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February (2017Newsletter! As the "Ides" of February falls on the 13th, this is your mid-month update!
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After I challenged you all to tell me the story of your hands last month, I promptly forgot I had done so. When I received an actual story (from an actual reader!), I knew I had to get on it and do my own homework before I read someone else's, lest I be influenced by the submission.

My Right Hand(edness) offers a brief consideration of what it means to be right-handed and a sorry apology to all the southpaws in the world (all 10% of you)!


  • From March 1 - April 30, the Salida Regional Library will have written works by local authors on display! Check them out when you visit, and pick up a library card while you're there!
  • I'll be sending out an announcement soon about a special pre-order I'm setting up for my first novella, a not-for-children-or-prudes fairy tale novella called The Hare, Raising Truth! I'm setting the release date for March 12th (a full moon, the day daylight savings time ends), and as soon as I get the cover design (by the same designers of my Waterwight series), you'll be able to pre-order! Hope you'll all splurge on a $2.99 download / $6.99 book for yourselves or for someone who might enjoy a twisted tale.
  • Waterwight: Flux (Book II of the Waterwight Series) is unfolding in ways I'd never imagined until I started writing! Today I'll tackle Chapter 16/63, and if I can continue my pace of one chapter per day--minus the funky days I'll just have to accept--I'll be ready for Beta readers by spring break!

So, who wants to be a Beta reader for me and get your name in the "Praise for" pages when it's published? Shoot me an email at and I'll add you to my list! And have you seen the new cover yet?!!!!!

Please be a "Friend." They do so very much for their local authors!

Exciting news about other authors/bloggers and publishing services providers! Check them out!
If you have news about your work you'd like to share, let me know and I'll include it in my next letter.

Cary Unkelbach has a yellow Labrador named Ranger (our Ranger is a black and tan German Shepherd) and took him and his doggy-aunt Layla snowshoeing recently. Cary provides great tips on what to expect when Snowshoeing with Dogs in Colorado! Check out her blog if you have lovable furry friends too.

Our sweet Jennifer Sweete just reported that Story Circle Network awarded her their SCN Star Blogger Award! She suggests that ALL women writers should join StoryCircle - "it's FUN and LEARNING and NETWORKING and a plethora of RESOURCES! (You can see it on my website - it's beautiful!)" Check it out!

Barbara Ford of Poncha Springs is a prolific writer and poet who hosts a weekly poetry show on KHEN 106.9 FM, Poets and Minstrels that has aired for over ten years. Her poetry chapbook Once Familiar was published in the summer of 2016, and she hosts a monthly poetry event at Cafe Dawn in Salida--Feb 19th this month, with Margery Dorfmeister as the star poet! See my prompts below, which I "borrowed" from a writing session Barbara recently presented for CCWE.

Cindy Jewkes will find your missing, misplace, misused words! I have used her GoodTalesEditing service and will continue to for future books. She provides copyediting, proofreading and beta reading services, and has an eagle eye for errors!


And now, your prompts for the next 30ish days:
NOTE: I stole these from Barbara Ford's We Write session this past weekend!

1. Write about love in terms of your senses!

What does it sound like, look like, smell like, taste like, feel like, and if you have a more ethereal 6th sense, add that!
(check out my responses to this and other prompts here!)

2. Write for 2 minutes on each of these prompts:

  • "Love bird, love bug love child"
  • "Love-in on a love seat"
  • "Love beads and love handles"
  • "Love knot"


1. Subscribe to sites (like mine!) that routinely send "Top Tips" articles like Writer's Edit. You can scan them quickly or spend time on items that pique your interest.

2. If you do all of your writing on a keyboard, try freehand writing in a notebook once in a while. Handwriting works a different part of your brain, a part where new treasures may lurk!

3. Unless you already use an application like Scrivener (I still haven't learned it yet, but I will), try using a notecard system for gathering ideas on character, plot, dialogue, or whatever makes sense to you. Check out this article one writer uses: Notecard System
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SMOOCHES to all!
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