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A.D. News & Updates

The First Generation

Apple is not the only company to have savvy “1st Generation” customers!  Each Beautiful Woman who attended Shoes & Sweets and purchased a pair of hand-painted Angela Dionne™ Shoe Art in the month of February is part of ADFG (Angela Dionne™ First Generation)! 

My art is special and sacred to me. Sharing it with you and receiving such an overwhelmingly positive response is simply amazing. Your support warms my heart. Thank you so much. 

Spring Forward

New spring designs are coming April 15!  Until then, I will no longer accept new orders. This will give me some time to create more unique shoes and it will give you time to purchase a fresh wardrobe to compliment them!

New Ordering Policy

To make the ordering process smooth and simple, all purchases must be initiated through; this includes ready-to-wear shoe art and custom designs. Ready-to-wear shoe art will be sold as-is and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. To maintain the rare quality of Angela Dionne™ products and to keep you off of the “Who Wore it Best” list, each design will be available in very limited quantities. Once that design is sold out; it’s gone for good.

If you desire a custom design, I’ll work with you to create something smashing. Custom designs require a 50% deposit and have a three to four week turnaround time. If you are attending an important engagement and need something swiftly, I'm sure we can work something out.

Restructured Pricing

It has been a pleasure to offer Angela Dionne™Shoe Art to ADFG members at sneak peek prices of up to 80% off.  Naturally, price points must be increased to remain competitive and productive. Ready-to-wear prices will be listed on the website; prices for tailor-made shoes will vary according to the complexity of the design.
Shoe Art Sale
To make room for new inventory, all current shoes are on sale.  Unless otherwise indicated, only one pair is available in each style.  Check out the clearance section below. If you see something you like, please use the order form to collect a pair of A.D. Shoe Art for yourself or a loved one.
A.D. Partners

Angela Dionne™ has partnered up with some incredibly talented people:  Website development & marketing by The Socialite Design; Shoes & Sweets Swag Bag items provided by Bittersweet Toffee Company & Sankofa Soaps; event photos captured by Riley A Arthur Photography; and product photos supplied by Darnell Stovall Photography. If you're in need of any of the above products or services, contact these artists. They are amazing!

Socially Connected

If you'd like to be the first to know about new designs and products please join Angela Dionne™ on Facebook, Twitter, and the A.D. Blog!

Don't forget to check out the sale items below. Thanks for your support; see you in April!

Angela Dionne
Artist/Owner, Angela Dionne™ 


Angela Dionne™ Shoe Art Sale

Size 9 - $150/PURCHASE

Size 8 - $150/PURHASE

Size 8 - $150/PURCHASE

Size 10 - $150/PURCHASE

Size 7 - $150/PURCHASE

Size 10 - $150/PURCHASE

Size 10 - $150/PURCHASE


About Angela Dionne™ 

Angela Dionne™ is a creative lifestyle brand defined by diverse cultures, vibrant colors, and bold patterns. It embodies the personal aesthetic and artistic sensibility of its founder and designer, Angela Dionne, who holds firm to the belief that everyone should be surrounded by beauty. Angela Dionne™ represents all that is rare and unique; and it is a celebration of people who utilize their hands to create breathtaking and indelible works of art.

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