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Marketing 101

EGADS (the pagan way of saying OMG, from the antiquated "ye gods") -- I need a manager!

How am I supposed to knock out 4 more books this year while maintaining relationships with my readers (and husband and friends and family and dog) while marketing aggressively (but not too aggressively) to increase new sales?

Have you any idea how long it took me to construct and launch my first ever web-based press release? Check it out here on PRWeb and then get back to me with your guess!

Yes, life in the world of indie publishing is growing more intricate each week, and the expectations for what indie authors must do to make it in this exponentially expanding world are exponentially expanding. I'm constantly asking myself questions like, "Should I have put a hashtag before that word?" Should I have written #indiepublishing and then linked it to an article like this Writer's Digest one that tells us not to fear indie publishing? 

When I finish this late, great newsletter (I sometimes give myself a break over the summer, but that's an entirely different indie publishing issue), I'll post links to it on all my social media sites. And then I'll wait to see what "diagnostics" (ptooey!) come back, and then I'll wonder if it's been worth the effort, and then I'll decide that regardless of its worth, I'll continue to pump these letters out because they'll add to the tendrils of my spreading "author platform," and then I'll grouse about how anyone could possibly expect me to knock out 4 more books this year while doing all this marketing stuff. Oh, and while remembering who my husband is. 

So, back to my first point: I need a manager. I can't pay. Yet.


Since I failed to find upcoming events for my last newsletter, preferring instead to highlight the wonderful individuals who contributed to my latest book Haikus Can Amuse: 366 Haiku Starters, I figured I should point out a few upcoming literary events this time around.

  • Check out the Chaffee County Writers Exchange for more details on upcoming workshops and consider becoming a member! Their workshops are great fun. I just presented one yesterday (I'll blame that for why I didn't get this newsletter out on the 15th), but how would you have known?
  • This isn't something you can attend, but I'll be in Denver this Saturday evening for a literary awards ceremony. Waterwight: Book I has been nominated as a finalist for an EVVY award  in the fantasy genre by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) this year! Please wish me luck, and thank you in advance.
  • THE MOST EXCITING UPCOMING EVENT in which you can participate involves a true challenge for anyone who likes a short suspense. My good friend and author Stephanie R. Sorensen (Toru: Wayfarer Returns) will participate in a 3-Day Novel contest over Labor Day weekend. Check out the details, and if you've been waiting for something to kick-start your writing project, consider going for the gusto with this contest! I'll be publishing my short story after the contest ends, so I won't be eligible to win (they won't announce the winner until January), but I'm looking forward to the challenge of knocking out about 33 pages per day for 3 days! My wonderful husband (I do remember who he is!) is heading out of town that weekend to give us the house for our madness. There will be many pre-positioned treats and lots of coffee. And probably wine. Yes, there will be wine.

(that's an order)
Friends of Lake County Public Library will host a USED BOOK SALE
Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th
(that might confuse some British people!)
check out their site for more details

Exciting news about other authors/bloggers! Check them out! (and if you have news about your work you'd like to share, let me know!)

Ann Parker's 5th book in the Silver Rush Mystery series -- What Gold Buys -- is now available! I'm almost finished reading the first book in the series -- Silver Lies -- and I'm hooked. Could be because the series starts in Leadville. Could be because it's an awesome story and I love the main character.

Jennifer Sweete, the current CCWE president, has a new book out this year! I just got my copy and can't wait to read it. You should get one too. Dear Sandy: The letter that wrote itself into a Book 

Carol Bellhouse has several new recent releases this year! A Ferry to Catch, Places to Hide, and Gwynne are all available on Amazon. I can't keep up with my prolific friend, but I'm trying! I've read A Ferry to Catch (a love story interspersed with photos) and Gwynne (a tribute to a friend), and highly recommend Carol's gorgeous writing.

Molly Kate Brown's book Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story has also been nominated by CIPA as a finalist in the memoir genre. It's gorgeous, and you should read it soon.

Molly and I were two of four presenters on August 9th at The Book Haven, a most wonderful book store in Salida. Owner Lisa Marvel is a champion at putting on events in support of local authors. Please support her by patronizing her shop!

Leadville Laurel and Molly (Kate) Brown under the same roof!

And now, your prompts for the next 30ish days:

1. Come up with titles for five new books!

Here's a suggestion for starting this task: juxtapose two disparate words. I've done this at high school career fairs in the past and might even use some of the suggestions some day. For example, Skillful Abundance / Beautiful Mistake /     Yellow Word / Hair Cake (you get the idea!) Have some fun with this!

2. Finish this haiku poem. I'll provide the first 5-syllable line and you complete the next two lines with 7 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables in the third line. Then, write for 5 minutes about your inspiration for the completed poem. Here's your first line:

(5)   Finding shapes in clouds
(7)  __________________________________________
(5)  ____________________________________

For another 365 haiku starter ideas, check out my gift journal! It's a gift to yourself and might even make a fun Christmas or birthday gift! Haikus Can Amuse!

1. Attend a local literary event! You just don't know who you'll meet there and what you'll learn.
2.  Ask your local library about hosting a local author event. If you're a local author, make sure you've donated copies of your books to your library!
3.  READ (in lots of different genres). Expand your mind. Savor sentences that surprise you.
4.  MOVE! Your body or your house. You decide which one's easier!
If you like a book,
please write a good
review on Amazon
or Goodreads!
Good reviews are
(almost) as good as
for up-and-coming

Please do NOT say
that you're the best friend of or are related to the person whose work you review. This can adversely affect the credibility of your rating and the author.
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My book display at Fire On The Mountain in Leadville!
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