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Giving Season
With the holidays fast approaching, take a moment to consider the highest impact touch points for your business. Whether giving away promotional products or gifting clients or employees, check out a huge selection of branded or plain merchandise.
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Bic Gift Guide
Our promo partner Bic came up with a great selection of gifts to fit every budget. From tumblers to portable sound spas, refine search results to find the perfect accessory. If you're in a hurry for merchandise, under Product Attributes select Free 24 Hour Service.
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Microfiber Cloth
The perfect item to hand out at tradeshows, promotional expos, conventions, and career fairs. They can be used to clean eyeglasses, cell phones, cameras, monitors, computers, and more; giving you continuous advertising.
Swiss Army USB
Full metal, electroplated design. Turn the switch to control the gadget for charging and transmitting data. Charge mobile devices separately from a laptop, PC or USB wall charger.
Wide Format Prints
3' by ANYTHING! Full color or black and white, gorgeous poster prints or standard blueprints to scale.
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Marketing Retrospective
I'm going to bring up an awkward subject for some of you. It's time to talk about your marketing efforts this past year. A common misconception about marketing is that it's strictly advertising and promoting your product. While that's a key component, there's a step that many business owners avoid that could be costing money in the short and long term. That step? Data analysis.

Many businesses have the mentality that a sale is a sale or we can't turn away business which seems a sound mentality. The truth is that there are some items you sell at good profit, and some that you do not. Some you even lose money on! So how do we move those products into a more profitable margin? Know thine self and prosper.

First, get to the core costs on what it is we're selling. While costing projects seems daunting, the concept is relatively simple. A great model (especially if you've never done one!) is a break-even analysis. It's an equation that tells us how much of something we need to sell in order to operate without making OR losing money.

Here's your formula:
Fixed Cost/(Sales Price - Variable Cost) = ___

Armed with this information, we'll look at a "go to market" strategy, by identifying your top products and what sets you apart from the competition. You can begin to look at those items you offer and make business decisions on them. It's important to note not all products and services that break even or lose money are bad. Some "loss leaders" keep customers coming in the door and feed into your other items. Make a reasonable business decision to lose money on one or two items that drive traffic to your more profitable items, just make sure you keep a close eye on them throughout the year.

Let's get to know our business better going into the new year, so that we can make 2020 our most successful year yet!
is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.
The Night Before Christmas
(Print Shop Style)
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the print shop
not a machine was whirring, not even the Konica.
The orders were hung by the designers with care
in hopes that each job would soon not be there.

The paper was nestled all snug on the shelf
with versions of Santa and reindeer and elves
from everyone getting their holiday cards done,
until at last all that was left was this one.

Suddenly out on the roof there arose such a clatter,
Roger sprang from his office to see what was the matter.
Away to the garage he flew like a bird
and tore open the door without saying a word.

The light from yonder billboard reflected a glare
from a strange flying object… Roger just stared
and what to his wondering eyes should appear
but a huge 3D printer cruising the atmosphere.

It had a mind of its own, this crazy machine.
It clicked and it buzzed on the rooftop with glee.
More rapid than eagles it spit plastic rain,
and Roger, annoyed, finally hollered at the thing.

“Now You! Knock that off!
You’re nuts, and you stink!
You have no place here,
We’re a print shop with INK!
You’re littering all over,
You messed up the Solar,
You junked up your rollers,
Hey- LISTEN! I’m the owner.”

But 3D wouldn’t have it, the thing just wouldn’t quit.
It hummed and it clicked until out it spit
a tiny plastic figure, right at Roger’s feet
(And, you know, just between us it looked pretty neat).

Roger knelt to retrieve it, heart pounding with dread.
“Better be cooler than a golf trophy,” he said.
As he drew up his hand and was turning around,
down the rooftop the 3D printer came with a bound.
“No, no, no!” Roger squealed. “You stay out in the cold!
You can’t come inside, you’re too out of control.”
The printer drooped and it whined like a sad pup
but Roger put his foot down and wasn’t giving up.

Those parts–how they twinkled! The molding, how merry!
The machine was a beauty, but still kind of scary.
Its droll little mouth spittled plastic everywhere.
Rog knew if he let it in everyone would just stare.

And yet… it looked pretty cute sitting there.
Maybe just maybe he could find room to spare…
And just when he thought, Well we COULD make this work
the machine leapt in the air with a twerk & a jerk.

As he watched it fly over the rooftop again,
Roger felt something move in the palm of his hand.
He opened his fist and looked down at the toy
that 3D had made for him (what a good boy).

He held it up close and saw, perfect to scale,
A miniature Santa in exquisite detail.
It was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf
and Rog laughed when he saw it, in spite of himself.

It motioned and gestured jovially, come here,
So Roger held mini Santa up to his ear,
And he heard it squeak out, as 3D flew out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”
from the Rogers Printing Crew

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