April is promising right to the end

It’s late April. I’m seeing lots of vaccination photos and getting some serious vax envy. However, I’m managing to keep that jealousy in check and be happy for the jabbed. Plus, the sun is shining (mostly), and changes are afoot.

There’s a saying that all of this locked-down pandemic quarantine time will result in: podcasts, babies and home renovations. I’m happy to say we’ve hit two of those three predictions (not the baby).

Introducing Remote Pep Talks

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying making Remote Pep Talks, with Ryan Millar. It’s now available on your favorite podcast platform.

Every episode I take a life question someone has sent in and unpack it. And it always takes place somewhere fun for your ears, like on a sailboat, in a cafe, or on the Spanish Steps in Rome. I always try (and I daresay succeed) in offering some useful insights and valuable perspective. And of course a healthy dose of pep!

Have a listen. Then subscribe. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did! Also: send me a question to tackle, and any feedback you have. It’s an evolving project!

Speaking of evolving projects, those home renovations are in fact adding another room and some terrace space on our roof. For the moment our house is a construction site, but I’m hopeful that by summer it’ll pay off with lots of relaxing BBQ time up there.

I just planked

I’m fresh off a month-long plank challenge. Which was basically planking for incrementally increasing increments of time up to around five minutes. So now my abs are a little more shredded, and I loved the experience of steadily ramping up the difficulty and meeting those challenges.

Well, until the end, that is.

Coaching like a champ

For the last year or so I’ve been coaching a small number of clients. I have to say: I’m absolutely loving it. The connections, the engagement, seeing clients get unstuck and get results… it’s very rewarding.

There’s lots of value on both sides for this kind of work, and you’ll see more coming in this space in due time. If you want to know more, just let me know by reply.

How to do 50 things: You might know how to do some of these things, but there are definitely other things here that you can learn!

Use your phone to get high: What about this isn’t intriguing?

The enduing power of Ramona Quimby: Beverly Cleary passed away last month and I spent some time thinking about how influential her books were. I thoroughly enjoyed, and identified with, this essay.

How to Ruin the Holidays: This film looks amazing and is being put together by some wonderful and very talented folks in Atlanta. Check it out.

One last thing: You deserve a short soothing break. So watch this LEGO cake getting baked. And make sure you do it with headphones on and the volume nice and high.

Lego Chocolate Cake - Lego In Real Life 10 / Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR
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