful garden with refreshment and a friend!

Earth Day 2013

On April 22, 1970, Earth Day became a movement when 20 million Americans gathered to demonstrate the need to protect the environment.  Groups rallied against pollution, toxic dumps, loss of wilderness and wildlife extinction.  Monday, April 22, 2013 is once again time to celebrate Earth Day.
More than one billion people around the world will show their appreciation of the Earth with some form of service.  Join them by picking up trash in your neighborhood, planting a tree or organizing a community clean-up to show your support for a healthy planet. Or, simply appreciate nature by going on a hike and taking pictures of something that moves you and that you wish to preserve.

Visit the Earth Day Network www.earthday.org/2013  to discover events in your area and learn how to organize your own event.  Each of us can help maintain the natural beauty of our planet.

Checklist for Working with a Landscape Architect to Get the Results You Want!

Choosing the right landscape architect for your project is an important decision. Just like any designer, the best landscape architect’s want to get to know you and understand your unique needs, so they can more effectively meet them. Consider the following before you meet with a landscape architect:
  1. Set your primary goal in hiring a landscape architect and define your general project scope. Talk to other family members and put together a list of what you want to achieve by working with a landscape architect.
  2. Determine what you like and dislike about your current landscaping.
  3. Identify any problem areas.
  4. Make a list of activities you want to do in your yard.
  5. Write down how you want to feel in your garden.
  6.  List any family member allergies or mobility restrictions your landscape architect needs to work with.
  7. Try to define your garden style.
  8. Collect pictures, take photographs of gardens you like and assemble technical information about your property.
  9. Create a design and construction budget for your project. Do not worry if you are uncertain. Your landscape architect will educate you about the budgets and costs associated with various landscape elements.
  10. Create a timeline for the finished project.
  11. Determine what help you will need during the construction phase. Will you engage a licensed landscape contractor or will you be doing some of the project yourself? Select a landscape architect who will guide you through the process of hiring a qualified landscape contractor who makes periodic site visits during construction and follows up when the design is complete. 

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