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What does October have in common with an Octopus? 

Scientists Are Warning That We Absolutely Must Not Farm Octopuses
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Well, not much, anymore! October used to be the 8th month--like the 8th arm of an octopus (whichever arm that might be!), the 8th key on a piano, the 8th Latin number, the 8th . . . whatever.

According to, "October always had 31 days, and it became the tenth month of the year when the months of January and February were added, pushing October towards the end of the solar year, which is around 365.24 days long. The Julian was substituted for the Gregorian calendar because it did not reflect the length of a year on Earth accurately enough. Today's Gregorian calendar does a much better job at keeping up with our planet's revolutions around the Sun, but even this calendar is not perfect."

So, now you know!

In other unrelated news, Mike and I enjoyed several wonderful hikes in a new hunting area this season. Although I didn't get to practice my meat harvesting skills, I did write a story about our adventures, and it will be published in the November issue of Colorado Central Magazine! If you'd like a .pdf of the story with photos, let me know and I'll email it to you! In the meantime (and time can be mean), get yourselves a subscription to this informative and entertaining magazine!

Mike is the real Energizer Bunny! 

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When this 10th month is behind us, I'll be launching into the 30-day NaNoWriMo challenge, and I'll be OFF of all social media except for emails. It's time to work on book #12, the first book in a new series that's been itching my brain for a year now! I'll do a quickie mid-November newsletter to let you know how it's going, so if you have any publishing news to share, please email it to me before the 15th!

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