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Riding the stop-start school train

Arya started school a month ago, and she took right to it. And to be honest, school seems pretty fun: mostly hanging on monkey bars, eating sandwiches and picking up bad habits from other kids, as far as I can tell.

The rest of the family has taken some time to adapt though. For Chiara and I, it's getting up much earlier in the morning. And for Neve it's and not having a big sister at daycare. 

Then, just as we were in the swing of the new rhythm, autumn break arrived last week. Adapting to school vibes were tricky, but not as tricky as suddenly unadapting to them.

Luckily, tomorrow school resumes. And I'll be ready this time.

Speaking of 'this time', this email includes a request for some input, from you to me. I've got a new project in my head that I think could be pretty fun, provided it all comes together. Step one is getting input, but more on that in a moment.

Look who's a Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Me. I am.

I flip back and forth between being legitimately proud of successfully completing this course, and trying to keep it at a distance.

Because it's a good question: Why did I do a course in something I'm only slightly interested in and have no plan to make a greater part of my career?

I guess because I like learning? Unfortunately for me, I did not anticipate the amount of work this course would be (I thought, I dunno, watch a few videos, do a worksheet, and bang you're done). This was inaccurate. You might even say naïve.

Fast forward to online exam day. Here's the photo I was required to take, so they could check it against my documents.
They instructed me to be neutral. This is clearly nothing of the sort. This is my 'I have an and serious important thing to do' face.

And whether it was the face or the studying, it worked; I am now Ryan Millar, Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Momentum for Mentorship 

I’ve been doing a fair bit of individual coaching and mentorship lately. It's just started happening organically. Both with people I know and also with some people who have reached out to me. You might even be one of them.

I've been loving these ongoing conversations and micro-workshops. I like giving people homework. I like asking them difficult questions. I like referencing quotes from smart people. I appreciate the closeness and vulnerability that is necessarily a part of these sessions. Feeling useful feels good.

Anyway, it’s given me an idea. It's a way to reach more people while using some new skills I've been working on.

Read on to find out how you can help.

Gimme your life advice questions!

Do you need some advice on something or guidance on an issue? Of course you do. We all do.

So... what’s something you need help with? What’s a big question you have? What’s a pep talk you're looking for?

Reply to this email with any quick thought or idea that fits loosely into one of the above categories. It could be a whole situation or just a couple of words. They don't need to be funny, or about/from you personally, but they do need to be real.

I’ll endeavor to use them (anonymously) in this project I’m cooking up. More on that as it develops.

The theme this mail is: let's all take time to just... relax and focus

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