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Not to get political...

But between impeachment proceedings, the ongoing Brexishambles, and Canada's very recent trip to the polls, I feel like there's a whole lot of political stuff going on. At least in the arenas I keep tabs on.

I don't have much to say on these topics, except to give the following advice:

  • Inform yourself on the issues you care about
  • Query your information sources. I like to use Media Bias / Fact Check when I'm unsure about a linked article
  • Facebook isn't a news source. Facebook isn't a news source. Facebook isn't a news source.
  • Make your voice heard, with petitions, protests, or otherwise
  • Vote
Alright, that's all on that subject. Keep your head level, your keel even, and your news fact-based. 

Holiday wrap-up

It seems like a long time ago now, but we went to Canada and enjoyed three glorious weeks of time with friends and family.

We didn't see a buffalo, but Arya did ride a horse out in the foothills of the Rockies, and that was adorable. We planned and packed a lot into the three weeks, including a family road trip, a third birthday celebrated with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, visiting Port Renfrew's wild coast with our very good Swiss friends, and having a couple of quite delightful social occasions with friends in Vancouver.
A couple of lessons were learned.
  • It is possible to travel only with carry-on with two young kids
  • Nine hours is a lot of hours in a plane with two kids
  • Don't fly home on a Sunday and go to work on Monday
  • A trip to Canada is always a good idea

Two Guardian Masterclasses!

I'll be in London in early November teaching back-to-back Guardian Masterclasses. Firstly, my perennially popular Learn to love public speaking and presentations, on Thursday 7 November, and then on Friday 8 November, a brand new one.

It's called: Boost your charisma and authenticity: A masterclass in personal magnetism

Despite my discomfort around getting in front all of those people and saying "I'm going to teach you about charisma", the fact is, I've already been teaching versions of this workshop for a couple years now.

It's really an extension of the public speaking one -- shifting focus from speaking in groups to speaking one-on-one.

They're both nearly sold out, but if you're in London, you should come to one, they're really good.

Great review!

Speaking of really good...
I only found this review (on recently, even though it was posted over a year ago. I wanted to share it, because it made me quite proud. But more than that, it made me really happy to know that my book helps people. If you're interested in leaving a review, please go ahead. Even short reviews help people find the book.

I'm still working on the next book, by the way. Progress is slow, but writing has never been known to be a speedy pursuit (unless you're into NaNoWriMo -- writing a 50,000 page novel in the month of November. I've often toyed with the idea of joining, but seems daunting as hell).

Instead of waiting to make New Year's resolution, make a Q4 resolution and get yourself warmed up for an incredible 2020
This delightful profile of a 97-year-old lobster fisherman includes some life lessons 

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