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This new baby is changing everything

Having a second baby really changes your life. I mean: Having a second baby is really changing my life. The first baby is life-changing in many wonderful ways. And then the second just scales up the joy and complexity in myriad fascinating and trying ways.

Arya's little sister Neve Margaret Millar was born on 27 February, and boy oh boy is she wonderful. And are things ever different now!

I had a couple of things planned in mid-March – a Guardian Masterclass and a talk at SoHo House in Amsterdam. I ended up canceling/rescheduling both of them. I foolishly thought that I’d be able to manage them, but that was Ryan pre-Neve, and he was foolish. I’m still foolish, but getting savvier.

And part of that is my new philosophy, borrowed from Greek Stoic Epictetus, by way of Nietzsche, which I heard about via a podcast. It’s amor fati (love your fate).

Look down and see how happy we are.

Of course, some of that happiness shines through a little stronger because the wonderful Luciana Blair airbrushed out the tiredness. But it is truly fucking wonderful.

Now I’m Irish

Here's another new thing about me: I'm Irish. And not in a gesture-over-the-shoulder-toward-my-Irish-heritage-and-get-blackout-drunk-every-St.-Patrick's-Day-to-support-my-claim kind of way. I now own an Irish passport. Here's what's that did my sense of self.

Turning the crank

As we get further and further past the day of birth we’re getting more accustomed to being a family of four. Allowing us some more freedom and opportunities to try things. For instance, I’ve been working out on my lunch breaks. That's just a thing I do now.

And in the freelance/creative side of things, I’m letting in a little daylight. Next week Thursday I’m in Brussels to deliver a workshop on Increasing your Personal Impact. I think of it as the interpersonal companion piece to the Public Speaking workshop that I do regularly for the Guardian (which has been rescheduled from March to 6 June).

A couple other things in the works too, (as always). Involving workshops, raps, books and travel. More on that as they develop -- and who knows how long that might take. But I'm in no hurry these days.

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