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Geotargeting a President. Not sad. Ultraviolet tested targeted Snap filters in the area around a February rally held by President Trump in Florida. Filters displayed a message that abortion access polls better than Trump.

Facts not dead after all. "By and large, citizens heed factual information, even when it challenges their partisan and ideological commitments," write Ethan Porter and Thomas Wood, political scientists who recently reported on the "backfire-effect" facts are said to have. [HT Emily Thorson]

Protests out of ‘nowhere.’  Airports across America saw thousands of people in seemingly spontaneous actions protesting President Trump's initial immigration order blocking visas from seven nations. Emily Andrews of Center for Community Change Action spoke to activists and organisations involved and has five lessons from the #NoBanNoWall airport protests.

Stop raising awareness (without action). Ann Christiano and Annie Neimand nod to the power of awareness raising but point awareness focused campaigns very often reach the wrong audience, cause a backlash and lead to no action at all. 

Robots with stories to tell. Google, Ideo, IBM and others are experimenting heavily artificial intelligence's ability to craft stories–and help people create better stories themselves. Interesting read for digital campaigners thinking about scaling meaningful engagement.

A MobLab for your movement launches. We're proud to announce that as of last week Mobilisation Lab is becoming a becoming an independent organisation that will help changemakers around the globe be more nimble, resilient and innovative than ever as they take on fast-changing campaign landscapes, repressive governments and complex, intertwined issues of environment, justice and security.

Thanks to the support of Greenpeace and CIVICUS, MobLab will be a shared movement resource serving campaigners, organisations and networks. [Read more about how MobLab got here and why we're evolving.]

Test it with a scientist. Research4Impact is connecting people from the academic, nonprofit, and governance spaces to collaborate on advocacy and organising projects. [HT Adam Levine] 

Freedom technologists and global justice. Transnational Institute looks at how internet freedom activists are framing and influencing campaigns around the world. [HT Nick Buxton]

We're just here to have a good time probably isn't a winning protest chant but it's a slogan worth remembering if you want new activists to come back again and build a movement. Lorna Bracewell and Nancy D. Wadsworth explain why 'pussyhats' make protest fun.

We're just here for the great petitions. Shifting media narratives, not getting a policy maker to change his or her mind, is the best use of online petitions when you have an intransigent target like, say, the Trump Administration. Dave Karpf also writes that petitions may help marshal an army of protesters, making them more relevant and valuable.

Apps can empower people and strengthen human rights is the idea behind United for Iran's Irancubator program which launched its first public app. RadiTo circumvents Iranian censors to provide users access to streaming news, radio and other information.

Humanitarian orgs test apps. New report from Engine Room and International Committee of the Red Cross's takes a great look at how humanitarian groups around the world are testing messaging apps.

When governments ignore people it is usually to the benefit of corporations, writes Danny Sriskandarajah of CIVICUS. Rising populism reflects people's demands for meaningful political and economic inclusion, Sriskandarajah adds, and now is a time to protect activism, not diminish it.


Share now. Plan later. 92% of global NGOs have a Facebook page but only 32% have a written social media strategy.

Impressive changemakers: A new class of Kairos Fellows was just announced.

Reclaiming national values. What a Swiss campaign against right-wing populism has tried/learned.

Programmers becoming leaders. New people organising actions against Donald Trump's agenda.

"I'm not like those people." More people connect with nonviolent action than violent protest

Create a pathway to action. Marshall Ganz on Indivisible organising in U.S.


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Intensive Google Adwords Masterclass (March 28 in London) + Improving Your Nonprofits Emails (April 3 in London) + Recruiting Supporters with Email (April 4 in London) [Irish Charity Lab]

Leading an online training or webinar (April 26, online) [Training for Change]

Digital Organizer School (June 5-9 in Atlanta. Apply by April 16.) [Wellstone]

Learn how to Give a Digital Security Training [Medium]



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