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Out one door, in another

The biggest news going on with me right now is that after almost three years working at Tiqets I'm on my way onto a new company and new role: Chief Editor at Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting).

It's all pretty exciting, especially because before I start I've had a few weeks off to collect my thoughts. That's what I'm doing now. And I can't recommend it enough: in fact, I'd like to make spending the first couple weeks of October having coffee with friends, doing some writing and yoga, and sorting out some project and fiscal admin a yearly thing. 

Not sure my new employer will agree though. We'll see.

Anyway, I start tomorrow, so I'm heading out to make the most of this autumnal sunshine and free time. 

Anyway, read on for some more news, a brand-new show date, and a pretty hot music video.

Holidays are highly recommended

We kicked September off with a holiday in Scauri, the small beach town near Naples where we have some friends, and where we were last year at that exact same time.

The difference is that this time around I wasn't trying to orchestrate a stressful yet highly rewarding crowdfunding campaign. I sometimes forget how nice it is to go to a place where your agenda is really about whether you should have ice cream or take a nap. 

Charisma 101

I was in Brussels last week to deliver a workshop I've had kicking around in my head for more than a year. Called Charisma 101, it's about developing attitudes and behaviors that make people more likable, but especially more persuasive and effective.

I'm building it out from a core of authenticity and vulnerability, liberally shot through with an infectious positivity. It went pretty well, which is quite satisfying for a 1.0 version.

I'll be back to tinkering and fixing and moving stuff around to get it even better for next time. Which is looking like spring 2019.

Ever Better - The storytelling show

On the topic of things I've had kicking around but not yet actually gotten done is this storytelling show. Ever Better is kind of a 'best of' stories from my life, all of which seem to include me as a hapless ninny getting in trouble, getting in over my head, and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Those tendencies all contrast nicely with all the work and reading I've been doing on self-development. Hence the title, and the core theme of the show. 

I've got one date for it: 6 November, and no plans as of yet to do any more. And it's already looking really good (if I do say so myself).

So if you want to see it (and, like I said: it's quite good), then make your way to Mezrab on 6 November. 

Cap tipping and rapping

One of the very final pieces of crowdfunding for TAKE IT EASY was to make a song and music video for the backers who ordered that perk. I gave a shout out to everyone who supported the project, and am generally pretty pleased with how it turned out. Take three minutes and get this catchy little number into your ears.

Here's a few cool articles and whatnots from the past few months that are worth your clicks and visits. 

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