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Off on holidays

Work is great. I like being challenged, and feeling like I have a purpose. Also earning money. But I'm not going to lie to you, the prospect of taking a break is very appealing. And that's exactly what's happening, effective tomorrow.

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

We're off for a family griswolding through Western Canada. Some holiday time and some visiting with family and friends. And lots of unplanned time, ring-fenced to just enjoy wherever we are.

I'm keen to see how the plane ride, the car trips and then frequent packing and unpacking will go. But we're all really excited. Departure is imminent. 

Arya's really excited especially to see her cousins and some bison, in that order. Chiara and I are excited to unplug from work and see some family. (And maybe a bison?).

We're hoping to arrange a get-together for when we're in Vancouver during the second week of September. If you're in Vancouver and have time and inclination to say hi, let me know!

In love with learning

I've been thinking a lot about learning lately. This is because I've been deep in two growth areas recently. 

One is making videos, which after spending a lot of time in front of the camera and writing scripts and even directing or creative consulting on some industrial videos, I'm now getting my hands dirty on some actual editing. I'm pretty happy with how it's going, but also just in general, it's great to be learning something. I go more in-depth in this blog post, with examples, but in short: it's all going swimmingly.

Speaking of swimming, that's another thing I'm learning.

For my birthday Chiara got me a membership at SwimGym that includes some private lessons. SwimGym is a two-lane pool near our house where Olympians train (I think). Three personal trainings later, I’ve graduated to the level where I’ve been able to join their very basic level.

It’s involved me conquering a low-level fear of the water (which is manifest not as fear but discomfort), and also has had me breaking down my technique (such as it was) and learning how to work the breathing, body position, rhythms and all the little pieces that add up to an efficient competent stroke. I'm not there, but I'm getting better.

When I teach workshops I often talk about our comfort zone, and the value we have in spending time on the periphery of our habits and routines, and even stepping out into our discomfort zone.

It helps expand our comfort zone and is also a contributor to neuroplasticity (one of my latest favorite words). And with both videos and swimming I'm feeling the frustration and elation of being challenged.

Here's a short little feel-good video I made with some of the footage I filmed for work. It's fun and silly and is the best pogo-centric video you'll see all day. 

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